How to save money with supermarket delivery passes

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Grocery shopping tends to be very habitual. We have a favourite supermarket so when the cupboards start to look a little bare we’ll gravitate towards that familiar store for the next shop. Home delivery services vary from store to store so if you’re new to an online supermarket delivery and you’d like to know which supermarket delivery service is right for you this guide sets out the options available.

Supermarket Delivery Passes

Supermarket delivery passes allow you to pay a set amount per month (or year) which then gives you access to regular delivery slots every time you shop. If you’re a subscriber you’ll no longer need to pay a delivery price per order.

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Tesco Delivery Pass

Tesco has their service Delivery Saver.

What does it cost?

They offer two paid plans for getting Tesco's home delivery. You can pay £7.99 per month for six months or a single payment of £47.94. This will allow you to benefit from free deliveries when spending £40 or £25 for Click & Collect orders.

Any restrictions on when I can get a delivery?

The Delivery Saver does not allow same-day delivery to get Tesco delivered but you can book a delivery every day if you wish. There are no restrictions on when you can arrange a delivery (i.e. midweek only or after a certain time of the day). You can book a slot up to four weeks in advance.

This means a big benefit of the Delivery Saver is your access to prime-time slots including Christmas and Easter delivery options.

How many deliveries a month do I need for this to be worth the money?

With Tesco, there is a delivery guarantee that if you do not save on delivery costs over the course of your plan Tesco will issue an eCoupon refund for spending on a future shop. So you don’t need to worry about not using this enough to make it worth it.

How do I cancel?

Tesco allows you to cancel your plan within 14 days of signing up or renewing your plan as long as you have not used the service yet.

Sainsbury’s Delivery Pass

Sainsbury’s Delivery Pass allows you to pick a pass that you’re more likely to benefit from which could bring the cost down quite a considerable amount.

What does it cost?

The Anytime delivery pass for twelve months is £60 (£5 a month), six months is £35 (£5.83 a month) and three months is £20 (£6.66 a month). 

The Midweek pass for twelve months is £30 (£2.50 a month), six months is £18 (£3 a month) and three months is £10 (£3.33 a month).

The basket charge of £40 applies to both home delivery and click & collect orders which are higher than some of their competitors. 

Any restrictions on when I can get a delivery?

The two base options are Anytime deliveries (no restrictions) or Midweek (Tuesday to Thursday) deliveries. 

If you’re happy with the Tuesday to Thursday delivery the savings are considerable. You can get further savings by signing up for a lengthier delivery pass. These options also include their Click & Collect service. Sainsbury’s Delivery Pass includes priority access for prime-time delivery slots.

How many deliveries a month do I need for this to be worth the money?

You will receive a refund by way of shopping vouchers if you do not make savings from signing up for a delivery pass. With the Anytime pass costing £5 a month, you’ll start saving money on your second delivery in a month. 

How do I cancel?

You’re allowed to cancel your pass within 14 days of signing up (or renewing) as long as you have not yet used the service.

Asda Delivery Pass

What does it cost?

Asda delivery pass prices are really simple with a £6 per month subscription allowing you to benefit from anytime delivery slots as well as next day deliveries and collections. The other option is a midweek (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) subscription at £35 for twelve months.

Any restrictions on when I can get a delivery?

Other than anytime or midweek, there are no restrictions on when you can get a delivery. The Asda delivery pass recurring slot seems a great feature for those wanting a slot that fits their lifestyle and schedule.

The Asda delivery pass includes priority bookings for Christmas and Easter.

How many deliveries a month do I need for this to be worth the money?

If the subscription does not save you money Asda will issue you the difference via a shopping voucher. More than a single order per month will see you make a saving on delivery costs.

How do I cancel?

Your Asda delivery pass renewal will happen automatically but you will get an email giving you 28 days notice.

Iceland Delivery Pass

Iceland does not offer a delivery pass but instead, their customers can benefit from free next day delivery on their groceries when spending £40 online. If you’re shopping in one of their stores you can get free same-day delivery when spending £25. Nice and simple!

Waitrose Delivery Pass

Waitrose is another grocery store that chooses to not have a Waitrose delivery pass. Instead, you can pay £3 to have your groceries picked, packed and delivered as long as you meet a minimum spend of £40. If you don’t mind collection, you can book a free Click & Collect slot as long as you spend £40.

Ocado Delivery Pass

Ocado seems to be going all out with their Ocado Smart Pass. They have quite a few options packaged nicely with some attractive benefits.

What does it cost?

Their Anytime delivery is £8.99 per month or you can save a bit more when you sign up for six months at £49.99 (£8.33 per month) or twelve months at £89.99 (£7.50 per month).

Their midweek passes (Tuesday to Thursday) start at £3.99 per month then £22.49 (£3.75 per month) for six months then £39.99 (£3.33 per month) for twelve months. 

How many deliveries a month do I need for this to be worth the money?

The only restrictions would be based on which delivery pass you select out of midweek or anytime.

Any restrictions on when I can get a delivery?

Orders over £75 tend to offer free delivery even without a delivery pass. Orders below £75 can attract a delivery fee of up to £6.99. 

The delivery pass price for Ocado is one of the more expensive but all Ocado Smart Pass plans give you access to over 500 items where you’ll save at least 10% as well as exclusive access to their 50% off sales plus early access to Chrisrtmas booking slots. Each year on your anniversary they’ll also send you a little gift.

Aldi Delivery Pass

Although Aldi now offers groceries online, they do not have any type of delivery pass. You can select your nearest store and pay £4.99 for their Click & Collect grocery service.

How to save money with supermarket delivery

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  1. Sign up to a supermarket delivery pass

  2. Book early

  3. Look for off-peak slots

  4. Check out hotukdeals for cheap grocery delivery passes

  5. Consider minimum basket spends to qualify for free delivery

  6. Willing to click & collect instead? Sometimes this option is cheaper

Supermarket Delivery Passes FAQs

What is the cheapest supermarket delivery pass?

Sainsbury’s offer the cheapest passes for their twelve and six month anytime and midweek delivery passes. If you want additional benefits (savings on shopping, free gifts etc) then Ocado is certainly worth looking at.

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