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Posted 24th Apr 2020Posted 24th Apr 2020
For any Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds fans...
Collection of videos interviews and live performances screened live in YouTube. I was due to go and see them play in Manchester in May, glad it’s been rescheduled though. Enjoy!
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Posted 12th Apr 2020Posted 12th Apr 2020
Happy Easter! Retro Easter Eggs
When Easter egg packaging was the best, who remembers some of these!
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Posted 9th Apr 2020Posted 9th Apr 2020
Should we be avoiding takeaways?
So the kids have asked for Pizza Hut as a treat this weekend, I’m paranoid about the handling or staff having the virus. I do over think things way too much so just wandered if anyone else i…
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Posted 19th Feb 2020Posted 19th Feb 2020
Any Bob Mortimer Fans - Appreciation Post
For anyone that enjoys the humour of the brilliant Bob Mortimer and wants a good laugh this morning go check out his latest post Train Guys - Pencil Cases (lol) I’ve been crying with laugh…
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Posted 23rd Jan 2020Posted 23rd Jan 2020
Can you Vac a newly laid carpet?
So I’ve had a new stairs carpet fitted this morning. I forgot to ask the fitter this question and the loose fibres are everywhere I would love to vac them up but I’ve always been advised to …
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Posted 10th Jan 2020Posted 10th Jan 2020
Hi, I fancy going to one of the euro camps this year for a family holiday. Has anyone been on a Eurocamp holiday or can recommend. Ideally we would like a site with direct beach access and w…
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