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Posted 15th Jul 2015Posted 15th Jul 2015
Where can I get a reasonable tv from please?
Looking for a new bedroom tv, must be between 32-40" and have an integrated dvd player (needs to hang on wall and I have nowhere for a shelf or a unit to hold a separate player). Doesn't ne…
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Posted 9th Jul 2015Posted 9th Jul 2015
Tesco club card vouchers - when do they come out?
When do the next lot of vouchers / points etc get released please? I know it's August but is it generally beginning or end of month? I'm £1 out grrr!
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Posted 8th Jul 2015Posted 8th Jul 2015
Tablets for children / teens?
My elder daughter has an asus hd memopad, which was working great, till a couple of weeks ago when she discovered it wouldn't switch on. I have tried different chargers, different plug sock…
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Posted 4th May 2015Posted 4th May 2015
Pram suitable for newborn, that fits in a mini?
Does anyone here have a pram suitable for a newborn baby, that folds up small enough to go in the boot of a mini cooper (2002 model)? I'm not looking specifically for a travel system, I'd li…
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