Publication Rules

In order to respect the spirit of our community, members should not post the kind of offers listed below:
1Against the law, public order, ethic, the right of a third-party and/or our terms of use.
Example Pornographic content, copyright infringement etc
2Self-promotion and advertising for a brand, a service or a company.
3From a merchant already banned or suspended from our community.
4The reliability of the seller cannot be verified or is not currently suitable for listing.
Example When reviewing a merchant we consider how established they (or their parent company) are, their reviews, any company information, their contact information, compliant Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy etc. This list is not exhaustive but the team will make a call based on this information they’re reviewing.
5Where doubts exist as to the likelihood the deal will be honoured or the availability would appear to be minimal.
Example Listing error by a merchant known to cancel orders and not honour these. Instore reduced to clear products which are likely single store specific. Low stock items available to order online (including for store collection) will not be affected by this rule.
6 Using an optimisation for personal interest, financially or not (referrals etc...).
7 Not the best offer available at the moment on the market when comparing like for like products. Exceptions will be made for "additional benefits" such as additional warranties etc.
8 Offers that are not widely available (eg contract break information). These will be moved to Discussions at our discretion.
9Already posted through a recent deal without significant changes regarding the price and/or the conditions.
Example We'll need to consider the % price reduction and how long the deal has been on hotukdeals. If a deal is only a few days old we can provide the existing deal with a thread and price update. More significant price drops would warrant a new thread.
10Cannot be delivered to our country (exceptions exist for hotels abroad & flights).
11Cannot be ordered or pre-ordered at the current time.
12Permanent offer, especially if there is no deadline.
Example Free to Play games, free apps, trial period offers, YouTube videos (like movies, animes or documentaries) and items listed at RRP (like newly released products). Most deals with a due date at the last day of the current year if posted many months before, especially if it was already available the previous year(s) etc.
13Megathreads or deal compilations will now be moved to Discussions.
Example We consider a megathread/deal compilation to be a thread containing deals from more than one merchant. Sale threads for a single merchant with product examples would not fall under this rule.

Hotukdeals reserves the right to accept offers on this list under certain conditions and to refuse offers that have not been mentioned in this list.

Remember that moderation is managed by humans and that hotukdeals can not guarantee that it is always carried out in a completely uniform way. Certain rules can only be applied following a judgment of the moderation team but we'll always be on hand to explain why we reached that decision.

Last updated - 6th October 2019
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