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Posted 1st Oct 2020Posted 1st Oct 2020
Mario 35 Battle Royale game added switch online.
The recently announced Mario 35 battle royale game is available now with switch online membership. available to play until early next year. just a heads up as it’s been added for download…
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Posted 12th Aug 2019Posted 12th Aug 2019
Introduce yourself
There is a section called “Introduce yourself” but not threads relating to that topic within so I thought I’d start a Introduce thread... so go ahead and introduce yourself.... everyone wel…
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Posted 24th Jul 2018Posted 24th Jul 2018
“Internet Influencers”
I will start by saying yes I am old and yes I am grumpy... I find the whole concept of internet influencers so out of touch and outdated... most of the ones I read about are either attract…
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Posted 14th Jul 2017Posted 14th Jul 2017
The "Brexit Effect" strikes again!!!!
The Channel 4 show The Million pound drop is back but it is now the 100k drop!!! Obviously this is the fault of Brexit and those damn brexiters!!! Luckily Davina has kept her job.... don…
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Posted 12th Sep 2016Posted 12th Sep 2016
Best Comic/Superhero games...
Over weekend had a bit of a Super hero marathon and it got me in the mood for some Super Hero video games... I know all about the Batman Arkham ones so if we exclude those which are the bes…
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