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Posted 4th Apr 2022Posted 4th Apr 2022
Car A/C repair in Greater Manchester
Hello, I wonder if you could help? My daughetr's car A/C needs to be repaired (no recharge, this is confirmed). It's a 2009 Nissan Note Acenta DCI 1.5. Does anyone know of any honest and tru…
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Posted 5th Mar 2022Posted 5th Mar 2022
iPad repair or buy 2nd hand?
Hello, I am looking for some advice. I smashed the screen of my 10.5 iPad Pro (2017 model). The best quote I got to get it replaced was £145. Do you reckon it worth it? Any ideas of 2nd hand…
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Posted 26th Oct 2020Posted 26th Oct 2020
What is the name of this car part?
Hello, I am completely useless when it comes to car parts names. I wonder if someone can tell me what is the name of the plastic seal on the roof the car, like the one in the photo. Thank y…
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Posted 11th Feb 2020Posted 11th Feb 2020
Triple-sim mobile phone
Hello, can anyone recommend a reliable triple-sim phone? Preferably with 3 sim-slots but if not 2 sim slots and 1 eSim can be an option. Thank you
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Posted 29th Dec 2019Posted 29th Dec 2019
Real freshwater pearls
Hi all, Can anyone recommend any online retailer selling real freshwater pearls? Thank you in advance!
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