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Posted 24th Jun 2022Posted 24th Jun 2022
Microsoft 365 personal - 1 year
Hi guys. I received free of charge 1 year of MS Office 365 Personal as a code for digital download. As I don't need it, any chance I can resell it? And where is the best place to do it?
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Posted 24th Jun 2022Posted 24th Jun 2022
Best free antivirus for Windows
Hi guys. Which free antivirus would you recommend for my new Vivobook laptop with Win 10?
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Posted 23rd Jun 2022Posted 23rd Jun 2022
Which laptop is better?
Hi guys. looking to buy mid range laptop for basic video editing, occassional gaming and came down to these: https://ao.com/product/x515jabq2262w-asus-x515-laptop-silver-91943-251.aspx ht…
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Posted 18th Jun 2022Posted 18th Jun 2022
Medium range laptop with GeForce GTX 1650 for up to £550
hi guys. Looking for a medium range laptop which will include GeForce GTX 1650 graphic card + 8gb Ram + 512ssd and good cpu for basic gaming and video editing. Any recommendations?
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Posted 8th Jun 2022Posted 8th Jun 2022
Laptop comperation
Hi guys. I am looking for a laptop for up to £600 which will be good enough for some video editing/basic gaming. So far I found these: https://www.currys.co.uk/products/asus-tuf-dash-f15-15…
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Posted 6th Jan 2021Posted 6th Jan 2021
My Philips TV can't see my external ssd drive
As above. tried to connect my new sandisk ssd drive to both USB slots and TV can't see device. It has been formatted to both ntfs and then fat32 formats and still no luck. Ssd works with lap…
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