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Posted 21st Jun 2015Posted 21st Jun 2015
Best Place to Get Wedding Rings Resized
Hi folks, Since the kids have come along my wife has not been able to wear her Wedding / Engagement rings. Not overly keen to pay the £100s charged by my high-street jeweler in Edinburgh. …
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Posted 3rd Jun 2015Posted 3rd Jun 2015
Givey - FREE Alternative to JustGiving
Found out about this the other day - hope it helps someone. https://www.givey.com/ Where JustGiving charge £15 a month and take 5% of profits (to be fair, they are very open about it, and …
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Posted 16th Oct 2014Posted 16th Oct 2014
Refund Remaining Money On Leaving TalkTalk
I know this isn't a deal, but I am hoping it will help someone else - I left TalkTalk in June, but still have a mobile with them. When I logged on to my TalkTalk account to check something t…
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