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Despicable Me 2 3D + 2D Blu-ray + Digital copy £2.10 prime / £5.09 non prime Amazon (JMBMedia fulfilled by Amazon))
Made hot 6th JanMade hot 6th Jan
Not much to add, except this is a good sequel and not a bad price if you have Prime.

£1.50 at cex


£4 now


Cheers. I have been looking for a cheap 3D movie for my PSVR and this fits the bill as my other half loves it.


Nb digital code “may” be expired now


Weird. Should work now.

Panasonic TY-ER3D6ME Active Shutter 3D Bluetooth Glasses £9.99 delivered @ Amazon Prime / + £4.49 non Prime (also instore at Richer Sounds)
Made hot 22nd Dec 2018Made hot 22nd Dec 2018
3D may officially be dead until such time as no glasses 3D is widely available, but in the meantime, I'm sure a few of us out there still have 3D tvs. These have been reduced from … Read more

Mine arrived this morning....and yes, Polar Express 3D is on the watchlist!


Mine have just been dispatched for pre Christmas delivery. Will hopefully be able to watch Polar Express and A Christmas Carol in 3D (y) .


Sorry you are correct (y)


If anyone still need these check out https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/panasonic-tyer3d6me-3d-glasses-3147303


Not all Panny's are active, there are a few passive.

Sony KD43XF7002 43-Inch 4K HDR Ultra HD Smart TV £419 RRP £749 @ Amazon
Made hot 17th Dec 2018Made hot 17th Dec 2018
Sony KD43XF7002 43-Inch 4K HDR Ultra HD Smart TV with Freeview Play, Black (2018 Model) by Sony 4.4 out of 5 stars 16 customer reviews | 45 answered questions RRP: £749.00 Deal of … Read more

Gone now anyway....


It says 2018 model


Sony. Had Possibly because it’s an old model. I’ve had a Sony TV for years and won’t buy any other brand. They are so reliable. This is an excellent price. 🔥 from me (y)


Why is no one voting on this?

Oz the Great and Powerful (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray) for £6.49 Delivered @ Base
Made hot 18th Nov 2018Made hot 18th Nov 2018
Next best price is at 365games for £6.99 (cheeky) Feel the magic of Oz The Great And Powerful surround you as it soars off the screen and lands in your living room in spectacul… Read more

The 3D effect got a perfect score on cinemablend. I'm grabbing this for my Oculus Rift and the BigScreen app. https://www.cinemablend.com/new/3D-Or-3D-Buy-Right-Oz-Great-Powerful-Ticket-36259.html


In my opinion...It was trash.. I quite like James Franco but OMG was he bad in this.




Such an underrated movie. Loved it.

Samsung UE65NU7100 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Certified HDR Smart TV £827.04 @ Amazon
Made hot 8th Oct 2018Made hot 8th Oct 2018
Samsung UE65NU7100 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Certified HDR Smart TV Ultra HD certified for true 4K colour and clarity Hidden cables for a clutter free and stylish cable management solut… Read more

Anyone had issues with this TV and Xbox one graphic blurring? Mate of mine bought the 40 inch version last week and gets slightly blocky graphics when moving within games. Tried different settings etc with no luck. I have the older version of the TV and don't get the issue. everything else seem fine on the TV. can't work out if it's the Xbox or the TV? Any help would be appriciated. thanks!


Usual get out . Any excuse not to price match



Should have, never should of


I should of made myself clearer and emphasised the around black Friday !!

Panasonic 55FX700B 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV £599.89 @ Costco
Made hot 7th Oct 2018Made hot 7th Oct 2018
Features - 55” UHD 4K screen, amazing for sports and movies - x3 HDMI - connect your consoles, set top boxes and bluray player - Support for multiple HDR formats including HDR10 an… Read more

Yes, very happy with it. Can't fault the picture, but think the Panasonic has a slight edge - warmer perhaps? 10inch difference, so difficult to properly judge. You have 3 months with Costco to request a refund if you're not happy - they happily collect free of charge


The 2018 models are pretty good. The only thing I don't like is that its a VA panel rather than IPS (personal preference). The Smart features are meant to be really good too.


Is the Hisense decent?


I had the 600B, which I returned for the recent hukd 65inch Hisense at Richersounds. Very basic features and would not play mkv and only a handful of mp4 files. Picture was good out of the box, though

LG 65UK6300PLB 65-Inch UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV with Freeview Play £799 Amazon
Made hot 27th Sep 2018Made hot 27th Sep 2018
IPS 4K display; the latest ultra HD innovation is built into a distinct IPS 4K panel meaning your entertainment is viewable from any angle ThinQ AI; an intelligent television that … Read more

has anyone mounted this on a wall? any issue with it?


Ordered this then cancelled because it's very thick panel 90mm - no good for wall mounting. I went with the metal frame version 65UK6500PLA which is 60mm deep but seems to be the same IPS Panel.


Amazon is easy no problems, returns are hassle free, you can buy with 1 click from the toilet...


Currys are horrible, Amazon will have it back without question


Same price at Curry's,ao and very to name a few

New 2018 65" NU7100 UHD HDR Smart 4K TV £909 @ Samsung
Made hot 17th Sep 2018Made hot 17th Sep 2018
New 2018 65” NU7100 Ultra HD certified HDR Smart 4K TV Follow link for more info, great price on this TV as it’s cheaper from Samsung than the other shops, as well as checkout wit… Read more



Not really. What type of wall was it? what tiles did you opt for?


shotgun weekends... it was on the wall? Moved house and wall wasn't ready (being tiled) for bracket? so wanted feet to stand it up? make sense now? (skeptical)


You 2 should meet and make a whole tv out of what you've got left!


You're lucky. I've only got the polystyrene packaging left and nothing to keep them in.

Toshiba 65U6763DB 65 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV £599.99 shipped @ Costco
Made hot 14th Aug 2018Made hot 14th Aug 2018
Ultra HD Live and breathe the on-screen action with a Toshiba 4K UHD TV. Bringing you exhilarating life-like picture clarity, 4K UHD TVs display four times more detail than Full HD… Read more

and only Mastercard in Canada


Interestingly in America they used to also only accept Amex but now only accept Visa. I think it is based on who they have a contract with for their Costco Credit card. Currently in the Uk being Amex and America being Visa,


That is shock! Amex usually charge more than Visa or Mastercard. In USA thet accept Visa., but not in UK. I have learnt something (I am not a member).


They don’t accept most credit cards. They do however accept American Express. And all debit cards


They don't accept credit cards and they save money by not accepting PayPal I guess...

Toshiba 55U5863DB 55-Inch Smart 4K Ultra-HD HDR LED TV (2018 Model) £419 @ Amazon
Made hot 24th Jul 2018Made hot 24th Jul 2018
Toshiba 55U5863DB 55-Inch Smart 4K Ultra-HD HDR LED TV with Freeview Play- Black/Silver (2018 Model) Live and breathe the on-screen action with a Toshiba 4K UHD TV. Bringing you e… Read more

This has expired? Now showing at £529.99


My son just just told me that people use VPN'S on their TV's nowadays. He uses NordVpN. If I get one, can I use it on this TV too? (flirt)




Price of OLED TVs should start coming down significantly this year onwards.


Same I'm waiting for a 75

Toshiba 65U6763DB 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD TV @ao - £649
Made hot 13th Jul 2018Made hot 13th Jul 2018
Toshiba 65U6763DB 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD TV @ao - £649
£649£6997%ao.com Deals
Toshiba 65U6763DB 65” Smart 4K Ultra HD TV with Freeview Play - Black / Chrome - [A+ Rated] Key Features 4K Ultra HD - Stunning sharpness, crystal clarity Smart TV - stream boxset… Read more

Amazon had hdr and alexa toshiba model at this price on Amazon Prime day.


£624.99 at Costco with 5 year Warranty


USB File System FAT32. That's a bit limiting for playing large files.


Noticed you have to pay £20 for standard delivery. So boo


Boots also doing it for £649. https://www.bootskitchenappliances.com/product/65u6763db-toshiba-tv-black-50470-108.aspx?&WT.z_PT=AV&WT.z_AT=LED%20TV&WT.z_MT=Search&WT.z_MAT=Toshiba&WT.z_FT=Free%20Standing&WT.z_PC=65U6763DB&WT.srch=1&WT.z_KW=65U6763DB&WT.z_DT=m&WT.z_RTM=PLA&wt.z_ag=product%20code&wt.z_kw=optimal&wt.z_cn=PLA%20SC%20-%20AV%20-%20LED%20TVs%20-%20SKU&gclid=Cj0KCQjwvqbaBRCOARIsAD9s1XCZfs8Qh7pFAweMlq1DfyF2C7S9jX5VfElpJEhAeJYNTk1GFj0NSHAaApzuEALw_wcB and you can get 2000 clubcard points on it too

Panasonic TX-50EX750B  50" Smart 3D 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV Officially Refurbished – 12 Month Manufacturer Warranty Panasonic eBay £499.99
Made hot 18th Mar 2018Made hot 18th Mar 2018
Panasonic TX-50EX750B 50" Smart 3D 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV Officially Refurbished – 12 Month Manufacturer Warranty Panasonic eBay £499.99
£499.99eBay Deals
Only 12 months warranty but over £700 elsewhere (when I last looked) 11 in stock at time of posting 4K PRO HDR Studio Colour HCX2 Processor Picture Tuned in Hollywood
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Active 3d glasses


That strange pattern hasn't reappeared since set up so I am fairly confident that it was part of the background image itself that was part of the demo. That said, I will bear in mind your comments. I don't suppose anyone else who bought it having seen this thread/your deal will bother to respond but if anyone else pops in to read the comments and reads this before setting theirs up perhaps they can check and let me know. I have completed all the calibration settings now and am delighted with the picture, it is even better than the top end Panasonic plasma set it replaces, love it.


I cannot recall what the EX700 did. You could look, or ask on AV Forums as they have a EX750 owners club thread. Maybe the demo you mention is on the Panasonic website or on YouTube. At least it went after the demo. Worth finding out in case it is a fault with specific colours and movement on your set, in that area of the screeen. Can you re-run the demo again to view it more closely as to what is happening? You could maybe factory reset and put in shop mode to see what the shop demo looks like on your TV. You've got 12 months cover with Panasonic for it.


Thanks thetarget I ordered and received mine today, just set it up. Not tested every socket or feature but initial impressions are positive, the tv seems to be unmarked. The only mark is to the pole height adjuster which has a scratch that is hidden behind the tv when fitted. The chrome stand base is new, the tv appears to be new or good as and even has the sticker protector still over the word Panasonic at the bottom. I will adjust calibration settings etc over the weekend in line with the avforums YouTube video and test it properly. I noticed a strange pattern around the bottom right corner of the screenas it went through the set up/demo and thought I had a duff but it seems to be part of the demo image itself and gives the impression of liquid leaking under the glass like you often notice on a broken laptop screen but it vanished as soon as the demo finished. Very strange if this is part of the demo video, not very professional but just be aware and don't panic if you see it when you set yours up.


One of the only big names with 3D this year. Cool stand. If my budget had been tighter, I'd have gone with this TV. Just not as bright as the leading HDR TVs so didn't make my cut.


My uncle once had a Ford that was always breaking down, I would never buy a Ford. lol


I am an engineer maybe not in TVs but I know how things work. During the euro football these screens was used and nearly all binned due to failures. Was a massive container full going to scrap. I manage to make 1 out of all the parts and found that the light strip burnt out and stopped the whole thing working. Light strips these days not the cheapest or easiest to get your hands on. Repair requires stripping down the whole tv which takes lot of time, hours if never don't it before. I have some space part for mine so not very much worried as I can always replace the led strip. Iv changed it twice so far in my screen which makes it a serious fault these models These are great TVs but as a caution to all that have this screens insure it as it will be peace of mind knowing it's not scrap when it's dead. I'm not trying to say not to get it just be cautious


Might see if I can sell my 58" quickly


Are you a TV engineer then ? How many have you seen in total & over how long a period ?


It depends on how you long you have the tv. Iv seen plenty of the 650b and 750b in the dx ranges all suffer from 1 blink light error which is that one of the strips of cheap led lights has failed. So just adding my word of caution to all who have any in this range just be sure to insure.

Panasonic TX50EX750B 50" 4K Pro Ultra HD LED 3D TV Freeview Play 5yr warranty £744 @ Hughes (maybe RS pricematch for £734)
Made hot 11th Feb 2018Made hot 11th Feb 2018
Panasonic TX50EX750B 50" 4K Pro Ultra HD LED 3D TV Freeview Play 5yr warranty £744 @ Hughes (maybe RS pricematch for £734)
I saw someone just posted this at £799 at John Lewis, but Hughes have it for £799 and £55 off with the discount code sc55 . 5yr warranty is offered by Panasonic on this tv for fr… Read more

John Lewis have price matched this. Thank you :)


Nobody likes a showoff (highfive)


The EX750B will probably be the last 3D tv made (unless 3D tv's make a comeback in future years)


Nothing wrong with my 32inch PYE Colour too!


Thought they stopped making 3D TVs

Panasonic TX-50EX750B 50" Freeview HD and Freesat HD and Freeview Play Smart 3D 4K Ultra HD with HDR Pro TV £799 Delivered with code @ AO.com
Made hot 27th Jan 2018Made hot 27th Jan 2018
Panasonic TX-50EX750B 50" Freeview HD and Freesat HD and Freeview Play Smart 3D 4K Ultra HD with HDR Pro TV £799 Delivered with code @ AO.com
Cracking telly, and this seems to be the cheapest around using the below code! Use code ' 30OFF699TV ' at checkout to receive discounted price! Key Features Certified 4K Ul… Read more

Looks like Hughes just dropped their prices, listed price is £829 so after sc55 code it's going to be £774. Surely a better deal than AO?


I'm not a Sony fanboy. I just like getting the best for my money, where you clearly don't. You can't compare a phone to a television, e tirely different production arms! I've had a Sony TV in my spare room for 5 years with a grand total of 0 problems, hardly unreliable? The article you linked is for the 65 inch model, which could be totally different, doesn't say it's 10 bit or 8+frc so you still haven't proved your false point and the article even states the mu7000 or Sony xe90 is better, so... What was your point exactly? That i was right???, as you can see it's been given 4 stars, here is the Sony review.. http://www.trustedreviews.com/reviews/sony-kd-55xe9005 I rest my case. Enjoy your Panasonic (:I




I'm not comparing phones I am stating how unreliable Sony technology is! It's 10 bit. Not arguing with a Sony fanboy. Go argue with yourself in a locked room or summin


where have you seen sony and Samsung are most returned?

Panasonic TX-50EX750B 50" Smart 3D 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV (2017 Model) £779 @ Currys with code TV70 (Possible £769 with price match at Richer Sounds)
Made hot 2nd Jan 2018Made hot 2nd Jan 2018
Panasonic TX-50EX750B 50" Smart 3D 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV (2017 Model) £779 @ Currys with code TV70 (Possible £769 with price match at Richer Sounds)
Great deal for this TV and a 2017 model at that. This was the only 3D tv model made last year too. I bought one just before Christmas and it’s been great. (y) Top features: … Read more

Get them to price match Hughes. Should work out at £789 once they have price matched. (y) https://www.hughes.co.uk/product/tv-and-entertainment/televisions/all-televisions/panasonic/tx50ex750b?c=424


'Offer ended' this is the telly I want to buy too! Was gonna order it tomorrow anyhow from richer sounds so price match would have been awesome ☹


Thanks for this...think I'll have to go for the Samsung UE55MU7000 set...just looking for a deal better than the £799 general price


Depends on the scaling - in theory, as you mentioned it should do perfect scaling. But I've experience poor scaling - I bought a 4K monitor with the intention of running games at 1080p, and they looked worse than a proper 1080p monitor :/


Here’s the measurements. Should help a little. (y)

PANASONIC VIERA TX-58DX802B Smart 3D 4K Ultra HD HDR 58" LED TV with 5 Years Warranty  £829.00  Currys with code
Made hot 2nd Jan 2018Made hot 2nd Jan 2018
Great price for this tv with TV70 code which gives £70 off

Code has expired now


Can run smart IPTV app which is next big thing


Watch and also look for similar on YouTube. Good luck (highfive)


Hi guys. What settings have you used?I bought this to before Christmas but not bowled over by the picture and find it quite dull and hazy.I also have problems like magroune had and not just with streamed content but also with terrestrial and sky. Many thanks.



Panasonic 58DX802B LED HDR 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart TV, 58 - £999 @ John Lewis
Made hot 7th Oct 2017Made hot 7th Oct 2017
Panasonic 58DX802B LED HDR 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart TV, 58 - £999 @ John Lewis
Hi advice please ,any good?

(lol) Cheers for the reply


Yeah it does and I’m not sure haven’t used it lol didn’t even know it had it (lol)


Sorry to drag up an old thread but I want to get this TV, does it have VESA wall hanging bits? Also whats the 3D like?


Dfs (y) 🏻 electric recline on each end 8) XD it was only about £1500


I like the sofas. Where you get those sofas??

HISENSE 58KEC730 58 inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV Freeview HD - £599 @ richersounds
Made hot 28th Jun 2017Made hot 28th Jun 2017
HISENSE 58KEC730 58 inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV Freeview HD - £599 @ richersounds
6 year warranty, instore and online price. No hdr, but good price for 58" 4k 3d tv (HDR with firmware update) Active 3d 600hz rate Be totally immersed in TV, with the Ultra HD His… Read more

Not that cheap given lack of proper HDR.


​no. the panel is 8 bit. f/w updates cannot change this


​yep. have this tv myself and the 3d is terrible. plenty cross talk and no amount of firmware updates have made it any better


hi, thanks for the reply. judging by avforums, hisense customer support mostly ignores firmware querys, and even then, will send links to wrong firmware. i dont wanna be a pain, but your help would be much appreciated, i await the weekend with bated breath ! cheers


It's also worth contacting Hisense direct over the phone. They're very helpful.

LG OLED55C6V Smart 3D 4K HDR 55" Curved OLED TV + 2m HDMI Cable £1403.99 use code TV100A - 5 Year guarantee at Currys
Made hot 23rd Jun 2017Made hot 23rd Jun 2017
LG OLED55C6V Smart 3D 4K HDR 55" Curved OLED TV + 2m HDMI Cable £1403.99 use code TV100A - 5 Year guarantee at Currys
**Use Code TV100A to reduce price by £100** 5 Year guarantee is included in this price Seems the code is working again and it works out slightly cheaper than before, after having… Read more
Get dealGet deal

back in stock but code now not working :(


Guy's. If you're serious about the oled? Stop window shopping and go and get either the c6 or b6. You will not be disappointed


F Yep.. RS


worried about screen burn with these OLEDS 😖


From personal experience, Currys are amazing and they accept it back if you are not happy.

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