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Posted 12th May 2018Posted 12th May 2018
Computer Monitor Recommendations
Currently looking for a new computer monitor. I'm looking for 1440 144hz around £450. Does anyone have any recommendations? I was looking at monitors with G Sync but i'm unsure if I actually…
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Posted 28th Nov 2017Posted 28th Nov 2017
Mobile Phones Direct?
Thinking of switching over to pay monthly. I was wondering if the above website is legit, how is their customer service, etc? Or would I be better buying from EE directly? Thanks :D
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Posted 3rd Sep 2017Posted 3rd Sep 2017
Any 2DS XL owners?
I've just purchased a 2DS XL from Amazon. It came with Tomodachi Life Welcome Version (demo) pre installed. I was just wondering if this is normal or have amazon sent a refurb? Many Thank…
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Posted 10th Aug 2017Posted 10th Aug 2017
Kodi - £ Sports Recommendations
We are currently looking for an IPTV for sports (mainly football for him). Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks :D
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Posted 25th Jul 2017Posted 25th Jul 2017
New Bedroom TV - TV Plus?
Currently looking for a new TV for the bedroom. I was wondering what people thought of the following TV I was looking at. A bit confused about "TV Plus" too. Is it the same as Freeview HD??…
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Posted 6th Jun 2017Posted 6th Jun 2017
Computer Desk
Does anyone have any recommendations where to look for a computer desk? I'm looking for something around 80cm in width with sufficient knee gap to house a swivel chair. Preferably pine or oa…
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