Five tips to save for Christmas

With just two weeks to go until the big day we have top tips and expert advice from the UK’s biggest deal sharing community, hotukdeals, to help shoppers make the right purchasing decisions and save money this Christmas.


Don’t overbuy 

Shoppers should only worry about overeating at Christmas and not overspending. Before the holidays, grocery stores have plenty of deals on food to get ready for the big meal. Along with vouchers, try to only buy food you need - which will also help to reduce waste, and check and compare grocery costs online to see which places have the best deals for what you need. If you’re having a big get together suggest family and friends bring a dish each to share the load. 

Avoid hidden fees

Always factor in hidden costs and delivery fees when shopping online and compare the final prices once delivery has been added before buying. Don’t forget to check the returns policy and make sure any products will arrive in time for Christmas to avoid having to purchase extra gifts to make up for late arrivals. 

Research 0% credit cards 

If you can avoid purchasing gifts on a credit card, that would be the optimal choice. If not, try to use a card that has little to no interest and money back, so you don’t find yourself with a hefty credit card bill in the New Year. Many credit card providers also offer rewards such as vouchers or air miles to save money for other expenses, but be sure you have a plan in place to repay the final bill and never borrow money you may be unable to pay back. 

Make a list, check it twice

Make a list and if you see something you like, make a note of it but don’t make a purchase straight away incase it’s cheaper elsewhere. Use the free hotukdeals app, the perfect shopping companion, allowing you to check deals (twice if you fancy) and set alerts to find the best price available for items on your list. 


Plan ahead

January is the perfect time to not only start shopping for Christmas decorations and wrapping for the following year, but also for gifts for birthdays and other celebrations throughout the year thanks to sales that happen in January.




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