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Posted 28th Nov 2019Posted 28th Nov 2019
Iphone xs or 11?
I am definitely going to get an iphone but not sure which to get the xs or 11. I am upgrading from iphone 7
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Posted 16th Dec 2010Posted 16th Dec 2010
PS3 console bundle
Hi is the ps3 console bundle in Game about the best price i will get for this. It comes with fifa and buzz and is £249. Thanks
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Posted 3rd Dec 2010Posted 3rd Dec 2010
Creative Zen Xi-fi 2
Can someone please advise me on what to get my daughter for Chritsmas. She wants an ipo touch and i dont want to get one as they are too expensive and i dont think she will get the use out o…
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Posted 29th Apr 2010Posted 29th Apr 2010
Help with Computer, keeps shutting down
I know i probably be on another forum but i havent joined the others and im having problem with my pc. The anti virus wasnt up to date and i rarely use it but tonight i had to use it fo a sh…
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Posted 31st Mar 2010Posted 31st Mar 2010
Wireless printer
Hi, anyone know of a good all in one wireless printer, im not sure what prices they range from.
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