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Vodafone broadband intermittent speed
We currently have Vodafone broadband superfast 2. This is supposed to have an average speed of 67mb download and 20mb upload. The best we ever have is 40mb download and 9mb upload. Howeve…
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Who remembers playing Kerby?
Do you remember playing this game as a child when the roads were quiet. I'm interested if youngsters still play this now. For me it was in the 80s.
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What's cheaper?
Boil water using electric kettle or boil water using gas hob?
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Best and worst dishwasher tablets.
What are the best and worst dishwasher tablets you've used and have you found a budget tablet that is good. I used to use the Aldi Magnum dishwasher tablets, but the cups started coming out…
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Alphabet Fleeced Hot Water Bottle - £2.50 @ B&M
https://www.bmstores.co.uk/products/alphabet-fleeced-hot-water-bottle-assorted-374657 Alphabet Fleeced Hot Water Bottle. Keep warm on cold evenings with this glorious Hot Water Bottle. F…
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