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Posted 4th Mar 2018Posted 4th Mar 2018
PC Query
When I turn on my desktop pc it comes up with this error every day : 517-Power Supply Error Press F1 to continue It comes on fine after pressing F1 but it won't let me do any Windows upd…
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Posted 6th Feb 2018Posted 6th Feb 2018
Wet & Forget Algae Remover Etc What Garden Sprayer To Use?
I'm thinking of trying this product but it says you need to use it with a garden sprayer,does anyone use this product and if so what garden sprayer do you use or are they much of a muchness …
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Posted 1st Feb 2018Posted 1st Feb 2018
myHermes Price Increase Today Without Any Warning?
Did anyone receive an email regarding the ridiculous price increases today as I haven't? Parcels weighing between 1-2kg are now 3.99 yesterday they were 2.79 ! ParcelShop Under 1kg £2.79 …
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Posted 5th Jul 2017Posted 5th Jul 2017
Matalan £5.00 off £25.00 - Rather deceiving
I don't know if others are aware of how Matalan work these things out as I wasn't There was a spin the wheel game type thing sent via email and it said I'd won £5.00 off £25.00 and as I'd …
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Posted 28th Mar 2017Posted 28th Mar 2017
myHermes Stolen Parcel-Crime Reference Number
Sent a parcel as I usually do using Hermes,the tracking said the courier had received it on such and such a date,tracking never updated to delivered then the tracking changed and it didn't s…
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Posted 2nd Mar 2017Posted 2nd Mar 2017
myHermes 10% Code Did Anybody Receive It In February?
Send 10 parcels in Jan and receive a discount in Feb?? If you already use myHermes to send your parcels, then you don't need to do anything. Just continue sending your parcels and if you sen…