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55 inch TVs are perfect for shoppers looking for a fantastic viewing experience, without having to sacrifice a whole wall, or an entire pay cheque, to a new TV. 55 inch TVs come in a variety of specifications and shoppers can choose from top brands, like Samsung or Sony, who offer a range of 4K displays, Smart TVs, LED or OLED TVs. Shoppers can find the best deals and most recent discount codes for their 55 inch TVs on hotukdeals.

LG 55UK7550PLA LED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 55", 5 Year Cover Freeview Play/Freesat HD Crescent Stand, Silver £474 eBay / cramptonandmoore
27/06/2019Expires on 27/06/2019Posted 4 h, 18 m agoPosted 4 h, 18 m ago
Use code PURE20 to save £75 Step into the colour brilliance of 4K HDR with LG's stunning flagship model UK7550. 4K UHD resolution combines with Active HDR for visuals that will bl… Read more

Same tv https://www.johnlewis.com/lg-55uk7550pla-led-hdr-4k-ultra-hd-smart-tv-55-with-freeview-play-freesat-hd-crescent-stand-ultra-hd-certified-silver/p3501555

Hisense H55U7BUK ULED HDR (2019) 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 55" with Freeview Play, Black/Silver £574 ebay /  hughesdirect
27/06/2019Expires on 27/06/2019Posted 4 h, 43 m agoPosted 4 h, 43 m ago
Use code PURE20 to save £75 The 2019 55 H55U7BUK Hisense 4K resolution ULED Ultra HD (UHD) TV offers a TV experience like never before. Hisense ULED is the next generation of Ultr… Read more

IT is the same TV at John Lewis, but John Lewis price is £699.95. I know you get a 5 year Guarantee with JL but is it worth the difference in price to this deal ? Hisense H55U7BUK ULED HDR (2019) 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 55" with Freeview Play, Black/Silver £574 ebay / hughesdirect£574eBay Deals


Same tv john lewis https://www.johnlewis.com/hisense-h55u7buk-uled-hdr-4k-ultra-hd-smart-tv-55-with-freeview-play-black-silver/p4083358

LG 55SK8000PLB Super UHD 55 Inch 4K Super UHD A+ Smart LED TV 4 HDMI @ Ebay/AO (With Code)
27/06/2019Expires on 27/06/2019Posted 17 h, 20 m agoPosted 17 h, 20 m ago
LG 55SK8000PLB Super UHD 55 Inch 4K Super UHD A+ Smart LED TV 4 HDMI

I'm trying to find the 49, heat for 55

Hisense H55U7AUK U7A 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD A Smart LED TV 4 HDMI - £474 at AO eBay
27/06/2019Expires on 27/06/2019Posted 19 h, 3 m agoPosted 19 h, 3 m ago
Looks to be around £20~ more than the lowest I could see after a quick search, but is a TV that keeps getting recommended everywhere I look. Might be time to finally make the purch… Read more

I highly recommend buying this if it's still available - I just purchased one today. 1. This TV is the best in this price range (and still is even for a couple of price points above it). Lots of very good reviews on avforums and other places. 2. This is biting price - the lowest it's been and probably as low as it will get.


Mine had an OTA software update recently which is unusual for Hisense by all accounts. They usually take an "if it ain't broken, don't fix it" which is fair enough. Not sure what's changed apart from a new splash screen so I need to check AVForums. Someone will know.


Sick of pure20 deals we get it 20% on ebay e


Thanks.... Damn now I want one! The Hisense TVs seem to be reviewed really well across the board.


Yes 2 of them do

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LG OLED55C8PLA 55" 4K OLED TV £1124 with code @ Crampton&Moore ebay
27/06/2019Expires on 27/06/2019Posted 20 h, 54 m agoPosted 20 h, 54 m ago
Perfect blacks and brilliant contrast with OLED panel - Stunning picture powered by LG's a9 Intelligent Processor - 4K HDR brings improved contrast and colours for brilliant en… Read more

Maybe they aren't bothering with this one. Glad I got the 5 year one (y)


I bought this last week from C&M/eBay during the £100 off deal. The 5 year warranty is clearly itemised on the invoice they sent so this comment doesn’t seem correct to me...


No 5 years warranty, I've given the store a call. The 5 years warranty only applies when buying from the store directly.

Toshiba 55X9863DB 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV 4 HDMI £724 with code @ AO Ebay
27/06/2019Expires on 27/06/2019Posted 21 h, 27 m agoPosted 21 h, 27 m ago
4K Ultra HD Certified with Dolby Vision Picture quality: 100 Hz Catch-up TV & 4K Streaming Freeview HD with Freeview Play HDMI 2.0 x 4

OLEDs create perfect black if the panel pixel voltage can be taken down to 0 volts. You can make an OLED panel show grey instead of black by increasing brightness setting of the panel. You'll find a number of people moaning about black levels on older LGs when firmware updates have changed something.


I was under the impression OLEds create the perfect blacks by simply switching off, so surely it's harder not to be black than it is to be grey :/ . I'm no expert tho, happy to be corrected... Still tempted (lol)


The blacks are fine on it, I haven't seen any banding or blocking near black or in grey tones, I don't really have any banding, none that can be seen on actual content. Wherever that review is from either had really bad settings or a broken panel perhaps or maybe not even reviewed the actual TV. I don't think anyone has a problem with the black level on the TV.


Always nice to hear from an actual owner wayne, better than the scaremongers. As an owner, if you turn off all the crappy processing settings, are you able to achieve perfect black?


It's the bit saying blacks are not achievable, can deal with the rest but don't see the point of an OLED if you get anything other than black!

Samsung UE55NU7300 55" Curved Ultra HD certified HDR10+ Smart 4K TV for £374 delivered @ Crampton & Moore eBay
27/06/2019Expires on 27/06/2019Posted 23 h, 38 m agoPosted 23 h, 38 m ago
I see quite a few people have already purchased this TV this morning :) I'm not one of them for the record although I think the price is good. Use code PURE20 at checkout … Read more

It can, if you're a tellytubby.


Buy a fire stick for 30 quid. Problem solved.


Please be aware of the big problem that affects all Samsung NU7000 series Smart TV'S. As they've cut costs and put in only 1gb of storage, of which 100mb is usable. After only a few months when the Samsung apps need to update it'll ask you to free up over 100mb more space, which you cannot as the default apps cannot be removed. Meaning all your apps will be outdated and you eventually will have no space for new apps. This has happened to me after only half a year. I love my 65" NU7400, but this problem means it will not work properly as a smart TV. Take a look at this huge thread for details, like many others I'm fighting to get a replacement /refund: https://eu.community.samsung.com/t5/TV/Apps-storage-space-issue/td-p/808085


That's not true. It's perfect if you live in a lighthouse.


Is it because it can't be wall mounted?

Philips TV 55PUS6753 6753 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD with Ambilight A+ Smart LED TV 3 HDMI - £354 delivered @ AO eBay
Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
Use code PURE20 at checkout Key Features 4K Ultra HD - Stunning sharpness, crystal clarity HDR10 fills images with vivid and lifelike colour Smart TV - stream boxsets &… Read more



Keeps getting cheaper! I'm honestly not sure, I think it depends on what you want to use it for. I researched between both sets for ages and in the end went with the cheaper one as : A) I'd be turning off motion processing as personally, I can't stand how it makes things look speeded up. For other people, yes I would agree with your suggestion as the 6703/6753 suffer with motion judder unless you put it in Monitor mode (which I have done). B) The Android TV implementation doesn't support refresh rate switching. Depending on the content you're using, it's a dealbreaker for me as I'd still have to keep the Fire TV plugged in.




HOT, It's worth paying the extra £100 for the android version with much better P5 processing engine.


Wow very cheap !!!! Is that bezel cheap & plasticky?

Toshiba 55U5863DB 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD A+ Smart LED TV 3 HDMI for £263.20 delivered @ AO eBay
27/06/2019Expires on 27/06/2019Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
Just need to use code PURE20 at checkout to get this price with free delivery (y) Key Features 4K Ultra HD with upscaling - incredible picture quality Dynamic Dolby Vis… Read more

Ordered for the bar (lol)


Ordered one of these and roku 4k stick from ebay. Roku will take over the smart TV job so I don't have to worry about Tv's slow & stuttering smart TV functionality. Total cost £311


This must be better than the linsar one posted recently, am I right?


I got one of these really pleased with it but it is a bit thick compared to others


Gets decent reviews, ordered :-)

Samasung HDR Smart 4K TV, 55", 3840 x 2160 Pixel, Glossy Black sold by Electrical Discount UK and Fulfilled by Amazon £394.70
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
This is my first deal! I found on Amazon this beautiful Samsung HDR Smart 4K TV, 55", 3840 x 2160 Pixel, Glossy Black 44% of RRP.

Please be aware of the big problem that affects all Samsung NU7000 series Smart TV'S. As they've cut costs and put in only 1gb of storage, of which 100mb is usable. After only a few months when the Samsung apps need to update it'll ask you to free up over 100mb more space, which you cannot as the default apps cannot be removed. Meaning all your apps will be outdated and you eventually will have no space for new apps. This has happened to me after only half a year. I love my 65" NU7400, but this problem means it will not work properly as a smart TV. Take a look at this huge thread for details, like many others I'm fighting to get a replacement /refund: https://eu.community.samsung.com/t5/TV/Apps-storage-space-issue/td-p/808085


Call me old fashioned but would rather have hdmis on the tv or even better in a external box rather than a switch box thats it and miss half the time or is that just me


Why have loads of unsightly cables coming out your TV when you can use an auto switching box hidden away!


What is it with the new TVs these days only having 2 or 3 hdml ports I could do with 6 quite easily should be more not less


Op must be Italian

Philips 55PUS7803/12 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Android Smart TV with HDR Plus and 3-sided Ambilight - Light Silver (2018 Model) - £603.49 @ Amazon
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
I’ve just ordered one to replace my JL9000, Looks like a good deal to me and thought I’d share. Ultra Slim 4K UHD LED Android TV with Ambilight"An elegant design with authentic ma… Read more

Very helpful, thank you @ghow007


Bought the 7303 65” in a deal last Christmas with Amazon for £749. Its a nice set, and I agree that ambilight is great. Have combined it with a couple of Hue Go lights either side to light up the whole wall in tune with what’s displayed on the tv which looks awesome. Remote could do with backlighting or symbols on keys in white rather than grey which makes them difficult to see in low light. Also I wish it had all the catch-up channels rather than just iPlayer built in, but I often use mine with Apple TV. 4K pictures are fantastic, sound is above average for a flat screen as it’s a slightly thicker to incorporate the ambilight allowing for better speakers, but I find SD pictures truly woeful (probably the same as most 4K sets). Would upgrade to the 65OLED804 when it’s out and drops significantly in price for the OLED picture quality and to keep the great ambilight, as I think it’s unbeatable as a combination.


@andysmoore The 7383 on AO for £529 is compatible with Dolby Atmos.


What is the sound like from this TV?


Only difference I can see is in the sound specs. The 7303 has DTS Studio Sound and DTS TruSurround. The 7383 doesn’t have these options listed but has something called “Clear Sound”. Other than that the only other difference is the colour of the frame. The 7303 is a dark grey. The 7383 is a light grey. Reviews seem worse for the 7303. Which is odd as they appear to be almost identical.

Linsar 4K Ultra HD LED TV + 5 Year Warranty - 50UHD520 50'' £199 / 55UHD520 55'' £299 / 65UHD520 65'' £399 Delivered @ RGB Direct
Posted 21st JunPosted 21st Jun
*UPDATE* The 50” model is now £229 The 55” and 65” models come with a free 4K Roku streaming stick worth £50! FREE 5 Year Warranty via Customer Registration at linsar.com/regi… Read more

This should help you out. (y)


John Lewis agreed to price match with me for the 65". John Lewis also advertise 5 year warranty although I'm not sure if that's all John Lewis or manufacturer


John Lewis agreed to price match..


Yes I know but I didn't see an option of Paypal when I was checking out initially.


Yes. I have that showing on my account. Tried that let's see what happens now. I have also submitted a price request to JOHN Leiws. Thanks

LG OLED55C8PLA 55" OLED TV C8 from Crampton & Moore - £1199 including delivery and 5 year protection plan
Posted 21st JunPosted 21st Jun
LG OLED55C8P 55" OLED TV C8 Listen. Think. Answer. Check a new way of watching TV Perfect Colour on Perfect Black OLED pixels create an astonishingly accurate and wide colour ran… Read more
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all of this supported by HDMI 2.0b (highfive) there's always going to be better TV, you'll never buy one if you wait every year all the best (y)


Also from insiders next generation consoles I’ll be able to do 120fps @ 1080. And 4K @ 60 with high settings all for an affordable price consoles have come along way


Mate you’re taking about a pc tho... and hooking it to the oled I’m taking about consoles which next generation will be hdmi 2.1 by default and you’ll need a tv capable of having hdmi 2.1 spec to provide all the new benefits which are VRR,120FPS,EARC, etc... I can count on my hand how any pc gamers actually use an oled for gaming? never heard of it tbh it’s always a monitor with 1ms response time not a tv.


rubbish mate, please don't spread false info... This TV has HDMI 2.0b I play Assassin's creed Odyssey at 1080p, HDR, 120Hz, I can switch to 4K,HDR, 60Hz, but GPU is not powerful enough :( When I upgrade to Nvidia 2080 I'll play at 1440p HDR, 120Hz. (You need a high quality cable! to do the above) To play games at 4K, HDR, 120Hz, YES you need HDMI 2.1, but you also need Titan RTX to get above 60 fps. Unfortunately you will get nowhere near 100fps. We are at least 4 years away from Affordable GPUs that would do 100fps on Ultra.



Samsung UE55RU7400 HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 55" £599 @ John Lewis & Partners including 5 year guarantee
Posted 21st JunPosted 21st Jun
Samsung's new Series 7 55" Ultra HD 4K TV now £599.00 at John Lewis including 5 year guarantee and free delivery. Has been reduced to the same price at AO.com (now back to £699) … Read more

Available now from Crampton & Moore Ebay store for £514 delivered using 20% off Ebay code until June 27th

LG OLED55C8PLA 55" 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart OLED TV with 5 year warranty  £1199.99 @ PRC Direct
Posted 20th JunPosted 20th Jun
Usually between £1300-£1400 for this model so thought this was a good price Same price at Peter Tyson and you can probably do the usual price beat with richer sounds to knock anot… Read more

Same here. I want the 65 inch but its pricey now


Dropping like a stone. Great price.Paid £1319 about 2 months ago at RS. Fantastic tv.


Ah, right. Cheers. I know I bought the E7 from a HUKD Black Friday deal in 2017 and the "magic" remote was a different one from the then "lower" models. Debatable whether picture on glass and soundbar is worth extra £200.


The remotes I believe are the same (the E7 upwards had a different design in last years ranges) so it's just the picture on glass and soundbar that are the differences.


OLED55E8P for £1,399 at various incl Crampton & Moore. Not sure what extra you get - believe it's built in sound bar, picture on glass and "magic" remote?

Samsung UE55RU8000 55 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV with Apple TV app - £674.10 @ Crampton & Moore Ebay
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Use code PRICEWIN to save 10% Samsung UE55RU8000 2019 Enjoy the best of UHD 4K, with the true colour of the Samsung UE55RU8000. True 4K colour & clarity Don't settle for any… Read more

Don't forget TCB, wish my Sony Smart Android tv would break, I'd be ordering this immediately. Heat


Could you use ebay code with this? Its valid until tonight I believe for extra 10% off?


Good deal! Heat! Need to upgrade to model with Apple TV, but no one seems to interest in buying my 40”




Posted this TV last week £799 AO.com and now £799 at Richer sounds https://www.richersounds.com/samsung-ue55ru8000.html

Samsung 55 inch 2019 4K HDR TV UE55RU7400 - £540.10 with code at AO/ebay
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
Posted direct from AO the other day for 699 with 100 Samsung cash back. Their eBay store now has this for £599, less the 10% discount. So tempted

thats a 50 inch not a 55 inch


Back to 579. There are two listings https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F303115794194


The listing was reduced to 579 before discount for a short while. Back to 599 now


How do you get the extra £20 off before discount? Shows as £539.10 for me??


sorry can`t find a 55" direct lit LED or OLED for £520 but i did find THIS: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/hisense-h58ae6100uk-58-smart-4k-ultra-hd-hdr-led-tv-currys-for-35910-with-code-delivered-at-ebaycurrys-3246860


How do you know it's better, though? What are your qualifications to give this recommendation? Have you reviewed them side by side? Have you actually ever owned a Philips TV? is probably the burning question...


I bought this TV 4 weeks ago and have been very impressed so far. Considered many others strictly under £400 price point and it came down to this or the A6200 from Hisense. In the end ambilight swung me toward this, thought it would be a gimmick but it's great. Watching volcanic eruptions in Planet Earth II shoot off the top of the screen into your peripheral vision area is cool. Netflix 4K HDR looks good, not like the QLEDs or OLEDs obviously but you can still appreciate the difference. Runs really well on my Xbox One, the green halo around FIFA is a good effect. One note without game mode enabled it was laggy. Sound is ok, but better supplemented with a sound bar. Motion handling of sky sports through a sky q mini box is also good, really enjoyed watching some of the recent international football in our little snug away from the wife and kids watching BGT in the other room. I have a Samsung MU6400, albeit slightly smaller, and the Philips is definitely a better TV by some day stance in my opinion.


I'd personally go for the Samsung - a better TV, not paying for the light show.


It's a good buy at £386, nothing wrong with them if cheap enough mate.


Get a projector mate

LG OLED55C8 55" 4K UHD TV - £1,199 at Peter Tyson Audio Visual
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
I was very tempted to buy this earlier in the week with the £1,279 Richer Sounds deal but I've just come across an even better deal today with Peter Tyson. It doesn't require a cod… Read more
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https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LG-OLED55C8P-55-OLED-TV-C8-5-Year-Cover-Free-Delivery-/303157023788 That's the C8 Crampton url. Perhaps add it to basket, add the discount code, then screenshot it, and email RS with the details (Crampton, 5 year warranty, discount code validity).


ho do i quote this site or ebays?


If you bought from RS, follow Type_R's advice above. RS will beat a competitor's price up to 7 days after purchase. You'd have to do it by end of Saturday, though, as the eBay 10% code for the Crampton model expires.


I’m within my 7 days or price beat will see if RC refund me the difference!


Are you from Lancashire, if not that'll be the reason (y)

LG 55UK6750PLD55 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV AI ThinQ- 6 year guarantee £404 @ RicherSounds
Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
Great specs and low price, excellent reviews for a budget 55in tv that uses alexa One of the smartest TVs in its class, and with a picture that impresses just as much, the LG 55UK… Read more

Got mine from reading store over the phone.. they don't have in stock so will be delivery.. may be worth a call to them?


Can't get this price at Preston


They just honoured the £404 for me


Makes me happier i went in early


Price has gone up to £449 before voucher, £424 after voucher.

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