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Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
KFC app guaranteed win Competition
This news is as juicy as our fresh-fried chicken. Every time you order a KFC Delivery through the KFC App between now and May 18th 2023, you’re GUARANTEED to win one of 12 tasty menu items a…
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Posted 4th Nov 2022Posted 4th Nov 2022
Baxi 60/100 boiler costs to run? £2 per hour!!!
Hi, I put my central heating on this morning and to my horror my smart meter is jumping up big style and it's costing me £2 an hour to run!! (horror) surely this can't be correct? (confuse…
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Posted 14th Dec 2021Posted 14th Dec 2021
How to access gmail & Google - Had my phone stolen :-(
Had my phone stolen. Just got the replacement SIM and its in an old phone I cant remember my password..... Trying to log in. Says send code to phone but it then says failed straight away o…
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Posted 20th Nov 2021Posted 20th Nov 2021
Business owner type apps available?
Any app / business devs on here or anyone using apps to help run their own business? A mate of mines got her own business where she's got x amount of people working for her (allocates agenc…
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