Cafe Rouge - Two courses for two people for £19 or three courses each for £23 with Groupon
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Posted 27th Sep 2018Posted 27th Sep 2018LocalLocal
Voucher gives you a choice of main and dessert or main and starter for two people, for £2 more each you can make it three-course. It's not the cheapest deal ever for a meal out but if Cafe…
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Stella Artois 20 x 284ml £9.99 @ Lidl
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Posted 18th Dec 2016Posted 18th Dec 2016
Noticed this in the new Grangetown store earlier, POS was handwritten so unsure if it's national or not. Seems a good price without having to buy more than one case.
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Diet Coca Cola 330ml 10pk - 89p @Co-Op!
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Posted 2nd Oct 2013Posted 2nd Oct 2013
Just found this while putting out price down tickets, bought a pack myself, its on a clearance offer, and this is diet coke only, the normal coke is £3.50. IMPORTANT This deal is technical…
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Complete Thunderbirds DVD Box Set £27.99 @ Sendit (77% off)
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Posted 15th Jul 2012Posted 15th Jul 2012
May be able to use code DVD202 to get a further £2 off RRP is £122.49 Looks like a fair few special features and the usual Seems a good price for a full set of nostalgia :D
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