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Posted 4th Oct 2021Posted 4th Oct 2021
Galaxy Z Flip3
Days away from upgrade I've managed to smash my Huawei P30 lite ;( I love this phone and looks like I cant now get another Huawei on contract. I've found a tesco clubcard deal for the Gal…
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Posted 21st Jan 2011Posted 21st Jan 2011
Car advice please
My car died just after xmas, water pump froze - had that replaced and cambelt but car still wouldnt start and was told I've bent the valves. Its an R reg and would cost more than car is wort…
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Posted 24th Nov 2010Posted 24th Nov 2010
Does anyone know where I can get....
Years ago my gran had a bin inside her kitchen cupboard - simple plastic thing that you just hooked a carrier bag over. I've tried searching for one but it just brings up proper bins you can…
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Posted 8th Sep 2010Posted 8th Sep 2010
Broken Light Fitting
I have a ceiling light similar to this http://www.diy.com/diy/jsp/bq/nav.jsp?action=detail&fh_secondid=9788966&fh_reftheme=promo_159030003,seeall,//catalog01/en_GB/categories%3C{93…
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