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Streamlined, powerful, and possessing next-level noise cancellation features, AirPod Pros from Apple could be manna from heaven for iOS fans. The company's wireless earphones have been enhanced in every department, tightening up their voice commands, build, processing power, pairing, and performance. And buyers can find these top-tier audio products for less when they shop for AirPods Pro offers at the hotukdeals listings.

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Posted 2nd Oct 2022Posted 2nd Oct 2022
Looking for anything off AirPods Pro 2nd gen
Can’t bring myself to commit full retail, it’s not the HUKD’s way. Anyone know of any discount codes /offers from potential retailers?
Avatar olster1
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Posted 25th Nov 2022Posted 25th Nov 2022LocalLocal
Use your AirPods Pro as hearing aids
Not a deal per say but I thought this was a quite interesting use of the AirPods Pro a study just launched has shown they are just as good as premium hearing aids https://www.techradar.c…
Avatar the.porter
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Posted 26th Sep 2022Posted 26th Sep 2022
AirPod Pro 2nd gen
Hi, Heading off on holiday tomorrow. Currently have the 1st gen AirPod pros & wanting to upgrade. Anyone know if can get cheaper in the airport? Flying from Glasgow tomorrow afterno…
Avatar JizzKid
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Posted 8th Mar 2022Posted 8th Mar 2022
AirPods Pro warranty
Hi, I bought some AirPods from John Lewis yesterday which I just opened today, I was playing around with the settings and noticed the warranty expires in November this year. Shouldn’t it be …
Avatar Hydra_
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Posted 24th Feb 2022Posted 24th Feb 2022
AirPods 3 vs AirPods Pro?
Hi, I’m wondering what are peoples opinions who have tested both? I’m undecided on which I want to get, more so because of the fit after using them for a while and the Pro’s tips being righ…
Avatar Hydra_