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Posted 22nd Sep 2017Posted 22nd Sep 2017
Hamburg at christmas
hi me and the Mrs are going to hamburg 22-24 Dec for the markets. is there anywhere in hamburg anyone would recommend for food or drink etc. I'm mostly going for the beer anyway. thanks for…
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Posted 30th Aug 2017Posted 30th Aug 2017
Car hire cyprus
hi does anybody have recommendations for hiring a car in cyprus? going to larnaca and will need a car. saw some companies with bad reviews and it's my first time hiring a car. thank for any …
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Posted 2nd Jun 2017Posted 2nd Jun 2017LocalLocal
best price for a new car key
got a new used car but only came with 1 key. anybody know of anywhere that will cut and code a key cheaper than vauxhall (£180). thanks for any answers
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Posted 28th May 2017Posted 28th May 2017LocalLocal
what size spare wheel do I need?
I am getting a 64 plate astra limited edition (leather) and I need a spare wheel for it. reading up on it there are 2 types of breaking systems that have different spacing between the bolts.…
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Posted 19th Apr 2017Posted 19th Apr 2017LocalLocal
how to stop staff taking the mick?
people from work take the mick and go to the loo for half an hour (seriously does not take that long for a dump). they do it in like a rota one after the other. I've been asked the question …
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Posted 13th Apr 2017Posted 13th Apr 2017LocalLocal
getting best price for a car
hi I am looking to get a new car and I have a car to trade in. I'm getting a loan so I can buy it outright. has anyone got any pointers to help me get the best price, maybe knock it down a b…
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