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  1. Nuclear17th Dec 2021

    This badge will be awarded when the sum of the heat of all your deals posted on the site exceeds 5000°

  2. Flamedeer Sleigh15th Dec 2019

    You saved Christmas 2019! You've collected at least 9 silver flamedeer for the sled, everything is ready for take-off!

  3. Loved9th May 2019

    earned if you received 200 likes on your comments or info you added to a thread

  4. Deerhunter3rd Jan 2019

    You have caught 10 Flamedeers and successfully traded 2 deers with fellow hunters – congratulations, you're a real pro!

  5. Chatty - Level 223rd Dec 2018

    earned when you leave 500 comments on other people's threads

  6. Catch me if you can29th Aug 2018

    Wow! You caught a Flamedeer! They're shy and elusive, so stay alert if you want to catch more – they could be back any time…

  7. Predictor19th Jul 2018

    You played our Football 2018 Prediction Game – even if you didn't win, what counts is taking part, right?

  8. Judge - Level 118th Apr 2018

    earned by voting 250 times.

  9. Celebrity - Level 131st Oct 2017

    One of your threads has generated over 100 comments on HUKD

  10. Hotspot - Level 130th Oct 2017

    earned when one of your deals' hotness temperature passes 500

  11. Contributor - Level 318th Apr 2017

    saved for those members who really go for it, the site veterans who have posted 50 deals

  12. Contributor - Level 218th Apr 2017

    awarded to more established members once they've posted 20 deals

  13. Contributor - Level 118th Apr 2017

    awarded to members who've set about establishing themselves as deal posters and helping the site

  14. Chatty - Level 118th Apr 2017

    earned when you leave 100 comments on other people's threads

  15. Liked18th Apr 2017

    earned if you received 50 likes on your comments or info you added to a thread

  16. Judge - Level 2466/500

    earned by voting 500 times.

  17. Judge - Level 3Locked

    Unlocks after you achieve Judge - Level 2

  18. Chatty - Level 3743/1000

    earned when you leave 1000 or more comments on other people's threads; it's for people who have a lot to say!

  19. Hotspot - Level 2953°/1000°

    earned when one of your deals' hotness temperature passes 1000

  20. Hotspot - Level 3Locked

    Unlocks after you achieve Hotspot - Level 2

  21. Celebrity - Level 2105/250

    One of your threads has generated over 250 comments on HUKD

  22. Celebrity - Level 3Locked

    Unlocks after you achieve Celebrity - Level 2

  23. Acclaimed458/1000

    earned if you received 1000 likes on your comments or info you added to a thread

  24. Teacher's Pet

    earned when you complete all your profile information and connect to Facebook. Spread the love!

  25. Heatwave0°/200°

    Heatwave Badge is earned when the average deal temperature for all the deals you shared in the last 30 days is more than 200 degrees. This is a tough badge to get... many deals don't last this long. Good luck!

  26. VIP

    This badge is only awarded to members of the community who consistently make the community a better place, either by posting amazing deals or providing support and knowledge to other users. This badge is seriously hard to get hold of and whilst we appreciate everyone who contributes, it takes something a bit special to be picked as a site VIP.

  27. Good Egg

    This badge is the rarest of them all - awarded to the nicest, most helpful users! If you see someone with a good egg badge, you know you're in good company

  28. Blastoff

    This user had the hottest deal in the last 30 days!

  29. Deer Hoarder

    It’s not a collection, it’s an addiction! You’ve got 20 or more of the same Flamedeer in your collector’s book

  30. Jalapeno0/1

    Nice! You had the hottest deal of the day!

  31. HabaneroLocked

    Unlocks after you achieve Jalapeno

  32. ReaperLocked

    Unlocks after you achieve Habanero

  33. Helpful1/10

    Earned when you've made 10 helpful comments (at least 3 helpful reactions per comment)

  34. GenerousLocked

    Unlocks after you achieve Helpful

  35. PhilanthropistLocked

    Unlocks after you achieve Generous