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Posted 16th Sep 2014Posted 16th Sep 2014
Windows based gamepad tablet?
So I have the Archos Gamepad but I would really like is the same sort of thing that could play my huge collection of Steam indie games from all the humble bundles. I know I could get a cont…
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Posted 12th Dec 2008Posted 12th Dec 2008
Cheap digital waterproof / underwater camera
A bit better than a disposable but cheaper than a £200 housing for my DMC-TZ5. Just something for taking fun shots in the sea / pool on hols with my 6 month old. Under £50?
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Posted 5th Oct 2006Posted 5th Oct 2006
Best deals calling/txting home (UK) from China?
My loved one is off to China in few weeks on business. As she cannot stand to be without me ;) She calls and txts me constantly while away and nornally racks up £200+ phone bills for the w…
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Posted 15th Sep 2006Posted 15th Sep 2006
17" Widescreen LCD Monitor - not a LCD TV
Trying to find 17" widescreen monitor to use with my PC and Xbox 360. All I can find are LCD TVs all over £200. I would of thought with 19" monitors so cheap now it would be easy to find a …
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