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Posted 28th Jan 2021Posted 28th Jan 2021
iPhone shows date as 01/01/1970
This has happened a few days ago. Any idea why sometimes the dates show as 01/01/1970? A WhatsApp message shows 1970 and for an example a recent hukd post said it started on the 01/01/1970.…
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Posted 14th Jan 2021Posted 14th Jan 2021
I need a address label printer
Hello. I’m looking to buy a affordable label printer for posting out sold items. I use Royal Mail and want a printer that can print the labels. The only one I have in mind is the Brother …
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Posted 7th Dec 2020Posted 7th Dec 2020
Where to sell my appliances
I want to sell a Bosch tumble dryer which has stopped working but I think it could be repaired. I also have a cordless vacuum cleaner and a tv which works fine but a few years old. Can I sel…
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Posted 29th Nov 2020Posted 29th Nov 2020
Amazon prime
So I wanted to activate amazon prime but I didn’t get the option, instead it said start your 6 month student prime trial. So I clicked on it and asked graduation year and nothing else and it…
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Posted 1st Nov 2020Posted 1st Nov 2020
eBay seller account below standard.
My eBay account level is now below standard. This is because I had to cancel few orders because I couldn’t post them out due to having some issues. Since, I haven’t been able to sell and see…
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Posted 30th Jul 2020Posted 30th Jul 2020
Intensive care unit- not waking up
I know it’s not the right place to ask this but has anyone experienced anything similar? Heart stopped for 10 mins. No brain damage Mri and ct scans all clear but he’s not waking up fully.…
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