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4K monitors enable movie fans to watch every gesture and every explosion in stunning clarity. They make TV shows more absorbing, nature documentaries more magical and allow gamers to lose themselves in incredibly realistic virtual worlds. Find the ideal display by shopping for the latest models at the HotUKDeals 4K Monitor listings. Read more
Acer EB490QK 48.5" 4K IPS Monitor £399.99 / £407.80 delivered @ eBuyer Deal of the Day
Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
A monitor creates a whole new kind of viewing experience. And at 48.5", going to the theater is a thing of the past. Think Big - 48.5" BigMatch your 4K resolution with 48.5… Read more

It's a monitor, as in a screen only, it doesn't have any internal tuners or smarts - it's for external inputs from bluray/streaming/consoles not intended to sit on a desk for word processing.


A decent discount. Thanks


Does it have 4:4:4 chroma sub sampling?


It's probably OK if you have a desk with at least 1m depth. Otherwise, on the desk of which I am sitting in front, you have to move your chair quite a bit, left to right, up and down...given that the knee hole gives you that much freedom.


Ha ha ha

LG 27UK650 4K IPS Monitor £324.56 at Amazon Spain
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Great price for this 4K IPS Monitor at Amazon.es. £324.56 delivered to UK if using Amazon conversion. Cheaper if you pay in Euros on a Fee Free Card. Cheapest that I have seen this… Read more

I received my monitor yesterday from Amazon.es. It is absolutely superb, it was extremely well packed and has no dead pixels. Once I had adjusted the settings it is great with Photoshop & Lightroom which I had been expecting to have problems with. I am very pleased with my purchase which is the first time I have risked buying such a large expensive item via this route, it was just as easy as using Amazon.co.uk and it only took 2 extra days than usual. I will definitely do it again!


600 also isn't fully HDR 10


I am using this for my Xbox one X. Awesome 4K monitor also with free sync.


No difference apart from the adjustable height stand which the 600 doesn't have. Deal is now over.


Does anyone know how this differs to the 27UK600? Hard to find any differences

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Acer-ET430 43" 4k Monitor at Ebay/Ebuyer for £335.64
Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
A 4k 43" monitor at its lowest price to date. Reviews are decent. There are 8 available at time of posting. Use code for the lower price.

Anybody comment of Ebuyer experience?


Should add more item to title.


I personally wouldn't even buy anything with reported image retention. In my experience I always get the bad units (lol) ;(


Just need to be aware of the possible image retention issue. Several reviews comment on it. Great price for a big monitor though!

Acer Predator  XB271HKbmiprz 27" IPS 4K monitor £549.99 @ Amazon
Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
Acer Predator XB271HKbmiprz monitor on Amazon. Reduced from £749.99 to £549.99 on prime.

So this is a good deal but you have mixed up the price and the monitor. There is two good deals. The 2560x1440 is 499 and a different spec monitor which you have described as 4k is 550


Whoops. I've amended the deal! You can tell its the first time I've posted a deal on here!


It's not 4K, it's 2560 x 1440 WQHD.

50% Discount on EVGA e-Store. 4K i7 GTX1080 32GB DDR4 Laptop £1100, X299 Z370 Motherboards, GPU+PSU's from £163, Sleeved Cable sets from £18
Posted 22nd MarPosted 22nd Mar
Unseen prices even on used EVGA laptops on ebay. Deal landed overnight, after dropping prices on PSU - GPU bundles, EVGA finally decided to pull the plug and discount top of the li… Read more
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Is it OOS? Can’t see an option to buy




I feel your pain. I almost bought the one with RU keyboard but sold out while I was messing with paypal payment ^^


I hate people who do this.. it makes getting a good deal on an item I want a lot harder...

Sharp LC-60UI9362K 60 inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV for £499 Delivered (5 Years Warranty) @ Costco (Membership required)
Posted 13th MarPosted 13th Mar
Membership Details Features Harman/Kardon speaker system Wireless connection with mobile devices 3 x HDMI 2.0 inputs, 3 x USB Ports The Sharp LC-60UI9362K Smart UHD p… Read more

Nice work scarecrow!


A bit of a update one of my Hisense tvs went down ahhh ( we have 3) no receipt although it was from argos on pay in 12months type of deal . Argos bent over backwards to provide a sales receipt but we could not prove which one it was for 3 hinsense 1 lg so I ring hisense and say it is over a year old but it is under your 2 year guarantee ? ahh but you did not register it in time ?. so I point out a manufacturer sticker which suggested it was assembled 18 months ago . In a nutshell they collected within 48 hours impeccable service fixed it and returned it and tested it in front of the Mrs and left me a fantastic tv box then Hisense rang and said they would offer another 2 years from dater of repair on my tv BLOODY FANTASTIC


What is the refresh rate and processor rate on these, any idea guys?? And is it a direct back-light or Edge lit screen??


£1000 for a tele. No way


Buy a expensive QLED and you will see the difference! Sharp used to be great.

Acer XV3 | XV273K 27" IPS 4K 144hz G-Sync Compatible HDR Monitor, extended warranty + potential 10% TCB £781.98 @ Acer
Posted 7th MarPosted 7th Mar
Just bought this for £780, which is around £120 cheaper than I've seen it. Acer has a number of discounts available on the store: 7% OFF When you spend up to ₤399.99 10% OFF … Read more

You could, but the picture would not look great. 1440p does not scale well on a 4K monitor.


I should also mention that this XV273K screen has Fantastic image quality, I have been running it next to my MSI GT 60 2QD laptop which has a 4k screen I loved since I first got it, yet next to this new screen it's colours look somewhat dull by comparison. I honestly did not expect the XV273K to be so noticeably better than other 4k screens even though it has a professional quality screen with delta E of <1. A good treat for the eyes :)


Mine arrived Wednesday morning and really liking it so far. ( I could not run it on a high quality looking braided HDMI cable I had at my folks place which works fine on various TV's and a projector. Annoyingly I could not even get the menus to work/display while it was connected - the PC image did occasionally flash up for about 1 second. Another cheap looking HDMI cable I tried worked perfectly from my laptop + the menu system then displayed as expected ) A word of warning, out of the box the default brightness is set to 80 which is ridiculously bright, TFT Central measured it as 440 cd/m2 lol Most monitors are not even capable of getting this bright when maxed out. Honestly not surprising so many complain about excessive IPS glow on this screen when default is set so overly bright and they do no realise it. I turned mine down to about 20 and is much less harsh on the eyes and very little IPS glow compared to my last LG 27UD68P 4K screen. This was terrible at it's max brightness which is much less than theXV273K's default 80 setting, though also quite acceptable when turned down to a sensible brightness level. Saying that my XV273K does have a small amount of extra glow 3/4 of the way up the right edge for several inches when viewing a black background. I did not notice this until I searched for it and it is not so bad really. ( Honestly, WHY do high end PC monitors suffer this when not one IPS panel TV has this issue I have personally used??? ) Looking forward to getting back to my gaming PC, currently visiting family and on my laptop, so I can test this screen out for some high fps gaming ^^


That’s right


That's a 1440p panel, there are no other 4k high refresh rate options at this price. Sure if you are after a 1440p 144hz panel there are a quite a few options now and the one you linked seems quite decent.

Daily Deal: Acer H277HK smipuz 27" 4K UHD LED Monitor with USB-C @ Ebuyer for £249.98
Posted 27th FebPosted 27th Feb
Daily Deal: Acer H277HK smipuz 27" 4K UHD LED Monitor with USB-C @ Ebuyer for £249.98
£249.98£30017%Ebuyer Deals
I've been using this monitor for a year. It's the best and cheapest 4K IPS monitor with USB Type C, which is a game changer for MacBook owner It's a daily deal, get it fast if you… Read more
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Now out of stock


Pretty awesome, mine died in a week though :(


Had my non HDR version a year and very happy with it. I don't play many games but when I have I don't see any issues playing at 4k. A bargain at the price.


When you see how much a 4k@120Hz+ is you'll understand why this is limited to 60Hz :)


Richard in Reading mentions this in his review (page 2) :- [/quote] Not really a bad point but I had to order a mini Displayport to Displayport lead to get the monitor to work at the 60 Hz refresh rate. It does work, and look gorgeous, using HDMI, but only at 30Hz, and although it's perfectly usable, it's much nicer at 60. The other more serious bad point is that the metal strip at the bottom of the monitor got almost too hit to touch, so it's at the Acer repair centre now for checking. They have been very good so far, though I can't wait to get it back. Working on my old 1080 22inch monitor feels practically medieval in comparison. [/unquote]

Samsung 32" 4K Monitor LU32J590UQUXEN Refurbished £220 ebay / techsave2006
Posted 26th FebPosted 26th Feb
Samsung 32" 4K Monitor LU32J590UQUXEN Refurbished £220 ebay / techsave2006
£220£32933%eBay Deals
OVERVIEW Great price for Grade A- 4 Available. Also worth noting this is a 10 Bit panel and it does support Freesync. The UJ59 with Ultra HD resolution has 4x the pixels of Fu… Read more
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Mine too. Perfect condition. Serious bargain


Mine came through today - thanks OP! No dead pixels that I could see.. seemed brand new but packaging opened.




Refurbished = spit and polish. Not going to remove the issues for which the monitor was returned (backlight bleed, dead pixels etc).


aaaaaand it's gone

Acer H277HK 4K IPS Monitor with Freesync / USB C / HDMI & DisplayPort - £299.99 delivered @ Ebuyer
Posted 25th FebPosted 25th Feb
Acer H277HK 4K IPS Monitor with Freesync / USB C / HDMI & DisplayPort - £299.99 delivered @ Ebuyer
£299.99£369.9919%Ebuyer Deals
Good offer at the mo on the 4K version of this, at around £50 more than the 1440p model of the same size. The price has been up and down on this for a while now and it's just hit £… Read more

Yep have had mine for nearly a year £250. Price fluctuates


Wasn't this £250 on ebuyer many, many moons ago? Or is Hot UK Deals giving me a heat stroke :{

Deal of the Day: LG 49UK6200PLA 49-Inch 4K UHD HDR Smart LED TV(2018 Model) - (55 inch for £449) FOR £349 Delivered @ Amazon UK
Posted 24th FebPosted 24th Feb
Deal of the Day: LG 49UK6200PLA 49-Inch 4K UHD HDR Smart LED TV(2018 Model) - (55 inch for £449) FOR £349 Delivered @ Amazon UK
£349£54936%Amazon Deals
LG 55UK6200PLA 55-Inch Control this product with your voice through selected Alexa devices. Latest Ultra HD innovation is built into a distinctive IPS 4K panel… Read more

Interesting. Doesn't have the "Ultra HD" Icon but describes itself as "Ultra HD".


Cracking price. Been running this for a while now and just replaced with the LG 65 OLED. However this 49 LG has been moved to another room, cracking price! Great TV regardless of people moaning whether true 4k or not.... can't fault it, great picture, awesome with Xbox One X, for this price you can't go wrong.


Get what you pay for. Cheap n cheerful.


Nice... How's it stack up with the competition?

25% off TV brackets @ Richer Sounds
Posted 21st FebPosted 21st Feb
25% off TV brackets @ Richer Sounds
K25Get code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
Get 25% off all TV brackets at Richer Sounds at checkout with this offer code!!!
Read More
Acer ET322QKwmiipx 32" 4K UHD Monitor @eBay.co.uk via ebuyer seller £239.89
Posted 21st FebPosted 21st Feb
Acer ET322QKwmiipx 32" 4K UHD Monitor @eBay.co.uk via ebuyer seller £239.89
£239.89£249.984%eBay Deals
Update: Weird thing!.. Just looked on eBay and the seller eBuyer is also selling this for £266.554 but you have the discount code TECH10 you can use to reduce the price down to und… Read more

Yup, in custom resolution is where I overclock it within the nVidia control panel...


Thanks I'll give it a try, any link where I can read how to do this? Or is it just setting custom resolution and refresh rate in nvidia panel?


Yup, however, I feel the compatibility isn't 100% in games as even when I set the game settings to fit within the vfr range I still can see some taring/input lag, but the function does work and better without it on, so yeah, loving mine alot especially at the value I got it at!.. :D


Do you still have freesync enabled while you overclock? The black screen seems to be something to do with the application taking control of either resolution or refresh rate, as moving to another input device the screen works.


Hmm, strange, you can be one of the minority of defective models I guess... I have mine running @64Hz however from time to time I have to knock it down to 63Hz when the monitor decides to have a scranny but this is pretty rare nowadays!.. If you haven't, I suggest a return and replace/refund.

BenQ EW3270U 32" 4K HDR FreeSync 4ms (VA Panel) (+NVIDIA FreeSync) - £339.04 @ Amazon Italy
Posted 18th FebPosted 18th Feb
BenQ EW3270U 32" 4K HDR FreeSync 4ms (VA Panel) (+NVIDIA FreeSync) - £339.04 @ Amazon Italy
£339.04£385.6612%Amazon Italy Deals
Found this on Amazon Italy for 379.99 euros (currently reduced to £385.66 on Amazon UK) plus 13.71 euros to deliver to UK but when you click through the total price is 387.47 euros… Read more
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:/ you do know this is 4K


60Hz.... Should be illegal by now..... Massive COLD


I have a Samsung ( va panel ) and same issue but managed to sort it adjusting gamma and brightness.


I have this monitor - bought for £469 just last year. I have to warn you that although it is HDR it is a very dim screen. I tried playing games like the Witcher 3 on my Xbox One X and watching 4K movies and it just isn't bright enough.


We are just about still in the EU so there should be no import duties

Sharp LC-70UI9362K 70 inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV (5 years warranty) £899.99 from 18/02/2019 Delivered @ Costco
Refreshed 18th FebRefreshed 18th Feb
Will be £899.99 from 18/02/2019 Just received an email about this offer. Membership Details Product Details The Sharp LC-70UI9362K Smart UHD provides a wide range of c… Read more

google cache is your friend as to who edited/posted deal first


From what I can decipher, which isn’t much, it’s almost like you’re making threats over a tv deal (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


I have one in bedroom and I hate the speakers, cheap tat .


Don’t take the p mate if I choose too I can make your deals look awful - I saw this comment last night but now your deal will get seen less am saying what I’m saying. Just because you’ve been chosen - doesn’t make you special - you’ll do good to remember that.


Prefer the LG 70" for £100 more

Samsung 32" UJ590 4k UHD QLED Monitor (VA Panel) £331.55 @ Amazon
Posted 14th FebPosted 14th Feb
Samsung 32" UJ590 4k UHD QLED Monitor (VA Panel) £331.55 @ Amazon
£331.55£409.9919%Amazon Deals
I've been on the lookout for a large 4k monitor and this one seems quite reasonably priced with decent specs. Features include: 3840 x 2160 resolution (4k UHD) 60Hz Flicker Free E… Read more
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Humm. Been looking at TVs (for Xbox one x ) but to get true 10 bit costs a lot more than this. having colour changes as stated above may be a deal killer because also wanted Photoshop use.


pity it doesn't seem to support HDR


Can't you go into settings and just turn the sleep timer off? (cheeky)


I got this at 380 a while back. Use it for work, PS4 pro, Xbox and TV. Picture is second to none If you're Infront of it. Biggest issue I find is trying to switch through sources, it's a right pain at times and the settings are a bit fiddly.


I’m using one from the recent Samsung/Wuntu promo. I’d buy it again. Decent screen for anyone who needs real estate. At a normal sitting distance, colours around the edges are different to the middle, but that’s fine for my use. Some bright spark made it pop up a “turning off in 60 seconds” thing every 6 hours or so. That’s a pain.

Philips 50PUS6703/12 50 Inch 4K UHD SMART (5 years Warranty)  Ambilight TV for £399.99 (65 Inch for £769.99) Delivered @ Costco
Posted 8th FebPosted 8th Feb
Membership Details Costco Membership Required Features - 50" UHD LED screen, perfect for everyday viewing - x3 HDMI - connect your consoles, set top boxes and bluray player … Read more

I have it in HDMI 3 MHL. It's still not working... :( I think it may be the AMD drivers. Might give up on it soon


4k 60Hz only enabled on HDMI3 as per instruction booklet ;)


Has anyone got this working as a PC Monitor with 4k 60hz? I can only get 4k 30hz... having a lot of trouble getting it working...


Yes. Anyone can confirm if they are ok?


They also sell sex toys! :D

electriQ 32" IPS 4K UHD Monitor for £260 @ Laptops Direct
Posted 18th JanPosted 18th Jan
electriQ 32" IPS 4K UHD Monitor for £260 @ Laptops Direct
Price looks ok when someone is on a budget. Resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160) Aspect ratio: 16:9 Contrast ratio: 3000:1 Refresh rate: 60Hz Response time: 12MS Power consumption: … Read more

I'm looking for a basic gaming 4k monitor, is this a bad choice?


Monitor is really nice, its like I can see again. as in I can fit loads on the screen when editing Loads better than my previous lg ips. Shame laptops direct sent me an open box with faulty pixels.


It's an IPS panel. I believe the response time is listed as 12ms but ghosting is minimal at worst and the colour and viewing angles are very good. Of course who knows how long it will last, but it's not bad for the price as a 2nd or 3rd monitor. It does frequently drop to this price or £255 though. It it drops under £230 I'll be buying another. A TV would no doubt be better and cheaper for a console though.


I imagine this will be a TN panel (can't see it on the spec) with a slow response time of 12ms. So expect a bit of ghosting and poor viewing angles. It is still a 4k 32" for £260 so as the OP said, it's a budget / entry level. If buying for a game console, you may be better off getting one of the entry level TV's LG's or similar. I got a 4k 43" IPS screen so the response time is pretty good with great colours and lack of ghosting - I got that for £250 but seen it floating under £300 before. The bigger size might not be ideal of course.

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