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Posted 21st Mar 2022Posted 21st Mar 2022
Best way around Sky Router please?
Ok, so as I get older these things make my brain hurt. We have Sky as our ISP, just moved house and the max speed we can get into the new place is about 36 Mbps…… I’ve read that Skys Q Rout…
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Posted 27th May 2021Posted 27th May 2021
Stamp duty confusion
Can anyone explain Stamp Duty for this situation please?…………the Gov calculator states different figures than my solicitor. We are buying a house for £162,500, we will move into it on the da…
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Posted 30th Apr 2021Posted 30th Apr 2021
Consumer Law Claim advice
Hi all, I bought an iPad Jan 2019 from Curry’s eBay. It died last night so I’ve took it to Apple today and they have told me that they think the logic board is kaput and it can’t be repair…
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Posted 15th Feb 2021Posted 15th Feb 2021
Have I bought the wrong TV
Just so I don’t hijack a deal thread I thought I’d ask in here. I was recently going to buy the 75” TCL QLED from Costco but at the last minute we thought it was too big and went for the 65…
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Posted 14th Feb 2021Posted 14th Feb 2021
Coffee beans
Just shelled out for a bean to cup maker, have been using Lavazza ground in my old Delonghi up until now. Where is the best place to buy the beans please?
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Posted 11th Jun 2020Posted 11th Jun 2020
Phone & contract
Needing to get a new phone and contract Got a 6S which needs replacing and a sim only contract £12.50 a month, unlimited calls, texts and 5gb data The two phones I’m looking at are the new…
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