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Posted 2nd Mar 2022Posted 2nd Mar 2022
Pockit 1% Cashback on all transactions
Might not be for everyone but for those that it can help Pockit are now offering 1% cashback on all transactions up to £500. They also offer cashback on Primark, Argos, Sainsburys and others…
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Posted 20th Feb 2022Posted 20th Feb 2022
Trip to Lanzarote 13th of March need help
So I am looking to suprise my GF and her family by taking her to Lanzarote when they are there next month. They are staying at the Bitacora so want to get a hotel near there (as they are ful…
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Posted 17th May 2021Posted 17th May 2021
John Lewis warranty advice
Good evening all, so just looking for some advice for my neighbor from anyone who has had bother with John Lewis on warranty returns. So last week I was out walking our westie puppy when my …
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Posted 14th Jan 2021Posted 14th Jan 2021
Virgins price rise
Just wondering if anyone could give me a little advice please, I am planning on moving in with my girlfriend soon. She had a property which was tenanted and there agreement was due to end in…
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Posted 19th Jun 2020Posted 19th Jun 2020
Help with Paypal please
Apologies for the long story I am still a bit shuck up So last night I received an alert on my phone that I had authorized a payment to CD keys for 101.97 and 171.86 this wasnt the case so I…
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