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Firewall Zero Hour VR + Aim controller £49.99 @ Amazon UK
Found 24th OctFound 24th Oct
Cheapest I can find... Product Description An intense squad-based shooter where players must use strategic teamwork and an arsenal of equipment to acquire or protect valuable int… Read more
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Not yet mite still wait and see what Black Friday deals have in store lol


Firewall is a great game and the Aim really makes a difference for some of the other VR games too. Great deal!


Good deal, firewall has some issues but is a good game


@Gamer903 I hope you didn't buy the Aim controller already :). This is probably the best deal you'll get, at least before BF.


Heat (y) Also, Amazon is matching Smyths (just as an option)

PSVR + VR Worlds + Firewall Zero Hour + Aim Controller + Move Controllers - £279.99 @ Very
Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
If you missed the Argos Deal then this is the next best available as far as I can see. If you've not bought from Very before you could possibly use the £30.00 off a £60.00 spend as… Read more
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Immersion and gameplay will beat graphics everytime. What surprised me about vr is I like genres I wouldn't normally like. I normally hate straight laced racers eg Forza but in VR, drive club is amazingly intense. I definitely don't like RB 6 seige yet love firewall. It's all about immersion. Surprisingly it gets none gamers wanting a go because it's intuitive. It's a bargain considering the price of TVs and mobile phones etc since with it you have access to an IMAX size screen to watch anything and so much more. VR youtube channels are amazing especially to visit holiday destinations. It's just so different to playing the same style of games all the time. I think it appeals to old jaded gamers best that have played all styles of traditional console games so many times. What I do like at the moment is that the community is more mature and it's not ruled by loud, unintelligible, fast reflexed screaming kids. It may all go down hill if it becomes as popular as it will. Best enjoy it while I can it's what I'm thinking. I've still room for red dead redemption 2 (flat) in my life though :/


You're talking as if the tech is static, even though this is basically the first gen of VR. As Night_Knight said, we already have the tech for significantly better resolution. We also have proper tracking, wireless play, and the next gen consoles will have a lot more horsepower. Once those improvements are integrated, VR will be even better. You didn't 'get' VR, fair enough. But other people clearly enjoy the experience, even with the 1st-gen tech of the PS VR. As for graphical quality having to drop, even that's not a given.


It will carry on until we have headsets that completely replicate reality, it will take time but it will happen. VR is not just about games, it will totally dominate all forms of entertainment and bring amazing benefits to productivity, design and learning. It is without doubt one of the most important tech inventions ever. I agree that the PSVR (along with any other current headset) isn't that impressive after the first half hour but give it time. As Palmer Lucky (creator of the oculus rift) recently said - VR is the final medium.


played 10min in store? see my post above. each to their own opinion remember, why do fan boys take opinions as a personal insult? time will tell if it carries on or dies away.


How? Pimax 5k and 8k (chinese hmd but u need minimum 1080 lol), after 6months, all in one - Oculus Quest. Only FB has the money to invest in VR thats why Oculus is the best chooise for pc and mobile. But even weaker PSVR had nice looking games like Firewall, compate that game to Onward or Bam on pc... Vr is not only about gaming and You dont need to play 3h nonstop to enjoy the game, even shorter session 20-30min still are fun. Looks like maybe u dont understand vr or played 10min at store. Btw why everybody complain about graphic? Many pc or console games looks amazing but inside they very weak... Why everybody need now 8k at 344hz? Everything needs time just look at nes and ps4, siemens c25 and s9... Nobody remeber 3gp? Now 4k at 60fps...

Farpoint and aim controller psvr - £47.86 @ ShopTo
Found 6th OctFound 6th Oct
It's on back order but cheapest I can find. Unfortunately no good to me as they want to charge 20.40 for delivery to Northern Ireland. But free mainland delivery
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The same for me unfortunately


Says no longer available when you go to back order


Nice find. Heat added!

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PS4 ‘Batman: Arkham VR’. PSVR game reduced 50% - £7.99 @ PSN
Found 5th OctFound 5th Oct
£7.99 reduced from £15.99 Batman: Arkham VR immerses you in the Dark Knight’s Universe and redefines what it means to be the Batman. Experience Gotham City through the eyes of t… Read more
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I’d bought all my stuff separate, already had move controllers from ps3, OG PS4 that has just died so upgraded and VR was from music magpie


Nice spot! Was waiting to get this half price (y)


I don't normally complain about stuff on here, but this game is a total waste of money, my son completed it in less than an hour!!I couldn't believe it, i couldn't get it to work properly as I'd elected to play sitting down (I'm severely disabled) and couldn't get any further than Alfred trying to give me the key to start as it wouldn't let me turn far enough to take it. I let my son have a go (Not a big 'gamer' by any stretch of the imagination) and he played standing up, easily collected the key and whizzed through it in about an hour! Fun watching, but I expected a lot more for my money, even though it was only eight quid.




Halo Wars 2 [XBox] £7.99 // Tekken 7 [XBox] £14.99 // Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 [PS4/XBox] £28.99 // Firewall Zero Hours with Aim Controller £49.99 @ Monster-Shop
Found 2nd OctFound 2nd Oct
Good price for these games. Halo Wars 2 Tekken 7 Firewall Zero Hours with Aim Controller £44.99 Pro Evolution Soccer PS4 £28.99 Pro Evolution Soccer XBox £28.99 Pr… Read more

Just had a look. Tekken 7 is only £9.99 now. Even more of a bargain!


Firewall Zero Hour and Aim Controller @ Monster-Shop now £44.99 and posted HERE Sadly though, no option to buy


Should be about £20 by Black Friday


Wow PES so cheap already 😦

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Firewall Zero Hour and Aim Controller £49.50 with code (10% (gaming)first customer) @ Very
Found 30th SepFound 30th Sep
This is the cheapest I can find as a bundle, particularly in stock at £54.99. Added bonus of 10% off makes this a possible £49.50 which is a bargain. I didn’t know if to do thi… Read more

Same. Pretty good huh. Made the Aim controller just 30 quid :)


I got the Firewall game with the Argos deal, sold it on eBay for £20.99 and then bought the very bundle.


£52.85 at Base is the next cheapest as far as I know. Heat added.


It’s certainly the cheapest I’ve seen anywhere that is available and in stock. It’s £75 in Argos and £60-65 most other places. Not a huge saving, bit with the PSVR deals flying about, it’s worth a look.


Its the one on the Very website. Only works for new customers. Also it has to be a credit order. Can be paid straight off, but needs to be on a buy now pay later.

PlayStation VR Starter Kit with FireWall Zero Hour, The Persistence or WipeOut £199.99 from Zavvi
Found 10th SepFound 10th Sep
FireWall Zero Hour pack The Persistence Pack … Read more
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Orders are getting cancelled. Just had mine cancelled with no explanation. Offer expired


V1 PSVR is compatible with the launch PS4, the Slim PS4 and the PS4 Pro. V2 PSVR is compatible with the launch PS4, the Slim PS4 and the PS4 Pro. Current PSVR headsets will be PS5 compatible IMO, although I suspect by then, the PS5 iteration of PSVR will be considerably better (probably inside out tracking), that you'd want to get it anyway.


Basically yes. I only bought it to experience Wipeout. I own a Samsung GearVR headset so i thought id be ok with motion sickness but it was horrible and each of the suggested games would cost another £20 and most of them are nothing but glorified demos i took it all back. To clarify i got it all second hand so was able to sell it got the same price. I also had Skyrim which was good except id already done about 100 hour on xbox. Great product this is a good deal i was just sharing my experience...especially regarding noobs playing Wipeout.


So you ignored everyone's advice and just returned it?


It can be a bit like that, it's a shame it had that effect on you fella and you had to return it. From my own experience I started with the demo discs 1 and 2 and PSVR worlds (gentle movement demos after what I'd heard about motion sickness. There was a game called Scavengers Odyssey which is the only game so far that has had me feeling a dizzy. Wipeout was tailored to reduce the in cockpit movement (although all settings can be changed in game). It seems to be that if you can see a cockpit/car interior etc. around you and there is not as much head turning for field of view then the motion sickness is reduced. It's definitely about acclimatisation, but I'm so glad I persevered.

PlayStation VR Starter Pack with WipeOut £199.85 at SimplyGames
Found 10th SepFound 10th Sep
Pack with WipeOut Omega Collection—wipeout-omega-collection-ps4 Back in stock - thanks to @copperspock for the alert … Read more
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Have to checked for stock at Zavvi?


Price has now gone up and out of stock!


Good spot!


The Wipeout Omega bundle is back in stock BTW.


They are all in stock at Zavvi, see my new deal

[PSVR] Firewall Zero Hour + Aim Controller £49.99 @ Monster Shop
Found 10th SepFound 10th Sep
Cheapest price on flash sale right now, great game and enhanced greatly with the aim controller itself.
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It has all the same functions as a DS4 as well as being a 'lightgun'. DS4s are usually £35+.


It's been this price for Farpoint too when that went down to a tenner. It only briefly went to a reasonable £40 at Smyths, you were lucky if you got in on that though.


Not really if you take the current retail of the game 22ish then the gun is only costing 30


Its not available to buy and why is this even being highlighted in WhatsApp when the heat on it so low. Not trying to be offensive but there are quite a few more better offers with higher heat that should show in WhatsApp i think.


The gun is unbelievable expensive.

PlayStation VR PlayStation VR Starter Pack with Firewall Zero Hour (£199.99) with optional Move Controller (£249) and/ or AIM Controller (£309) @ Very
Found 30th AugFound 30th Aug
PlayStation VR Starter Pack With Firewall Zero Hour With Optional Move Controller And/ Or AIM Controller
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Well you heard wrong


Why is "very" even allowed still, i heard they're complete cowboys


Must admit, I'm very tempted to jump on this offer, could get the move controller (assuming its 2 of them?) For £250 with 10% off for opening a credit account which I guess would also allow to take advantage of the 3 months interest free payments. Though with Xmas fast approaching, I'm thinking will a better offer again pop up soon.


Optional extras bump up the price.


I've had mine since prime just over a month? Really like it. May still be in a honeymoon period, true. But it's just removed all my enthusiasm for games outside of it...everything played outside of vr just feels flat. So psvr has definitely added something to my gaming. It's rarer and rarer to have me verbally "wow"...but I've done that several times since getting psvr. I've jumped and yelled out a few times too...I've not had that for years. It's a game changer...other games outside of vr can't possibly offer you the immersion you'll get from it. Expectations do have to be kept in check offers another level immersion but it comes at a price of visual still look fine, but think more on par with switch rather than ps4. It's also clear it's still in its infancy...developers are using trial and error with controls. Quite a few games take a few generation steps back when it comes to story, production values. The audience needs to be there for real investment to be there. And expect Sony to start to frustrate you with, what you sense is their, lack of enthusiasm over their own well as their overly cautious comfort setting hurdles they enforce on everyone. Under the teething troubles though are some real gems, and promising titles on the way.

PS aim controller + farpoint £40 John Lewis  & Partners Newcastle (in store)
LocalLocalFound 29th AugFound 29th Aug
Sony PS aim controller + farpoint bundle on clearance @ John Lewis Newcastle store.
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Lol (highfive)




is there still two available?


So Rick... what do you know about this thread?


John Lewis prices can be a bit silly. I wouldn't use that price as an accurate reflection of the going price. Trust me. I work for them.

PlayStation VR Starter Pack with Firewall Zero Hour with PlayStation AIM Controller and Move Motion Controller £323 @ Very when you open an account
Found 23rd AugFound 23rd Aug
I found this preorder bundle on Very. Includes VR, camera, motion controllers, the aim gun and a new vr game due for release on the 29th August. For £359 (BUT IF YOU OPEN AN ACCOU… Read more
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I could name loads of companies on here I've had poor form from over the years but that's just the nature of the business. For every one incompetent their are ten who are decent. I never shop in Asda anymore due to a major issue about 2 years back ;(


That just gave me flashbacks of my last experience with Gearbest :), the Very of China. I realised the stress just isn't worth the saving of a few quid.


There's no doubt that they are incompetent. But add that to the outright lies, the broken promises, their point blank refusal to let you speak to a manager, the unbelievably difficult (impossible?) complaints system... I need to stop, I'm getting flashbacks :D


The fact that they sent a refund twice makes me question their competency. Nice sweetener though :).


My point exactly. Similar experience trying to get a refund for an order that they cancelled because it was out of stock. Fortunately, I had paid by Paypal and within a week of filing a claim I got my refund... and then got the same refund again a few days later which put me £180 up on the deal :D Although that took the edge off it slightly it was still a horrendous experience that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Sure there must be thousands of customers who have had seamless experiences with them but I just think it's still worth pointing out what can happen when an order isn't quite as straightforward. If I can save one customer going through what we both went through then I think it's worthwhile.

Firewall Zero Hour and Aim Controller (PSVR) £53.85 Delivered @ Base
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
Cannot see it anywhere cheaper. Amazon, GAME and Argos are all £59.99. Simplygames is £59.85, Shopto is £57.85 and 365game are £57.99. Includes game and the controller. The game it… Read more

Rubbish...No delivery on time... They over booked and now folk are in back order.


You can get the aim controller and farpoint for £49.99 from John Lewis.


Yeah, my latest preorder is this one and they’re usually on time for the release date.


Anyone pre-order with Base before? Do they usually deliver on release day or a few days later?


Never heard of that. Care to explain please? (popcorn)

Sony Dualshock 4 V2 PlayStation UEFA F.c Edition Controller Ps4 (NEW) £30.48 @ShopTo eBay W/Code PERFECTDAY (using US METHOD)
Found 29th JunFound 29th Jun
Sony Dualshock 4 V2 PlayStation UEFA F.c Edition Controller Ps4 (NEW) £30.48 @ShopTo eBay W/Code PERFECTDAY (using US METHOD) Courtesy of @reindeer333 Note: the maximum disco… Read more

Listings promoting blatant kludges that might get your Ebay account shut down should not be on here.


Worked a treat, thanks!


Oh I’ve found my mistake. Now ordered


Ordered thanks. ;)


I’ve just tried, it’s doesn’t seem to work. Can someone help me please . Thanks

Sony PS4 DualShock 4 wireless Controller V2 - (Blue/Red - £33.88) (Green Camouflage/Midnight Blue/Black £34) W/CODE PERFECTDAY @ShopTo eBay (using US method)
Found 29th JunFound 29th Jun
Sony PS4 DualShock 4 wireless Controller V2 - (Blue/Red - £33.88) (Green Camouflage/Midnight Blue/Black £34) W/CODE PERFECTDAY @ShopTo eBay (using US method) BLUE RED BLACK… Read more

That's the code in general not this item. Can you tell?


£30.48 for the blue F.C limited controller

summerof76 Posted earlier :)


Give it an hour, ShopTo will spot this and ramp their pricing up accordingly.

Farpoint + Sony PlayStation VR Aim Controller £47.99 @ Amazon
Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
Must buy for all those joining the PSVR community. Same price at Argos but out of stock almost everywhere.

Most say requires motion controllers


Smyths had this for a more reasonable £39.99 not so long ago and it sold like hot cakes. Considering the game is about £10-15 you''re paying a premium for the controller, not worth it at all, especially as it only works with a limited number of games right now.


Amazing game paid £42.99 last week on very voted hot though


While some require them, they basically just make certain games more enjoyable. Skyrim and London Heist are much better with Move controllers, for example. Superhot is only playable with Move controllers and it's a real highlight. For a £50 controller, Aim doesn't support enough games, if you ask me, but I'd certainly recommend getting the Moves. If you keep an eye out, I'd expect a bundle including Moves and a coupe of extra games to appear for £250is soon.


Headset with two games and camera is currently 199 at Game. You don't need any extra accessories for 80% of the games

Farpoint PS VR + Aim Controller £39.99 Smyths click and collect
Found 12th JunFound 12th Jun
Only available in a few stores for click and collect

I'd bite for £30, but it seems expensive for an old ish game that is £15 new without the gun really, slightly fed up with plastic peripherals everywhere!


I saw this at Very then used the code MJX9U to get it for £36.98 delivered. Very bill the full amount and then credit your charge card £10. Hmm... Also their site defaults you to a credit payment scheme they run if you press the continue button, be sure to select pay by credit card, and don't store your card details. +TCB etc Subtotal £42.99 Delivery £3.99 Voucher £10.00 Total £36.98


would have picked this up, but nearest in stock is Wigan. a mere 141 miles away -.- never mind!


I'm guessing they mean the little box that plugs into the HDMI and USB sockets of the PS4 and the that the headset in turn connects to. It's normally called the processor unit, the headset can't work without it. Comes with the headset regardless, so it's not something you need to buy separately.


Whats the breakout box?

Farpoint and PlayStation VR AIM Controller Bundle, £42.99  free c&c at VERY
Found 8th JunFound 8th Jun
Get ready for an incredible VR adventure with this Farpoint and PS VR AIM Controller Bundle. Marooned on an alien world, you must battle for survival as you explore and uncover th… Read more

Now out of stock




Use code: MJX9U for £10 Off First Orders Over £40 at Very. It worked for me. £36ish


Shame there's very few games that use it


I just picked one up from Smyths Blackpool for £39.99 :D

Sony PlayStation VR Aim Controller + Farpoint game (PSVR) £44.85 Delivered @ Base
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
A £5 drop on this. I think it is the current cheapest and includes free delivery too. Take aim with total precision. Feel every shot - and make each one count. Discover a new lev… Read more

Is the game boxed or download code? Thanks


A brilliant device to use on all those no games.


Haha, whats the ginger content about 2% total (lol) I think ones I go are around 70-80%, proper wont work for me, my body is strange when "medicine" is concerned 😔


The aim controller is excellent. Very ergonomic and a joy to use.


Ginger is a new one to me... I'll dunk a few ginger nuts into a lemon & ginger tea and see if I can get past the tutorial on RIGS ;)

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