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Posted 26th May 2021Posted 26th May 2021
Factory/Industrial Chimneys Query
Anyone know general rules and regulations about putting up additional chimneys on existing industrial buildings.Is Planning or consultation required? We live in a street where one side of t…
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Posted 4th Aug 2020Posted 4th Aug 2020
Import Duty & VAT for Gearbest Orders
Are Import Taxes and VAT payable if goods are ordered from European Warehouses? Gearbest give you the option to buy from Chinese warehouse or Spain (Or Poland or Germany) warehouses. The c…
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Posted 8th Jun 2020Posted 8th Jun 2020
Are PIP Mandatory Reviews delayed due to COVID 19?
Just wondering if anyone else is in this situation where they got refused a renewal of PIP and asked for a review of the decision. I sent ours off mid march and have not heard anything yet…
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Posted 3rd Jun 2020Posted 3rd Jun 2020
IPTV Boxes
Are these legal in the UK? If I order one from Amazon, is it possible to link into a streaming service that only streams FREE of charge streams (eg Freeview/Freesat channels) without the il…
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Posted 21st May 2020Posted 21st May 2020
DVLA Vehicle registration
Hi All, I bought a swaaped my car for a newer one at the start of April, I taxed it on April 1st and send the new owner form to DVLA at the same time at the Post Office. As yet I have not ha…
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Posted 18th May 2020Posted 18th May 2020
Question about PAC Codes
I want to move away from virgin mobile as there are better offers elsewhere. When I send a PAC request in I get: So much for the easy porting... I'm confused as to what the penalty will …
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