Refurbished Customer Returns - X-Box Series S Console £199, Xbox Series X in for £429 and PS5 for £449 at Clearance Bargains Stanley
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Posted 12th Apr 2022Posted 12th Apr 2022LocalLocal
I know it’s not for everyone as it’s localised but Argos Clearance Bargains in Stanley have the Series S in. I spoke to the manager and these are returns, we looked in 3 boxes and they were…
TheCorner's avatar TheCorner
Nintendo Switch in store only @ Clearance Bargains - Argos Refurbished £179.99 - mint condition
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Posted 26th Jul 2019Posted 26th Jul 2019LocalLocal
Refurbished Nintendo Switch in either Green or Neon The ones I seen were in mint condition. Only in store at Clearance Bargains Stanley but may also be in at Walsall or Corby. Dozens on s…
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Jam Shed Australian Shiraz - £4 Instore at One Stop
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Posted 17th Mar 2019Posted 17th Mar 2019LocalLocal
In store only, this will sell fast. It’s labelled at £7.99, I think you can get it for £7 in Tesco
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