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Posted 27th Dec 2020Posted 27th Dec 2020
Mi 10 LITE Calling problem?
Hi My partner's Mi 10 lite is having issues where if I call or anyone calls her , can't always hear her ,or she goes off and comes back,she says she's answered me during conversation,I rea…
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Posted 30th May 2018Posted 30th May 2018
Cheap static caravan fees
Hi I know its a huge ask but.... As the title,im considering a static caravan,but site fee's are expensive,in true hukd style i'm wondering if anyone knows of a cheap site,,say within 100 …
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Posted 14th May 2017Posted 14th May 2017
esure to sheilas wheels cashback
I'm currently with esure ,and they won't budge on £200 renewal. Sheila's wheels are £203 but there is £60 TCB (ends tonight) Would the fact they are part of the same company comprise the ca…
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Posted 3rd Nov 2015Posted 3rd Nov 2015
Afterglow LVL 1 Chat Communicator (Xbox One)
Anyone got this or can recommend a way to plug the Xbox 360 chat headset into the 3.5mm input on the new Xbox one controller? Without the expensive adapter. Thanks
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