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DJI mavic Pro 4K Aerial Drone £710  Cleverboxes
Found 21st MayFound 21st May
Cheapest I can find as I’m looking to buy one at the moment Fly more combo is £896
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I guess the platinum is a bit quieter than the Mavic Pro with Platinum props, but only at close quarters could you tell the difference - as soon as you get about 10 metres away of more you could not tell the difference.


From the angle in your avatar, where can we sign up? :)


And a blowjob every day! (devil)


Hi, thanks for the reply. So do you think apart from the flight time being a little bit more, the motors emit the same noise as in the pro, it's just the oscillation from the props? If so, then that makes my mind up, just to get the pro :)


Only go for the combo if - you need more than 1 battery (most will), you want the bag (which is useful) & you can get the combo for about £100-£150 more than the Mavic Pro on it's own; otherwise you can buy these parts easily & personally I don't need 3 batteries, 2 is enough. It's not really worth paying much more for the Platinum because you can buy the platinum props that give you much of the benefit of the platinum. I have a Plainum - it's great, but it's not really any different than the Pro other than the props & slightly different motors (& paint job)

DJI Mavic Pro 4K Aerial Drone Fly More Combo - Platinum at Cleverboxes for £1039
Found 22nd AprFound 22nd Apr
I couldn't find it any cheaper elsewhere.... bought one... but knowing my luck, they will come out with a newer one soon enough at a better price... :-)

its the Fly More combo, extra batteries, props, bag, ect...


What extras does this ship with? There is only one picture of the drone itself.


Ignore the cold votes - they are meaningless. If it was a £50 drone with £10 off, it would probably be voted hot. Many see the Mavic Pro as an old model because there has been so much talk of a Pro 2 coming that everyone is expecting for these to be given away but DJI are smarter than that. If you are a newbie, I would suggest lots of practice in an open space with the drone at least 20 m above anything around you. You will probably have your first "hard landing" when you get over confident. Don't try flying indoors and don't fly around the outside of your house if you have any neighbours. It can **** them off. None of my neighbours even know I have a drone. Practice return to home so that you don't worry about losing the drone.


Thanks Eagerbeaver.. I am a bit of a newbie with drones so any input is greatly appreciated.. still, I don't know why its been voted cold


That's a really good price for the Platinum. I've had both the Pro and the Air and to me, the Pro is by far the better machine. The controller is better on the Pro but the main thing is that the noise from the Air is really intrusive. Even at 50m from passers by, you can see that they are bothered by it whereas the Pro doesn't even get noticed. The Platinum will be even better with this regard. The range on the Pro is better which you may not think is important with the UK flying guidelines but it means you can fly in areas with interference with more control than with the Air. Picture quality was probably about the same, side by side, maybe the Air is slightly improved but there's nothing in it really. Yes there have been rumours that a Pro 2 is around the corner. Clearly DJI have the new model ready and are just looking to time the release for maximum income efficiency but if you keep waiting for the better next model, you end up waiting rather than using your drone. I suspect that a Pro 2 will be about the same RRP as when the Pro was launched so more expensive than the deals available on the Pro at the moment.

FLOPLAST PIPE WHITE 10ft x 21.5mm, many uses, laying cable underground clothes prop, aerial mast etc, £1.49 @ screwfix free c&c.
Found 23rd JanFound 23rd Jan
Plastic overflow pipe, loads of uses, I have cut a groove in one to make a clothes prop, the other I use an an aerial mast for my caravan. Or just use it for it's Intended purpose … Read more
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If you need to run a gas pipe or wiring through a brick wall, line the hole with this first.


Haha - well it's all relative isn't it? If you use PVC in an application where it causes less environmental damage than something else, it's good.


You could presume,


aerial mast? with a 21.5mm plastic pipe which'll barely hold up a pair of pants, you're having a laugh!


Yes it will.. few years ago had some 22mm copper pipe so decided to use two 6 feet pieces as clothes hangers in a small walk in wardrobe. So made up some cement , blocked one end and rammed cement in, it took the weight of the clothes no problem and looked nice after polishing. So the same could be done with an aerial mast made from the pipe, story over. This is the pipe have to use for the drain off from a combi boiler because of the acidic conensate.

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TV Wall Mount - 26" to 55" Screen with High speed HDMI, Ethernet Lead, Aerial Lead, Drill bit and fixings - £16.55 @ CPC Farnell
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
Easy to install with low profile design, Secures the screen close to the wall, Distance from wall: 23mm, Contents 1.5m High speed HDMI Lead, 1.5m Etherne… Read more



it is a quarter of inch difference hardly a different product all together and the extras are cheap even if required


totally different all together!! the one you bought is 30mm from wall.... the one above is 23mm from wall and comes with extras


This is actually brilliant, finally a proper one box solution, why hasn't anyone done this before!? i have a small sat install business so it's a superb idea to have the convenience of combining an HDMI, ethernet Lead, aerial lead, drill bit and tons of spacers and fixings in one box.The bracket is very flush but the open design makes access to connections easy,, quality is obvious in all components, and for the price!? So yea ,what more can i say, perfect! (y)


5m TV aerial extension kit 75p each at poundworld
LocalLocalFound 14th JanFound 14th Jan
Seems like a great price for 5m of coax cable 4 plugs and a few cable clips. All for only 75p in store in Poundworld. Found in poundworld in Robroyston, Glasgow.

I distribute my Freeview antenna to 2 rooms via an amplifier (1 with PVR, 1 without) and found that with cheap cabling I got a really poor signal. Upgraded to better extensions and the issue was gone. YMMV.


I bought this some time ago for £1 The quality was and probably still is what you would expect for £1 or indeed 75p


Will connectors work with virgin


Digital. Yes I like watching live TV. You're funny though.


Seriously??? You’ve got Netflix and a private media server setup and you still require hardwired, archaic, ancient hardwired coaxial analogue tv input? Hahaha

1byone Amplified HDTV Doorbell Aerial Combined with Wireless Door Chime Function was £16.99 now £3.99 (Add on item) @ Amazon
Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
1byone Amplified HDTV Doorbell Aerial Combined with Wireless Door Chime Function was £16.99 now £3.99 (Add on item) @ Amazon ADD On Item FREE Delivery in the UK on orders over £2… Read more

back to 16 quid now :-(


Is this for summoning a butler or something?


Just bought a 32" Samsung Smart TV for bedroom and will try this to see if I can get the freeview channels without getting a cable run through with aerial But agree with WaxMechanik up the top there. Weird concoction


Does this have a camera?


I have never had an indoor one work since the 90s I take it it's for "seeing the transmitter from your window" locations?

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Nikkai Mobile TV Aerial for Strong Signal Areas Was £6.99 now £3.50 @ Maplin
Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
Nikkai Mobile TV Aerial for Strong Signal Areas Was £6.99 now £3.50 @ Maplin • Ideal replacement omnidirectional aerial for mini-TVs or DVB-T USB stick• Frequency range: 410-512MH… Read more

How can you check if if I'm in a strong signal area? Please


Probably do better with a wire coat hanger!


In a strong signal area you can literally use any piece of wire. I get a piece of TV coax strip it apart and form a basic Dipole antenna. No need for anything else.


Could you recommend something better please? Looking for one at the moment but this is out of stock near me :/


These are not that good. In a strong signal area, and they would not pick up anything.

Original DJI Mavic Pro Foldable Obstacle Avoidance Drone FPV RC Quadcopter with 4K Camera OcuSync Live View System £769.23 @ TomTop
Found 27th Nov 2017Found 27th Nov 2017
Features: The DJI Mavic Pro folds down as small as a bottle of water, making it small enough to bring with you everywhere New OcuSync transmission system offers up to 4.3 miles (7… Read more

Why are they even bothering ? Any responsible person will do the test,but the truth is it's not the responsible people who are the worry,it's the people who couldn't care less,and those people won't do the test. And who will go around checking who has done the test or not ? the police certainly haven't got the time,and even if they did,what are they going to do,drive around looking for drones in the sky,yet the owner could be a couple of miles away (as the crow flies/drone)


It's £640 on Banggood with a code if you pay in dollars. Under £700 if you pay in pounds


They'll give you a UK adaptor.


Even if it is simple, it'll cost money. It's just another tax. A safety awareness course is not going to stop idiots being idiots... they probably won't even take the tests!!


It's being reported as a safety "awareness" test so hopefully it might be as simple as an online test but knowing governments like to make a cluster........ out of something simple I very much doubt it.

Optimum Amplified Indoor TV Aerial  Was £14.99 Now £5 @ B&M In store
Found 26th Oct 2017Found 26th Oct 2017
weird looking aerial but a good deal if you can find it at your local store. Handy over winter as the signal gets worse. Improve your signal with this amplifier design, indoor a… Read more

I'm rather partial to a spot of 'Antiques Road Hunt' or what ever the f**k it's called. Catherine Southon? Christina Trevanion?


That's what I thought until I bought the Monarch 50, I'm 20 miles from the Blackhill transmitter, it has worked flawlessly for a month now and I just plonked it down anywhere! (y) Designed by a NASA scientist - so it says on the box. :D


Indoor aerials very rarely work, unless you live next to a transmitter. If indoor aerials worked no one would have a aerial installed on the chimney!!




Speaking like a person who has ever experienced the wonders of 'the attic'.

Ehang Ghostdrone 2.0 Aerial Drone With 4K Action Camera free shipping - £219.97 @ Drones Direct and possible £20 off
Found 30th Aug 2017Found 30th Aug 2017
£20 of orders over £200 with a which trial for £1. Product Information No training or practice neccesary - Waypoi… Read more
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:D Yeah I guess so, is good enough to frame shots but not HD!


Thanks for the info, isn’t Featured with high resolution: 480 * 272 a bit tongue in cheek?


5.8Ghz for monitors yeah, drone has the sending antenna already built in... I got one of these on Amazon Warehouse a while back, there are a few cheaper options on gearbest etc.


So, is it 5.8?


Maximum height 120m from website. Must be the limitations of the WiFi. Why do all these modern drones have to fly using a mobile. Ok stream video to the phone but not fly from it. A serious limitation especially when people have to look at facebook every 10 seconds... :D

52 Element TV Aerial £9.43 was £44 Homebase #in-store only#
Found 23rd Aug 2017Found 23rd Aug 2017
Make what you will just sharing a deal found in homebase today. Not online as Homebase branded stuffs is selling off to make way for new buyers brand. Could be a one off but wort… Read more

That's great! Thanks for letting me know. (y)


thanks op...bagged one today. Very good timing as we are having a loft conversion and we disposed of the 30 years old aerial which was in the loft. There were about 5 on the shelf. There were also the 32 element ones for about £7


None in Leeds :-(


none in Penge. gutted


Yes comes with cable and connector.

One For All SV9305 Freeview Indoor Aerial £0.90 @ Asda Instore
LocalLocalFound 10th Jul 2017Found 10th Jul 2017
Adjustable T/T2 Passive

Portadown. It's on the receipt


Which store please?


It was with all the other reduced electrical items like 50 disc wallets for 15p, iPhone 7 and Samsung S7 glass protectors for about 50p etc.




Hope you stay tuned in

Found 3rd Mar 2017Found 3rd Mar 2017
Always handy to have in the tool box, I use these as second locks on my shed and oil tank as not many thieves carry a spanner, also use them to stop my seatpost slipping on my bicy… Read more
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Well at present they grow up with farting cars from a very young age. In the future when seeing a farting car is rare, they will make the obvious remark regarding a rear gas emitting pipe. I expect petrol engines will sound a bit farty to them as well given the silence of electric cars. This clip (half way in ) has a Tesla emulating the sound of various engines. This is so ridiculous I am sure it will be a thing.


If you're in a hurry Halfords do a range of exhaust clamps for £1.59.


Most Bike thieves use bolt cutters, they would snip through this in an instant. I'm not being a knob, I just wouldn't want your bike to get stolen.


Don't thieves carry bolt cutters?


Would be worth sourcing some nylock nuts too. Added security and annoyance.

1byone 0.7 mm Paper Thin HDTV Aerial £11.99 (Prime or add £3.99) Sold by 1Byone Products Inc. and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 6th Feb 2017Found 6th Feb 2017
Looking to sort out the TV's in a new house & was advised by another member that these work well & save a small fortune. They sell for around £15+ but seen them on Amazon a… Read more
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Nitpicking is very annoying isn't it.......


Alright. Calm down love.


I would think unless you're sitting right by the side of a transmitter it will be pretty pants tbh. If they were any good to the average viewer we'd all have one and not a huge one hanging off our chimney stacks would we not?


Can't see it working better than an old coat hanger but at least Amazon have good returns policy. Plenty for sale on Amazon Warehouse deals which probably speaks volumes.


It's merely - just pointing it out.

B&M - Indoor outdoor tv aerial - £14.99
LocalLocalFound 16th Jan 2017Found 16th Jan 2017
We'd been trying to get a freeview signal for our tv but struggling with thick walls, despite being less than half a mile from an antenna. We'd tried an SLX indoor amplified, then … Read more

Hi, they're still on the B&M website, but you can't buy online or check stock in store, so it would be a case of just going to one if you're near and having a look. There do seem to be people selling them on ebay, but at a significant mark up.


I would like to purchase one of these aerials, can I do ig on line?


How can I find where one of these are in stock?


Great aerial , had for a few weeks now and get a great reception finally ! I also have thick walls in my old house and constantly struggle with TV reception but this does the job when I place near my window .


Should be in misc - not a deal op - always this price.

One For All SV9335 Amplified Indoor Digital Analogue DAB Radio TV Aerial - Black £13.99 @ Argos Ebay Outlet
Found 29th Dec 2016Found 29th Dec 2016
One For All SV9335 Amplified Indoor Digital Analogue DAB Radio TV Aerial - Black £13.99 @ Argos Ebay Outlet

Just to say mine arrived and sent it back straight away. Really poor and very directional performance.


cold not 4k


Great for all the Stone Roses fans out there. (Actually AFO was bloody awful).


Out of stock now.



one all for amlified indoor Aerial - £21 @ Sainsbury's
Found 24th Dec 2016Found 24th Dec 2016
One for All indoor antenna was £32 now £21 at Sainsbury Beaconsfireld instore. plenty left.

£18.95 Argos eBay


can u find it anywhere cheaper? here is the model no. One For All SV9440 Indoor TV Aerial.


One For All SV9440 Indoor TV Aerial. find anywhere cheaper this one.


I think you need to go for a p

Amplified Digital Indoor HDTV Aerial with Built-in Amplifier £6.99 prime (£8.98 non-prime) by 1Byone Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 8th Dec 2016Found 8th Dec 2016
Been tempted by this due to the reviews and to the £3 code on the page - not sure how long it's already there, I just found about the code this morning. Hoping it will improve the … Read more
NikLP I'm done.


I didn't say you should be able to watch without paying, I was warning people after the comment in post #18 you do need a licence for all streaming services and not just iPlayer. What I object to is being forced to pay for something I would not choose to use given the choice. I don't watch Sky sports or the Disney channels and so I dont pay for them and given a choice I would not watch the bbc programs and use my licence fee topay for my Netflix subscription.


Code not working?


Code not working!


Had three indoor aerials ranging from £10 to £25, all failed to find any channels. Would avoid personally, get TVplayer app instead if you have OK Internet.

DJI Phantom 4 Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter. Amazon warehouse 20% off (Used Very Good) - £632.39
Found 28th Nov 2016Found 28th Nov 2016
this drone normally retails at over £1000 new. yes it's used but comes from Amazon warehouse with 20% off their regular warehouse price making it £632.39. expensive but a great b… Read more

The Gopro drone is definately dropping- out of the sky.


good to heard mavic is dropping, what about the go pro drine?


When do you think this will happen?


i assume this is now expired / oos?


Price drop is coming. It's sponsored by the much more portable Mavic.

DJI DJI Inspire 1  4k Aerial UAV Quadcopter with Single Remote  £1269.68 ebay /  vodafonestore
Found 2nd Nov 2016Found 2nd Nov 2016
£730.31 off RRP. Have never seen at this price before for a high spec UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) Available from vodafone eBay store

Absolutely.....I fully agree. It was that several references were made to the DJI as a 'professional' piece of kit (see above: "I believe the Inspire was not marketed as a 'toy' but aimed at professionals. The British Army also doesn't use 'toys' to hit IS.") It was to show that someone appeared to comparing one of these to a piece of military kit.


I'd probably class it as Prosumer.


Why are you comparing a 30-40k drone to a £2k drone !!?? Doesn't make sense.


Yup, really: These DJI ones are great for what they are but they have low weather tolerance, limited fly time and payload.They cannot fly in rain/stronger winds and the variety of cameras and other equipment that can be loaded. Aeryons used by police in UK and military in Canada and US plus several other countries......there again they do come in at around £30-40K. A couple of forces did have DJI's mainly for just assessing whether a UAV would be a cost effective search option but stodd them down in favour of a more robust option.



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