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Posted 29th Jun 2020Posted 29th Jun 2020
Tassimo costa Latte RTC £1.25 at Tesco lisburn Road
Tassimo costa latte Reduced to clear from £5 to £1.25 in Tesco lisburn Road Will be reduced in all small superstores but this is the only one I have seen that still has stock. Plenty more i…
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Posted 23rd Feb 2019Posted 23rd Feb 2019
Spontex washups 7pk in Tesco
Hello, If you happen to be in a Tesco store today and see an off floor display with Spontex washups 7pk, could you post the EAN number in the comments please. Thank you :)
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Posted 17th Jul 2018Posted 17th Jul 2018
eBay buyer issues
I sold a brand new unopened console game yesterday on eBay, the buyer messaged me today to say that they received it (within less than 24hrs of the sale may I add). They said they were reall…
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Posted 8th Jun 2018Posted 8th Jun 2018
C/0 padded of bubble envelopes
Hi, I’m looking for the cheapest price on size C/0 bubble envelopes, delivered. The last time I bought them I got 6000 from Viking direct which worked out around £3.60 per 100 (with free gif…
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Posted 13th Jun 2016Posted 13th Jun 2016
love2shop gift vouchers
I have been receiving these through work as part of an incentive scheme, I had been saving them up to use in homebase and bhs this summer. Just tried to use them at the weekend only to find …
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Posted 7th Apr 2016Posted 7th Apr 2016
Has anyone ever got married at Balgonie Castle ?
I'm surprised there isn't a thread about this yet. Owner jumps into the deep end of the social media customer service swimming pool and finds that she can't swim and hates water. check out …
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