What is a Partner deal?

We’re testing whether Verified Partners sharing their deals directly on the platform can improve the quality, range and diversity of hot deals available to the community.

Our goal is to diversify the type of deals you can find on hotukdeals, and further boost the quality

Uncover a wider range of categories, brands and products and find better deals, including exclusives that aren’t available elsewhere.

Allow local and niche retailers to be part of the community and share their passion and expertise.

Strengthen our members' position as judge of content quality and help retailers understand what the community is looking for.

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Top questions about partner deals

Those permitted to post deals are labeled “Verified Partner” and will feature a blue check icon beside their username so you can easily spot them. So you can clearly identify partners who are involved in the test vs the usual merchant accounts, we added a tiptext and description to every partner profile which explains in straightforward terms which partners are permitted to post deals, and which are only permitted to comment.
Building a community driven platform that our users can trust is at our core, and a big reason we all choose to work here. Our users need to be able to believe the deals they see on our platform are genuine, and we won’t compromise that, no matter what a partner would pay in exchange for the exposure. We carefully select the partners we trust and ensure they understand our rules. A deal can only get hot if the majority of voters think it is hot and only once it’s hot can it potentially gain more visibility. To ensure this process remains neutral and completely driven by the community, we also make strict checks on general voting behaviour. Verified Partners themselves cannot vote, and we take action to ensure no manipulation or bot activity is in place; we ultimately cannot influence the temperature of deals but we can monitor unusual or unexpected voting patterns.
Self promotion is always a thorny topic, and one we can see both sides of. Right now we delete hundreds of deals per week before they can go live, because the poster has a connection to the retailer. While in an ideal world, the most neutral thing to do might be to allow all retailers to post their own deals, the problem is that most of these are not shared in a transparent way. Instead, individual employees become members of our community, don’t declare any connection to a retailer and post the deal in a way that implies they have just stumbled across a great offer. We don’t believe this is how a helpful, fair and open community should work - it undermines the trust we aim to uphold and would mean users couldn’t tell the difference between genuine and spam deals. However, within those threads we remove there are occasional gems; amazing deals which, if given the chance to go live in an honest way, could be hugely popular with our users. So our solution is to verify some partners and allow them to submit their deals on the platform (initially as a trial). hotukdeals members still get to say which deals fly or fall - but we’ve made it easy for you to identify Verified Partners, so you’re completely clear on who is sharing what.
Our dedicated team of community support specialists review every deal before we show it to you. False information, fake discounts, and manipulation are halted before they even go live. Once the deal is live, the community has the power to decide whether the deal is good or not. You vote, you decide whether the deal is hot or cold, which ultimately sets the journey and visibility of the deal. The hottest deals go to the hot page, and a select few of the absolute best deals will end up on the highlights. If you don’t like what you see, leave a comment and vote accordingly. If others agree with your opinion, the deal will go cold. We won’t be deleting user comments simply because they criticise the partner’s deals. We will be setting out the standards of behaviour we expect from Verified Partners, and this will include not using tricks to manipulate the deals - such as setting up accounts purely to vote or pump up their deals. We have lots of experience in spotting and stopping this already, so we will use this to catch any new activity, and those partners would be removed from the trial.
A partner deal is a deal that is submitted by our verified partners directly to the platform. They submit the content and it goes through exactly the same deal flow as a community posted deal, showing first in new before transitioning to hot / highlights if it gets to the required temperature. Sponsored deals on the other hand are deals which were already posted, either by a community member, a partner or an editor. These deals are ones which are already proving popular with the community, but which the partner wants to promote further, and pays to do so. Deals that are at least 100° can get promoted on our Hot page, once a deal reaches 300° it can be promoted in a single slot on our Homepage. Again, whether a deal ends up hot enough to be promoted is entirely up to the community; you decide what works and what doesn’t. We feel this is the best way to ensure complete neutrality whilst ensuring our users are able to discover the best deals and find exclusives they otherwise might’ve missed. You can find out more about Sponsored content in our FAQ
For the trial period, we aren’t charging merchants to be a part of the experiment though participation is purely on an invite only basis. We can’t open it up as a free-for-all for obvious reasons; most importantly we need to ensure we monitor the quality of the Partners we invite onto the program, to ensure they can provide our users with the best deals and support. If we charge fees in future (we aren’t sure right now what the outcome of this experiment will be and have no idea what will change if we roll out this new feature long term) then we’ll do so fairly. Our goal isn’t to profit out of entry fees, but to get more deals and more variety (which would ideally mean more commission). To get more variety, we’ll ideally work with smaller, niche brands and will work with them to ensure any fees are fair and workable.

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