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Posted 10th Nov 2015Posted 10th Nov 2015
game standee/character cardboard cutouts
Anyone have or know where I can get hold of promo game or character cardboard cut outs? The sort you see in GAME when a new game is released? Pref retro. Thanks in advance
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Posted 30th Nov 2013Posted 30th Nov 2013
WTD PS4 reservation for Argos please
I am after a PS4 reservation code anywhere will do,I will travelfar and wide.Need one asap. Appreciate any help
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Posted 24th Mar 2013Posted 24th Mar 2013
Vita PS+ Help!
Just got my Vita and only got a 4gb card. I got 1 year PS Plus, I have downloaded Uncharted and played for a few hours. The game is like 3.5gb..... I now want to delete it and try some othe…
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Posted 5th Mar 2013Posted 5th Mar 2013
PSN free games?
Awaiting my PS3 delivery, If I join PSN+ what free games can I download? Thanks in advance.
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Posted 20th Dec 2012Posted 20th Dec 2012
Kindle app price change (refund?)
I purchased a game a few days ago on Kindle for around £5! today its 60 odd pence. Is there a way to get refund as it was so close to price reduction?
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Posted 18th Dec 2012Posted 18th Dec 2012
Kindle Fire HD games/apps
Are there any actually good games/appsf or the Kindle? On the store all I see is rubbish! Ended up paying £5 for NFS most wanted seems like only game worth buying, steep price tho. Also what…
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