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Designed to support today’s healthy and busy lifestyles, the Tefal ActiFry is an air fryer that lets you cook up full rich tasting foods while using the bare minimum amount of oil. Easy to use and a snap to wash up, its form is ideal for the modern kitchen. With HotUKDeals rounding up today’s hottest bargains into one convenient spot, the best prices for the Tefal ActiFry are just a click away. Read more
Tefal Actifry Genius XL AH960840 Air Fryer 1.7Kg 1500W - Black / White £140 using code @ AO / Ebay
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Posted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
Link for Black Create healthy meals with this black Tefal air fryer. Because it has a 1.7kg capacity, there’ll be more than enough room to feed the whole family. As it has a hand… Read more

Thanks! fixed it (y)


Peasant. One likes one's Doritos gently warmed, with a side of cool Salsa. Or drunkenly smashed in my gob is nice as well.


I eat my doritos raw (y)


I've tried all these and the deep fat fryer is still far superior.


Well I never knew that Sherlock!!! :p :{ ;)

Tefal ActiFry Genius XL 2in1 YV970840 Health Air Fryer, Black, 1.7 kg, 8 Portions £199 @ Amazon
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Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Tefal ActiFry Genius XL 2in1 YV970840 Health Air Fryer, Black, 1.7 kg, 8 Portions £199 @ Amazon£199 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Cheapest I have ever seen it! Could get it from John Lewis with two years guarantee also.

Check this website out. What a crock. Never air-fry vegetables. If you do, you would have successfully destroyed its vitamins as well as folic acid if any, that might be present in it. Processed foods, as well, should never be air-fried. This is because when we cook food by air frying, some oil is produced that is not healthy for consumption and can affect your health. Already, many processed foods have artificial preservatives which may not be too good for the body. When air-frying, do not let your temperature be above 180-degrees Celsius. This is to avoid causing food burn which can allow residues of carcinogenic chemicals and other toxic compounds to ‘infiltrate’ your food. Do not try using your air-fryer for more than twice a month. https://www.cookware-solutions.com/can-air-fryers-cause-cancer/


Only if you keep the temperature lower.


Source for that? Since air fryers require longer cooking times than deep fryers, there was some concern that acrylamide content of the foods would be higher in air fryer cooked products. A 2020 study looking at air frying (breaded chicken meat), however, found that air frying could reduce the amount of acrylamide formed when compared with deep frying. Air frying also resulted in less formation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.8 https://www.verywellhealth.com/can-air-fryers-cause-cancer-5082537


They market these as healthy but the result is a massive increase in acrylamide in the end product compared to normal frying. This is far worse. Acrylamide is a known carcinogen.


I love my Breville Halo Health Fryer Plus. Breville Halo + For some reason they no longer sell it but that makes the best chips from raw potato or frozen chips, I don't use any oil but I put a smaller amount of beef dripping in to what the recommended amount of oil would be. It tumbles the food so unlike the earlier horizontal only model and the Tefal ones, it doesn't smash the chips up with the paddle if making chips from raw. It even makes those tinned new potatoes taste good as long as you rinse them well before putting them in the fryer and adding a small piece of beef dripping. Vegetarians and vegans do not know what they are missing :D

Tefal ActiFry Genius+ FZ773840 Air Fryer - 1.2KG - £125.99 Using code @ Tefal
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Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Another Airfryer offer here. This time on the Smaller Actifry Genius+ which is a 1.2KG model, vs the XL that is 1.7KG. To get this price use the very same code - HELLO30 The che… Read more

Can someone advise which is the better model? Many thanks


I suppose "genius technology" means that like most air fryers you can set the time to whatever you want ;)


Advance model back in stock, just ordered one using the code. Cheers OP (y)

Tefal Actifry with 2 year guarantee - £99 delivered @ John Lewis & Partners
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Posted 29th Dec 2020Posted 29th Dec 2020
Tefal Actifry with 2 year guarantee - £99 delivered @ John Lewis & Partners£99 Free P&P FreeJohn Lewis Deals
Free shipping

Completely agree, the handles break too, can no longer replace, was having to replace handles at £20 a go. Heard the salter one is much better.


I'm hungry after reading that. Sounds delicious 😋


The cooking quality is great had no problems with that side of things.


I was thinking of getting the actifry for that very reason you mentioned but now I'm not sure. I guess I could try it and return it if needs must. How you finding it for the cooking side of things?


I took it back to curry’s and they exchanged it there and then. I do like the actifry because it has the paddle to keep turning them. It just feels cheap. Not sure if they are using a new manufacturer compared to 4/5 years ago.

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Tefal Actifry Genius+ 1.2KG - £143.99 + £6.99 Delivery @ IdealWorld.tv
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Posted 27th Nov 2020Posted 27th Nov 2020
Tefal Actifry Genius+ 1.2KG - £143.99 + £6.99 Delivery @ IdealWorld.tv£149.98Ideal World TV Deals
Black Friday deal for the Tefal Actifry Genius+ 1.2KG. £159.99 standard price but with 10% automatically applied when you add to basket as part of their Black Friday promotion. £5.… Read more

Currys had the XL version for around £180 during September. Nearly bought it then but thought I'd wait for Black Friday. This was pretty much the only actifry deal at the moment that I found. A lot of places seem to be out of stock of the Genius version


Looking for the XL version 1.7KG if anyone sees any deals. Are the Ninja air fryers any good, anyone. (y)

25% off Tefal Actifry Advance 1.2kg - £134.99 with code @ Tefal Shop
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Posted 19th Nov 2020Posted 19th Nov 2020
25% off Tefal Actifry Advance 1.2kg - £134.99 with code @ Tefal Shop£134.99 Free P&P FreeTefal Shop Deals
The Tefal website is obviously having issues at the minute as it takes a while to add and navigate around the website. Terms & Conditions This offer is only available while… Read more

All OOS anyway


I actually only wanted to know how to get the replacement part to fix it myself (the fan disintegrated), but they said as it's attached to the motor an official repairer would have to fix it... Then gave me the options. I'd seen the 25% off on their website and almost bit as I'd been waiting for a reply for a while when they got in touch :)


That's good going. Wish I had known this as I replaced my old one earlier in the year with a new one


You can get 50% off if you try your luck with customer support via the form on their website - tell them your old one is faulty, but out of warranty, ask how you go about getting it repaired... They'll advise to contact number X to arrange a repair, or there's a chance they'll say to contact number Y to get a new item at discount... I had a genuine faulty item, but they never asked for serial numbers etc. Another HUKD user tried their luck without actually owning one and also got offered a discount. (I got the Genius XL for half price)


You can get 25% off any day by signing up to their newsletter. Still a good find, heat added.