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2.4kg Celebrations for £5 in store at Heron Spalding
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Posted 4th AugPosted 4th AugLocalLocal
As per the title really, 2.4kg of Celebrations in a cardboard box :) These were in-store at Heron Spalding, dated 10th October 22(?) They had several boxes, no idea if it’s National as t…
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Hartley’s best seedless raspberry or black cherry jam 35p in store at Morrison’s Skegness
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Posted 6th JanPosted 6th JanLocalLocal
Found this morning but don’t know how long they’ve been this price? Were in the normal slot on the shelf with a yellow clearance label. 35p a jar, all the other jars were full price at £2.1…
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A5 LEGO adventure book with minifigure 99p instore at Home Bargains Skegness
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Posted 29th Sep 2021Posted 29th Sep 2021LocalLocal
Wasn’t looking for these but passed them and thought, why not :) It’s a little Lego book that comes with a minifigure and it’s 99p Pocket money sort of price/treat maybe? They seem to b…
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