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Inside Out 3D Blu Ray - £5.84 delivered with code AUG10 @ 365 games
31/08/2018Expires on 31/08/2018Found 8th AugFound 8th Aug
Seemed like a pretty good price for what I thought was a fab film. Although worth warning you that my copy has this weird issue; about five/ten minutes from the end my eyes start… Read more


Interesting. Had no idea the releases varied so much. I generally don't delve too deep into the extras, but surprised so much gets taken out. I also found this, which details all the global releases if it's of interest... http://www.dvdcompare.net/comparisons/film.php?fid=34643


A fair amount of content (info taken from blu-ray.com review); Story of the Story (1080p, 10:30): Voice cast and crew look at story origins and development, character and world design and evolution, story arcs, and themes. Mapping the Mind (1080p, 8:24): A closer look at designing and implementing the film's expansive main setting, the mind of an 11-year-old girl. Our Dads, the Filmmakers (1080p, 7:25): Elie Docter and Gracie Giacchino document their fathers' work on the film. Into the Unknown: The Sound of Inside Out (1080p, 7:09): A brief exploration of the sound effects used in the film and the process of finding them, fine-tuning them to the world, ensuring they elicit the intended audience reaction, and recording them. The Misunderstood Art of Animation Film Editing (1080p, 4:43): As the title suggests, this piece looks at the editing process, which is more complicated than simply adding scenes together. Mind Candy (1080p, 14:26): A compilation of extra character moments. Deleted Scenes (1080p): A Pete Docter General Introduction (0:55) is followed by several deleted scenes, including Riley Grows Up (4:45), Joy's Decline (3:42), Misdirection (4:12), and Construction (3:17). Docter also briefly introduces each scene. Note that scenes are presented in the form of early storyboard renditions and are not complete. Trailers (1080p): Remember (1:38), Experience (2:19), and Japan Trailer (2:30


Out of interest, what's on the US Bonus disc that isn't on the special features on the UK version?


Unfortunately both the standard & 3D UK releases are missing the bonus disc. So if you are after that, you'll either have to track down the original US releases (Disney US are at it now too, new 2018 release is only 1 disc), the Australian 2 disc release or one of the Nordic 2 disc releases. EDIT: The UK did have a 3 disc Zavvi steelbook, 2D + 3D + Bonus, but that was £25 and long OOP (minimum £22 used at CEX).

Jurassic World [Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray] £3.99 @ Base
Refreshed 6th AugRefreshed 6th Aug
Twenty-two years after the events of Jurassic Park (1993), Isla Nublar now features a fully functioning dinosaur theme park, Jurassic World, as originally envisioned by John Hammon… Read more
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Batman returns was a 12 at the cinema, but back then the 12 rating wasnt used for home video, so had to be a 15. It'll be because no one's put it past the bbfc again (it costs thousands to get a rating) so it remains 15. The terminator was 18, but now a 15, because the distributor thought they could get a 15, and a lower rating opens up more potential customers who can buy it. Same film, just times change, with perception. But Spielberg has always had an easy ride with the bbfc, compared to other directors. PS batman was the first film to have a 12 rating.


You don't see anything you didn't already see in the old Bond title sequences Maurice Binder used to make. (lol) I find it funny that the violent, gritty, and realistic 'The Dark Knight' is a 12; whereas the relatively playful and stylised 'Batman Returns' is still a 15.


Watch the start, when the woman skinny dipping gets eaten, under water, boobs & fluff lol


Full frontal nudity in Jaws? Don't know what you're on about, unless you are talking about the shark...


You'd be surprised at how many swear words a 7 year old knows. They pick them up pretty quickly in the playground, though you may not realise it. My 7yo tells me what swear words he knows, I tell him if I ever hear him speak those words he will be subject to incalculable consequences. Now he recognises swear words, knows they are bad and should not be spoken by children.

The Mummy 2017 Limited Edition Steelbook includes 2D & 3D £9.99. @ HMV
Found 28th JulFound 28th Jul
The Mummy 2017 Limited Edition Steelbook includes 2D and 3D Alex Kurtzman directs this big budget reboot of the supernatural action adventure series starring Tom Cruise and Sofia … Read more

Not a bad film, problem was that it was half family, half adult level which crossed pollinated with other movie storylines. A mosh mash that led it to be panned. Cruise was boring at best, no charisma


Picked this steelbook up at foppish in Manchester few weeks back for £6 there own by hmv cheaper as wel.


Total snoozefest of a movie


Yup terrible terrible film


Yeah, the film is terrible.

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Godzilla 3D BLURAY New £1.99 @ 365games
Found 27th JulFound 27th Jul
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Thanks for the confirmation about the 2D disc, orderded a copy. Not sure why this is expired as it is still available at £1.99. Thanks again.


Mine looked possibly resealed :/ as the cellophane wrapping looked a bit amateurish and the box looks a little marked and scuffed :/ The discs look fine


Just received my copy today (only ordered Friday night). It has both 2D & 3D Disks


why expired? still available


Judi Dench got a best supporting actress Oscar for about the same time :-) I really enjoyed the film for what it was, and will sadly happily watch this when it arrives :-)

Marvel First Ten Years sale - 2 for £12/£15/£18 DVD/BD/3D BD at Zoom
Found 23rd JulFound 23rd Jul
Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years: More Than A Hero Sale 2 for £12 DVD 2 for £15 Blu Ray 2 for £18 3D Blu Ray
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Can't agree more, I thought I was missing something as it was listed as 4.5 stars on NOW TV movies. The recent wasp / ant film was a little underwhelming, mind you, depending on what you're after, Infinity War is a tough act to follow. Maybe worth mentioning, if you're not precious about keeping a copy, a few of these are on NOW TV movies. In a side note, so glad 3D movies still being released! Joined the party late and loving them!


Homecoming was one of the worst marvel films in the franchise to date imo - the others worth grabbing in this deal. RAGNAROK!!


Homecoming & ragnarok for me, cheers op


It does still work but not with this ;)


;( sad day

2 Marvel 3D Blu Rays (incl 2D version) for £18 @ Amazon
Found 23rd JulFound 23rd Jul
Seems a pretty decent deal 2 for £18 (£12 each if bought indivdually) List of titles: Avengers Assemble Avengers: Age of Ultron Guardians of the Galaxy Guardians of the Galaxy 2… Read more

3d will be back, there's a newish glasses free 3d tech similar to the one once demod by Toshiba about 5 years ago coming out in 2019. As 4k discs can't and won't ever do 3d, now's the time to get buying. Anyone recommend decent 3d films? Jurassic park (original) is superb, especially considering it wasn't recorded in 3d, and hobbit films are excellent too.


Sorry, I was looking at the standard Blu-rays, not the 3D ones. I'd assume the same titles would be in the offer in all formats... maybe not.


I do not see Thor Ragnarok 3D in the Amazon deal? And when it is added from the main site it does not deduct any discount for me. It does seem to be included from Zoom or Zavvi though.


Problem is Cinemas still showing 3d and also preveiwing new films in 3d .So i dont understand why tv manufacturers are trying to phase out 3D.


Doctor Strange was in the February deal, Spiderman is not included, only new one is Ragnarok.

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LG LHB655NW 5.1ch Smart 3D Blu-Ray Disc/DVD Home Cinema System with Bluetooth - £249 @ RGB Direct
Found 22nd JulFound 22nd Jul
The next cheapest I can find this for is £310.40 with free shipping from The Seenlist (never heard of them before). This is not to be confused with the LG LHB645N. I bought that … Read more

You are saved . Apart from the hit and miss speakers, there is nothing in this old relic from the past .


Oh well missed out. Relieved and disappointed at the same time


Gone back up to £499


Thanks. Had been on their site but didn't know if anyone had a personal recommendation based on experience. Just so I don't waste my money on something naff!


It's very well supported

Big Hero 6 3D + Blu-Ray. £4.99 Prime / £6.98 Without Prime @ Amazon
Found 22nd JulFound 22nd Jul
What a cracking price for a cracking film! Would be ordering if I didn’t already own it! (lol)

Yes, I've already looked, I've got ah'hm a version, so I'll see for myself, thanks


Look at my post for detailed info of effects.


I love this movie lots <3


I hope the effects are suble: too many of these cartoon 3d pictures throw the images in your face to make a big impression when it really isn't necessary


Best Disney movie, recommended.

The Boss Baby [3D Blu ray + Blu ray + Digital HD] - £6 Prime (or also £5.51 inc delivery from MagicMovies/Non-Prime) @ Amazon
Found 21st JulFound 21st Jul
Thought this was a good price for a relatively new movie and its the 3D version which actually seems to be cheaper than the standard 2D version. Note: It is also slightly cheaper … Read more
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Ordered, thank you OP.


Do people still watch movies on disc? You got so many choices to watch online now a days- Netflix, amazon, now tv . As cheap as £6 per month.


You lost the bet.


My least favourite of the modern animated films (that I’ve seen) but good price for 3D

Avengers Infinity War 3D Blu Ray Preorder £17.09 with code at zoom
Found 11th JulFound 11th Jul
Was looking for the best price to preorder Infinity War on Blu Ray and found Zoom were £1 cheaper than everywhere else. Use promo code SIGNUP10 to get another 10% off making it £17… Read more

Nice find. Ordered. What are zoom like for delivery? Never used them before.


At this moment, I'm guessing it will be an upscaled 3.4K with intermittent full UHD scenes (I think Rogue One/Last Jedi was the same?) The US Version comes out in a few weeks, so will be able to check before UK release


will the uhd version be genuine 4k or mastered in 2k and upscaled?


amazon france have a few 4k's with bundled 3d version also.


They did on a couple. Got blade runner 2049 steelbook from zoom with blue ray, 3d and 4k for about £25......haven't seen any other movies do this since.

Multiple blu-rays in Poundland (my collection from the last week) - £1 each
LocalLocalFound 2nd JulFound 2nd Jul
First deal in ages. Since people only post one title at a time, I thought i'd post my stash from the last week. All were a pound although a point to note is some stores list some a… Read more

Well; I tried to answer But the current moderator denies one side of the argument.


well they ain't got anything to lose, In fact there's the chance of a warm bed.


Nice to hear stock is still coming in. A lot of the 'regular' titles but still nice to hear they are getting stock. Seven Psychopaths is fantastic! :) Homeless people haven't knicked them. Scummers are snaffling them up to sell for two quid a pop on eBay and at Car Boot sales.


Elite Squad is a cracking flick… good find


Ive seen them doing it. So no lies, its fact

How To Train Your Dragon 3D + more £6 (Prime) / £8.99 (non Prime) or free delivery £20+
Found 2nd JulFound 2nd Jul
Amazon have dropped the price of many 3D Blu-ray animation films to £6 or below (this is the lowest I have seen any of these 3D Blu-ray's on Amazon), although they are all on back … Read more



Can confirm mine arrived today and Kung Fu Panda 3 is 3D (y)


Thank you maybe I will order that then !


Just so you know, Kung fu panda 3 will be the 3d edition as the image shows, because there's also another regular edition from Amazon, but with the single blu ray image. They've just mistakenly put the same info on both.


Just ordered Kung fu panda 1+2 .was gonna order Kung fu panda 3 .dont think this is the 3d version .stock photo shows 3d but listing does not :( Thanks for the effort any way :)

Minions 3D Blu Ray - £1 (new) at Poundland
LocalLocalFound 28th JunFound 28th Jun
Spotted this today in the Bristol Horsefair store, don't think it's been posted before. I'd seen the 2D before but this was the first time I've noticed the 3D one in Poundland.
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Gona look for this tomarow The hunt is on



Said it before.....will say it again... Love the poundland blu rays :-)


Voted hot, love Minions!


They had a few different 3D ones, but none were really quality movies. I've seen 3D copies of RIPD, I Frankenstein, one of the Spidermen and a handful of others in Poundland over the last few months, so if you're not too worried about the movie itself, just the experience, then a reasonably stocked store should sort you out. :)

Defiance - Season 2, RIPD (3D) The Pirates (3D) - Blu Ray - £1 @Poundland
LocalLocalFound 21st JunFound 21st Jun
Found several new Blu-ray titles in Poundland. Appreciate RIPD 3D was posted back in April sometime. But have not seen Defiance season 2 (SyFy series) posted before (which was mai… Read more
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I love rooting through my local Poundworld for BluRays (popcorn) Heat added


Every house should have a copy of Pirates. It's amazing

Big Hero 6 3D + Blu-Ray £4.99 Prime / £6.98 Non Prime @ Amazon
Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
Bargain price for a great film :D. Alternatively Magic Movies are selling it for £4.58 delivered, but they probably won't have as much stock as Amazon. They are a reputable c… Read more



you can still buy it though, theyll just deliver when they get it in stock. plus the Magic Movies one is still in stock just go under the "new" bit, or this link https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/B00SYEP5KY/ref=tmm_blu_new_olp_sr?ie=UTF8&condition=new&qid=&sr=


out of stock


What a great film.


Yes, thanks for listing, just went for Magic Movies at £4.58 as Amazon oos

The Amazing Spiderman 2 Blu Ray 3D + Blu Ray + U/V Digital Copy £1 in store @ Poundland
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
The Amazing Spiderman 2 Blu Ray 3D + Blu Ray + U/V Digital Copy At Poundland , Waddon , Croydon Other titles today include: Grown Ups 2 / Shank / St Vincent / Elite Squad (The Ene… Read more

I didn't like this one as much as the first... I did like Gwen Stacy and it was sad when she died. I'd pay a £1 for this if I could find it.


I got the first spider man and RIPD today for a pound each - great additions to the 3d collection


well, I liked and it's good it's 3D!


Rice overdose.....


Good for a £1 and if u got a 4k upscale tv looks fantastic

Found 6th JunFound 6th Jun
usually national and plenty in Streatham

Saw one in Southampton (next to Bargate) a couple of days ago. Just the one, mind.


Guys if you can get the Amazing Spider-man 1 & 2 3D titles from musicmagpie in the buy two get two free offer too (£3.98 total) https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/music-magpie-buy-two-get-two-free-on-preowned-prices-from-398-for-4-2951098


just been and got 1 but mine is 2 disc Blu-ray...can't see any 3d logo but not bad for a nugget..cheers for the heads up (y)


Shame none of the discs their are worth bothering with. Although I got the artist once which was good.


Despicable Me 3 for £1 that's crazy! where's your local Poundland?

Hotel Transylvania 2 3D bluray £1 @ Poundland
LocalLocalFound 28th MayFound 28th May
Managed to pick up hotel Transylvania 2 in 3d today from the Poundland at ramsgate.

Picked up from Poundland Torquay today :)


Yep , I love them as much as the kids! :D


Didn’t have any in my local today but seem to have new stock daily. I wonder if I find my 3d glasses - haven’t used them for a while.


The Hotel Transylvania franchise is cracking!


rubbish movie!

Godzilla 3d Blu-ray £1 in poundland
LocalLocalFound 29th AprFound 29th Apr
Found Godzilla 2014 3d Blu-ray (includes 2d disc) in Sheffields, Hillsborough Poundland. They had plenty when I went. Also had other blurays such as R.I.P.D 3d Blu-ray, Eagle eye, … Read more
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None in the North London stores :(




It's an okay film. Great cgi but that is few and far between. They blew all the budget on cgi snd and didn't have any money left to create a plot it seems


Rattled hahahahaha


With a name like yours, I bet you feel like a right idiot, lighten up I think your the buffoon!!!!

Marvel Studios - 2 for £18 3D Blu-ray at www.taketimeoutentertain.co.uk
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
Looks like a great deal - two Marvel 3D Blu-rays for £18. Some of the films single price is £28.99. Extra 10% off with code: TakeHome10

This was working fine yesterday. I bought 2x3D for £18 - order still pending processing. Wondering if this will be now cancelled. But on their website is somehow still as valid offer. The same offer is now on HMV, Zavvi and Amazon.


Doesnt seem to be working (not discounting on checkout) :/

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