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Posted 28th Aug 2021Posted 28th Aug 2021
Synology DS720+ - how much RAM to get for upgrade
I've just bought a Synology DS720+ which comes with a measly 2GB of RAM. I'll be using it for Plex, Home Assistant, Pi Hole and motionEye. How much additional RAM should I get? I understand …
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Posted 3rd Nov 2020Posted 3rd Nov 2020
Tesla Model 3 refreshed model now available from £40435
Probably not a deal as such as this is RRP but just to highlight that the latest incarnation of the Model 3 now has a powered boot lid, a heat pump, wireless phone charging and is dechromed,…
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Posted 18th Oct 2020Posted 18th Oct 2020
Suitcase turntable suggestions
My teenage daughter is looking for a suitcase-style turntable with inbuilt speakers. I am well aware that the audio quality will be carp and the stylus will probably gouge huge strips of vin…
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Posted 15th Apr 2020Posted 15th Apr 2020
cheap graphics card advice please
I'm looking to upgrade my onboard graphics card for use with a QHD monitor. It'll not be used for gaming, just media & web browsing. I'm hoping to get something with low power consumptio…
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Posted 12th Apr 2020Posted 12th Apr 2020
Desktop monitor size
I'm currently using a Lenovo 24" QHD IPS monitor but am thinking about upgrading to a bigger model. It's for desktop use, mainly web browsing & office apps and I will be sitting around 6…
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