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Posted 30th Oct 2021Posted 30th Oct 2021
Where to buy a DualShock 4 controller?
A lot of websites I've looked at are either out-of-stock or are still selling them at RRP. Does anyone know where I could get one cheaper? Either new or at best, refurbished. Thank you.
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Posted 9th Aug 2021Posted 9th Aug 2021
Has anyone signed up to "Youth Discount" before?
https://www.youthdiscount.com/ I was browsing Soundcore's website and I noticed at the footer of the page a link "16-26 Discount". It leads to a page in which you can sign up and get 20% o…
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Posted 28th Jul 2021Posted 28th Jul 2021
VOXI plan with £20 Amazon Gift Card
Please may someone post the link to above mentioned deal. I saw it earlier, but I've lost it now. I should've saved it. :|
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