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Posted 15th Dec 2018Posted 15th Dec 2018
Argos PS4 Exchange - No Receipt
Has anybody had any luck in exchanging a PS4 without a receipt at Argos? One has been bought for my daughter as a present and it isn't the one she wanted but we can't ask this person for a …
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Posted 25th Mar 2018Posted 25th Mar 2018
Do you own the fence on your left or right?
My parents have always said you own the fence on your left when looking at your house from the front, Google seems to say it is the right! What are people's thoughts please on which side of…
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Posted 25th Jan 2018Posted 25th Jan 2018
Join Visible On Newly Fitted Carpet
Hi Everyone I have just had a carpet fitted which we bought ourselves and paid a fitter off My Builder to fit, the only join he has done is extremely visible. I have attached a picture to …
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Posted 2nd Jan 2018Posted 2nd Jan 2018
Carpet yard to metre price?
How do I work out a price of a carpet given in yards to metre please? I am looking at prices for carpets and thought a carpet price looked great until they advised they work in yards not me…
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Posted 5th Jul 2016Posted 5th Jul 2016LocalLocal
Techwood or Hisense 4k TV??
Hello I would like to buy a big tele for my daughters room and unsure which would be better out of the two brands. Hisense is the 40inch 4K Smart at £249 and the Techwood isn't 4K but is 43i…
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Posted 11th Jan 2015Posted 11th Jan 2015
Help finding a previous post?
Hello I think I saw a deal in the past week for a 1.0 Corsa for £6995. I didn't fully look at it at the time but now I can't find the deal. Can anybody remember it or help me locate it pleas…
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