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For the best home theatre atmosphere, having the right TV is key! 65-inch TVs are perfect for a home cinema set up, and there is a huge variety of 65-inch TVs to choose from. Top brands like Samsung and Sony, offer a wide range of LED or OLED screens, as well as 4K displays and Smart TVs. At hotukdeals, shoppers can regularly find the best deals and most recent discount codes to save on their 65 inch TVs.

Philips 65PUS7303/12 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Android Smart TV with HDR Plus and Ambilight 3-sided - Dark Silver (2018 Model) £809 @ Amazon
29/04/2019Expires on 29/04/2019Found 22nd AprFound 22nd Apr
Decent discount for the 7000 series Phillips ambilight. 3 sided ambilight. This Philips 65 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV comes with Android smart TV and the Philips P5 picture processing en… Read more
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Because its got some flashing leds on it lol (shock) To be fair Phillips electronics are not bad but an led telly is an led telly they are all a crap design - edge lit are the worst. They all suffer from the same problem - users who are unaware of backlight problems and just stick the backlight on 100% and run it for over 6hrs+ a day - thats the recipe for premature led telly failure. Its actually a disgraceful scandal, the number of led tellies i saw at the local dump around 15 last time i was there and about 90% of them could be fixed by a 25p led. The problem is the manufacturers tried to save money by wiring the leds inside the tellies in series so if one goes they all go in one strip or worse case in all 3-4 strips - If they just spent more money and designed the tv's better the circuit would be wired in parallel and your telly would keep working and you probably wouldnt even notice the loss of one led - once that single led goes the screen goes blank and but you still hear the sound - thats generally what happens. LG tellies have a bad rep amongst repair guys ever since their stupid BGA XD. chip kept melting due to the heat buildup in the telly and the bad circuit design of their plasmas Xsus boards, ysus boards and all they needed to do was put a heatsink and a fan on the chips so they have gone steadily downhill. :{


Go OLED or go really cheap...until OLED is cheaper.


Got this one for 650 a few months back on amazon. Great display for most 4k content but the colours/display is a pain to tweak and get good colour accuracy.


If u want a cheaper 65 inch light up Phillips TV with 6 year warranty £749 https://www.richersounds.com/philips-65pus6703.html


A black rectangle over a manufacture date? (lol) (lol) (lol) This can be replicated by anyone! This actually confirms my theory that most or all the brand names are simply a rebadged cheapo. Cello the UK TV manufacturer actually design and assemble their own TVs which are of very high quality. Personally, I would buy Cello over a Sammy or Sony as I know it is coming from a reliable and trustworthy UK manufacturer and a product manufactured and built in the UK with the highest quality materials.

Toshiba 65U5863DB 65 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV - £499 @ ao eBay store with code PRO10
Found 22nd AprFound 22nd Apr
A 65" 4k TV for sub £500! Specifications Toshiba 65U5863DB SpecificationsProduct DetailDimensions:86.9cm(H) 25.5cm(W) 145.9cm(D)Energy Rating:A+Manufacturer Warranty:1 YearRemote … Read more

I bought a Toshiba 55inch 4k TV last year. The TV was ok, quite dull screen with colours not very vibrant. I ended up selling it recently and went for a Samsung 65inch! The quality, picture and user experience is so much better - I would always pay a little extra for the better brands from now on 👌


YIP! (horror) :{


Vestel? :{


I used to have nits but i got rid of em with some bleach and warm water. Just a thought! (shock) (cheeky)


I don't actually mind Toshiba - my Mum's old TV was well over 10 years old when we replaced it and nothing was wrong with it at all. She has another one now and seems to like it.

Sony Bravia KD65XF8505 LED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart Android TV, 65" with Freeview HD & Youview, Black £899.98 @ Costco ( 5 year warranty )
Found 21st AprFound 21st Apr
As above. Good price for this 65” TV - currently £1049.00 @ John Lewis In store from tomorrow 22/4 Thrill at the colour-soaked clarity and breathtaking visuals of Sony’s XF85. … Read more
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I was really keen on the xf90 too but they didn't have it in 43" which I needed for the particular room and the stand had feet that were too far apart for the tv unit. Don't know why they don't offer more customisation in that regard but I think you made the right choice with the xf90! That's a VA right?


Also been reading up on this, having been in the market for a new TV. Basically, the black levels are heavily dependent on which type of screen panel the TV uses. However, it's not publicised by the TV manufacturers whether a TV uses a VA panel (better contrast) or IPS panel (worse contrast), so it's left for the technical websites and general public to work it out. I looked into the Sony XF85 and XF87 series before deciding on the XF90, and what I read is that the panel type used (and therefore the contrast levels) vary depending on the size of the TV. I also read that in general across all brands, it's common for 43'' screens to use a IPS panel type. Have a look on avforums.com for more detail on this, but bear in mind there's also a lot of picky users on there!


Voted hot but Proceed with caution: https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnarcher/2018/05/23/sony-x850f-tv-review-fatally-flawed/#6e7e40a174f6


I read a lot about this and for various reasons ended up getting the model below (43 xf8096) and the black levels are ok to me. Not great but not as bad as the 8505 reviews made out. So I'm trying to figure out if the 8086 has the better panel for this or if they are the same. Also was expecting bad things from the inbuilt Android TV but it's been relatively speedy. It's not an issue for me as I used an Nvidia Shield for everything but it's ok and I haven't even upgraded to Oreo (on the Sony) which should theoretically improve things even more.


I have the 55" version of this bought for £599. Black levels really aren't good. Not sure on the term but there is a lot of light bleed particularly visible on the Netflix startup screen where the image is predominantly black. A positive for me though is Android which has enabled me to sideload several apps.

Toshiba 65U6863DB LED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 65" £549 @ John Lewis & Partners
Found 21st AprFound 21st Apr
Toshiba 65U6863DB LED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 65” with Freeview HD & Freeview Play, Black Product code: 82463002 Toshiba’s 65U6863DB is a feature-packed smart TV with stunn… Read more
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Research of TV model.


Rebadged maybe?


Don't know what happening with my LG TV (2016 model) as apps Amazon Prime Video, TalkTalk & Now TV don't work. I even joined Now TV through the TV app, then it would not play any video; you can see all the media, buy films but then cannot view your purchase. crazy


Nah, they're all TV Vision now. They might have used Vestel in the past.


Philips are made by TP Vision. High quality stuff usually.

Ginormous mahoosively big LG 65UK6300PLB UHD 65 inch 4k UltraHD TV for £549 AO on eBay  Use code PRO10 to get this price.
Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
A premium brand LG 65 inch TV at budget brand price. A new depth of detail. ULTRA HD 4K resolution is four times that of Full HD producing brilliant clarity and vivid details that … Read more

I so mashoovly agree.


There is no “stupid words” in the title (lol) (lol) (lol)


What's the warranty on this 1 please?


This seems to be the cheapest 65" around. Does this have voice control as really want that. So fed up having to use 3 different remotes every time I turn the TV on.


'your' (lol)

Samsung 65 inch Qled Q7FNA £1199 instore @ RGB Direct Illford with Free BLURAY player UBD-M7500
LocalLocalFound 17th AprFound 17th Apr
Just bought the Samsung 65 inch qled 7series with free Bluray UBD-7500 @ RGB ILLFORD . Brand new with 5 years warranty and 10 years image burn by Samsung.Online is 1499 but in stor… Read more

Yeah this Would be great if possible


Hi, thank you for sending this through. Is there anyway you can show me the full receipt blanking out any personal details will try a price match with John Lewis. Thank you!!


That's only in instore



Or instore picture of proce

LG 65UK6300PLB 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV at Hughes for £564
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
Immerse yourself in a world of entertainment with the LG 65UK6300PLB 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV . Featuring 4K HDR technology, the TV expands the colour and contrast ratio, … Read more

Not a lot from the technical point of view. There may (or may not) be cosmetic differences to the external appearance (certainly a different stand) but as to technical specifications the LG Comparison page shows the 6470: 1. as having Wide Colour Gamut (better colour range - Google it!) 2. as 1.1 (kg?) heavier (but only because of the stand) 3. and 56mm deeper - front to back (again, only because of the stand)


I have an old lg 4 years old no problems at all!


😏 That's a deal breaker for me unfortunately.


I think 1 year


Cheers. What's the warranty on this 1?

Samsung 65 inch QLED TV,  QE65Q6FN  £919 with code TV80, Free 6 year warranty at Richer Sounds
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
Already reduced today to match a Currys Easter Mega deal at £999. There is also an £80 discount voucher to enter at checkout TV80 (ignore the TV30) making a seriously cheap barga… Read more

The things I like on the NU8000 is the black top and side bezels and the centre TV stand but for this price, I'm happy with it.


thanks for spotting that. just did same, telesales guy said "oh i've done a match with this offer today already". iF I don't buy now I'll only obsess for weeks on end. Missed out on NU8000 for a bit more than this and this could be deemed the better of the two depending on what you want so good deal in my eyes (party) I dont have a tv stand to put it on when it arrives mind....... lol


I have rang RS again and they priced matched Crampton and Moore eBay listing of £999 and with the eBay maximum discount of £50 and their £10 off price beat, making it £939 so I have placed an order.


I'm pretty sure that Richer Sounds would normally refund you the difference if you find a cheaper price within 7 days of ordering from them as long as the cheaper supplier offered a 5 year warranty and had stock.


I did try to pull trigger but only once the football had finished. Offer gone by then though. ;( . Visited curry's just to check the TV in action pre football and was abit underwhelmed but very few looked that impressive picture wise. Still think this is the TV for me n budget but I need a new TV stand so all about the price. Technically the price was a mistake yesterday so it won't reach 919 again ;(

LG OLED65C8PLA 65" OLED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV £1,969.99 Via Price Match @ John Lewis & Partners
Found 15th AprFound 15th Apr
Request JL to pricematch District Electricals who have got fresh stock this morning at £1969.99. https://www.districtelectricals.co.uk/lg-oled65c8pla-65-inch-4k-hdr-ultra-hd-sma… Read more
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I guess time will tell! That was my own justification to buy the tv now rather than later! Will be a bit gutted if the price drops to £1,700 next week though. But.... I think that's unlikely. To add, JL only price matched to £1999 for me (the District Electricals price plus postage).


Thanks alexc100, you could be right but they have been selling the 2017 B7 models still haven’t they? if they could sell it for 1700 months ago, I’m sure it can still come down, it has been this price for ages.


I’ve just gone for the current model at this price. The impending release of the new model is likely to be reflected in current prices. With the new model coming out so soon I reckon current model will be limited stock within weeks. By that point you’ll only have one option: new model at £3k+


I’m not sure if 2.1 is worth the wait? I don’t have an Xbox or 4K blu Ray player. I’m stream all my content so having a HDMI 2.1 socket isn’t going to improve my TV viewing.


Ooh thanks for that, just reading up on it now, bugger I was looking at getting the 2018 LG C8 or the Panny when the prices come down as the new models are being released, I can’t now wait for the new models with HDMI2.1 to come down lol OK more reading to do, thanks for the heads up..

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Ginormous Samsung QE65Q6F 65 inch Flat QLED TV just £1149. Free next day delivery. QE65Q6F
Found 15th AprFound 15th Apr
65" QE65Q6F QLED Ultra HD Smart TV Discover the next innovation in TV and see colour in a whole new light with our Q6F TV. Ground breaking Quantum Dot technology delivers Ultra HD … Read more
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Yawn stick to your QLED then


So you have been lucky so far. I wouldnt want to risk it.


Yawn never had any issues


Oh and of course no burn in on QLED https://www.zdnet.com/article/lg-oled-tv-available-in-us-retailer-show-burn-in/


Have you played with the settings, many people watch TV on default settings. Tinker with the advanced pic settings. I have several settings saved, one for dark moody dramas.

LG OLED65C8PLA 65" 4K OLED TV £1999 with code OLED200 @ Richer Sounds - £1999
Refreshed 16th AprRefreshed 16th Apr
Seems the best price currently knocking about for this. 6 Year guarantee included.

Haha that reminds me, my cousin's Labrador was watching birdies in Our Planet on an LG C8...then ran away when he saw polar bears!


There's a freakin' Leopard in my garden!!!!!!!!!!!


If only I could take a photo that justifies how good the picture on this tv is.....? Another option, 1: Choose a nice clear day. 2: Clean a window in your house extremely well on both sides. 3: Look through it to the outside. This is the best comparison I can make.


Thanks for the pics. Great practical example of how good this TV is.


Right, this is to prove how good the picture is on this set, even the cats think it's real life. Picture quality not the best as I'm shaky but these nature programs in 4k are absolutely stunning! This is only Virgin media streaming too, Planet Earth 2 in 4k disc format blows me away.

Huge LG 65 inch 4k UltraHD HDr TV for £599 including delivery. 65UK6300PLB @ AO / eBay
Found 10th AprFound 10th Apr
Under £600 for a LG 4K HDR 65 inch TV. See Every Colour Come Alive. Stunning picture is complimented by outstanding audio, all housed in a cutting-edge construction. These high-qua… Read more
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Yep, I agree. I bought a Toshiba 55inch 4k smart TV a year ago for £399 and i regret spending that extra £100 for a Samsung! They are far better to use and screen contrast is far better than cheaper TVs! I have now upgraded to a Samsung 65inch U7400 £699 and it's the best decision I made 😋


Looking fake from the eBay page.


For £20 more Richer Sounds have the LG 65uk6400 with a 6 year warranty. https://www.richersounds.com/lg-65uk6400plf.html


Small extract from which about this tv

LG OLED65C8PLA OLED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV £2,199 @ John Lewis & Partners
Found 10th AprFound 10th Apr
Looking for C8 and saw JL are offering £200 off. I need to purchase from Curry's as have a voucher with them and getting them to price match (their price was £2399 and includes 5 y… Read more

Try code OLED200 to get it for £1999.


RSTV75 - code on their website


Do you have the £75 code for Richer Sounds please? Thank you.


So, JL are knowingly undersold!


Tried that, they only price match online price not an emailed price, and JL won’t update the price on their website if they price match someone


Not sure how CE or EU rules would stop them from giving us FALD...that's tech other manufacturers have managed to put out without an issue...


WHY? IS HE A BIT OF A COKEND? (confused)


Great tv's ok deal. But yeah edge lit is not good and the 48 series are a bit pish! Not S2


Might be something to do with CE or EU conformity rules


Yes, you're correct. The USA version is far, far superior; they have full array dimming and Roku OS based smart TV; the EU versions are edge lit and crap smart TV system. Literally night and day difference, not worth it...

Philips ambilight 4K 65 inch tv 7000 series.£789.38 Like new Amazon warehouse. 65PUS7303/12
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
Brilliant TV with ambilight. Philips' unique Ambilight technology creates a more intense and immersive experience, with lights and colours that projects onto the wall behind the T… Read more

Great TV , got the 50 inch for bedroom after my daughter got this TV prefer it to the Sony 8596 I got last year


Nah I'm not saying that,I cannot say as I don't make quality classification for the warehouse ,I was just pointing out that it seems largely irrelevant (unless it's marked as poor,then it's obviously got something easily identified as a problem).I've had loads n loads from the warehouse,and the "crap" is few and far between.


So instead of as new condition would you say it's better to go for good condition?


Cracking TV,and good android interface ,(even the naff update that's messed with my layout)mine was used -good from Amazon warehouse,it was unopened when delivered.


I've had plenty of "like new" from Amazon that are definitly not "like new".

LG OLED65C8PLA 65" 4K HD OLED Smart TV £2,124 @ Hughes
Found 5th AprFound 5th Apr
With this OLED65C8PLA TV from LG you will be blown away by the picture quality produced on the OLED TV. The TV creates a perfect colour on a perfect black and with OLED TVs they ar… Read more

Because there is a clear difference in quality between them, if you stood all the LG OLED variations side by side and watched a film I bet most people would settle on the £1500 one instead of the £2100. The upgrades don't justify the price hike imo


Technically a good deal as cheapest price for this cracking TV. New C9s are just a couple of weeks away now so might be able to get one of these under 2k


. Why not get an LCD for even less? Or even better a CRT for less still. Just paying for "features" anyway


Just got its a mile cheaper I don't rate it as a good price. Got to learn value mate (y)


1 year guarantee

LG 65UK6300PLB 65 Inch Ultra HD 4K Smart TV £619.99 Delivered @ Costco
Refreshed 8th AprRefreshed 8th Apr
As above. Appears to be a good price - 5 year warranty included. Thanks to LG AI(Artificial Intelligence) TV’s natural language processing, you can now easily access TV content a… Read more
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Beware LG, I bought a LG49UJ651V from Argos 14 months ago. It developed what, at first. were small deep pink patches on the screen just after the guarantee ran out. The patches continue to spread and now occupy the top right hand quarter almost completely and other patches are steadily and relentlessly growing. I'm pursuing a claim under the consumer protection act 2015 with Argos as that states goods have to have a 'reasonable' length of life. I don't think 14 months qualifies as that. Beware !!


Maybe but if your happy with what you got....? I might consider upgrading when Samsung bring out their wall TV A lot of people seem to have motion issues with lcd and oled which is deal breaker for me


I was the same with my 60 inch plasma but trust me when it does and you replace for what’s on offer you will realise the picture quality, colour you’ve been missing out on. Even a cheap 4K set will outperform it in every way.


Costco has one of the most generous return policies in the retail world. You can basically return anything you've purchased at the warehouse club at any time for a full refund — except for electronics and major appliances which have a 90-day return policy with receipt. If purchased with a credit card then it's up to the credit card company to resolve. But never buy with debit card. I know Costco only accept American express which is a pain but it gives you coverage.


Unlucky you’re stuck with that - must use a lot of electricity (500watts !!!

LG 65UK6300PLB 65-Inch UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV with Freeview Play - Black (2018 Model) £679 @ Amazon Dispatched from and sold by Box Limited
Found 31st MarFound 31st Mar
LG 65UK6300PLB 65-Inch UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV with Freeview Play - Black (2018 Model) Free delivery

You can price match the below with John Lewis for 1399 http://www.westmidlandselectricalsuperstore.com/lg-oled55c8pla-55-4k-ultra-hd-hdr-smart-oled-tv:6714


Appears to be unpopular


Why exipire?


Im waiting for this go down to £1500 again https://www.richersounds.com/lg-oled55c8pla.html


I have this in 43. It's good tv. Slow accessing smart features. It's been 15 months and it's starting to give problems. Not playing media slow to navigate menu guide. Sound is terrible though.

LG 65UK6400PLF LED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 65" w Freeview Play/Freesat HD Ultra HD Cert, Metallic Bronze at John Lewis & Partners £619
Found 31st MarFound 31st Mar
LG 65UK6400PLF LED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 65" with Freeview Play/Freesat HD & Crescent Stand, Ultra HD Certified, Metallic Bronze *****Now reduced to £619 **** 5 year guar… Read more
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Don't know only thing I can think of is the 5 year warranty


https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/wow-65uk6400plf-65inch-lg-4k-tv-629-at-argos-3106718S Same telly, 6 months ago, £30 cheaper, voted cold. What changed?


no it's still an LCD panel that makes the picture, it can be backlit several ways but it is still an LCD screen responsible for the picture.


Wow must be good thank you most of your posts if seen are aways negative


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