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Posted 20th Jan 2022Posted 20th Jan 2022
Free IKEA Tea Or Coffee (for IKEA Family Members) @ IKEA
IKEA is giving away free tea and coffee when you join their IKEA family members. So every time you visit them during the week, you can enjoy a tea or filtered coffee on the house. Simp…
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Posted 19th Jan 2022Posted 19th Jan 2022
Free Insulin Pod @ Omnipod
The Omnipod DASH® Insulin Management System is a tubeless insulin pump that consists of a small, wearable and waterproof* Pod that you replace every 3 days. The Pod delivers continuous insul…
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Posted 15th Jan 2022Posted 15th Jan 2022
Free sample of Tena for Men @ Tena
TENA Men Level 1 & Level 2 For light to medium urine leakage. https://www.tena.co.uk/men/products/free-sample TENA Men Active Fit Pants | Incontinence pants for men Pants designed…
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Posted 12th Jan 2022Posted 12th Jan 2022
Free VegBook and Seed Catalogue @ Chiltern Seeds
Chiltern is giving away free 2022 VegBooks and seed catalogues so you can learn all about the different seeds and vegetables plus gardening tips and tricks. https://www.chilternseeds.co.uk…
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Posted 30th Dec 2021Posted 30th Dec 2021
Free Persil Laundry Dosing Device at Persil Shop
Grab a free Persil Laundry Dosing Device while supplies last. https://www.persil.com/uk/dosing.html Persil is giving away free Dosing devices to UK residents on a simple request. Get your…
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