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Misprice! Wotsits - Sizzling Steak Flavour 40g - 25p @ One Stop (Fareham, probably nationwide)
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Posted 18th Jul 2020Posted 18th Jul 2020LocalLocal
£1 on the shelf... £1 on the bag... 25p at the till. Tried in 2 shops so looks to be a widespread misprice. This deal won't change your life, I realise, but 75% off is 75% off...
Wainwrights 5l keg - £8.99 in B&M Fareham
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Posted 23rd Nov 2019Posted 23rd Nov 2019LocalLocal
Popped into B&M this morning and spotted this... picked up the last 2 in my local (Newgate Lane, Fareham), but suspect it's probably national. Lovely beer this - my nearest pub sells it…
Brewdog 5am Saint - 330ml - 90p Instore @ Sainsburys (Fareham)
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Posted 9th May 2019Posted 9th May 2019LocalLocal
Tasty red ale, this. Can't go wrong at 90p a bottle. Found in Fareham, should be nationwide though.