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Quantum Break (Alan Wake included) & Gears of War 4 (Xbox One) £13.99 each (£12.99 + £1 delivery)  Delivered @ Zavvi
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
Quantum Break includes full game download of Alan Wake, the Xbox 360 game playable on Xbox One, as well as The Signal and The Writer add-ons In-depth, fast-paced narrative experie… Read more

This game sold so poorly that the developer has decided to make it’s next game multiplat. Would have been much better without the gimmicky TV show stuff.


Quantum Break at amazon £11.28 Prime or £10.99 with free shipping


£8 cex


Bad prices. Easily picked up for less than 10 in eBay etc.

Alan Wake - Collectors Edition PC - £4.42 [steam] @ MMOGA
Found 14th AprFound 14th Apr
Wanted to get this game from Steam but found out it doesn't sell it there. Game has good reviews (on Steam). By the looks of it it has Silent Hill'y feel to it so wanted to have a … Read more

Just thought I'd mention it ion case Antoine bought it hoping for silent hill. I really enjoyed the game and it's the best pc price for now so heat!


Special edition also can be bought there for £8. Thanks for the heads up (highfive)


I never said it was like Silent Hill :/ but it is a dark looking game with lots of puzzles to solve, hence the comparison! Don't know much about how scary it is, though. I'm yet to try it myself (cheeky)


If you like physical collectors editions, it's only £9 with Amazon Prime


It's got a dark look to it hence the flashlight game mechanic but it's not like silent hill. Far less scary if at all. *a reason I enjoyed it more probably!

Alan Wake's American Nightmare (Steam) £1.75 @ Gamersgate
Found 27th Sep 2017Found 27th Sep 2017
In this brand new standalone experience, Alan Wake fights the herald of darkness, the evil Mr. Scratch! A thrilling new storyline, hordes of creepy enemies, serious firepower and b… Read more

Why? Just record yourself buying it and using it... they have no way to scam you.


Americans are currently in a perpetual nightmare, anyway. #therealdonaldtrump


I'll be honest a majority of people here won't buy from G2A, myself included but I'm not saying that to open a massive debate about G2A because it's been done too many times


cheaper on g2a...


Ahhhh okay I knew they said something about it getting pulled but thought they meant both games! Thanks for clearing that up!

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Quantum Break (Alan Wake included) £9.99 Delivered @ Game & Amazon (Prime +£1.99 for non prime)
Found 15th Jun 2017Found 15th Jun 2017
Time is Power. In the aftermath of a split second of destruction that fractures time itself, two people find they have changed and gained extraordinary abilities. One of them trave… Read more

Back in stock at GAME


No not because I missed out. If there are none left it's cold as it's not a deal anymore so why would I give heat to a dead deal? No point pushing it.. maybe I shouldn't have gave it cold but not heat.

Suggest buy from Amazon or Sainsbury's, from Game it'll likely be opened stock (I bought when it was previously on offer and others confirm it's common).


price in both places has gone back up now


I got this a couple of weeks ago. Quantum Break is a terrible game.

Alan Wake:The Writer + The Signal DLC FREE for Xbox 360/One (Get It Before It's Removed from Store) @ Microsoft Store !!!
Found 15th May 2017Found 15th May 2017
Alan Wake DLC FREE on Xbox Store. Get it before it's removed! The Writer; Signal… Read more
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If anyone is interested to buy my Alan wake xb1 code, let me know!


awesome! teaches me to read the about section :) thanks!


Microsoft/Remedy packaged them with the base Alan Wake game when it was released on PC - so you have them :D. From the "ABOUT THIS GAME" section: Enhanced for the PC Includes Alan Wake Special Episodes “The Signal” and “The Writer”


Yes, They are removing it from sale as new or download, but it will still work afterwards, although to be honest most used stores (CEX/Game/Music Magpie) will still be selling copies for a long time to come..


​I get the 360 games that are free as part of the games with gold with no issue.

Alan Wake is getting pulled from stores soon, buy it while you can 90% off @ Humble Bundle (£2.99)
Found 15th May 2017Found 15th May 2017
The music licenses for Alan Wake are expiring. As a result, the game is going to be taken out of physical and digital retail. Alan Wake’s American Nightmare will stay in retail.90%… Read more
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Missed this but bought a key off of G2A. I know they have mixed reviews, but it worked for me. Paid £3.35 (including UK VAT and additional PayPal charge and without the G2A shield they offer). Hope this helps anyone else who missed out. Would have posted a link but don't want to get banned.


Xbox one digital download code for Alan wake +the signal DLC and the writer DLC: M4P67-DX642-2FPCD-H6XW9-CFKXZ ENJOY WHO EVER GETS IT FIRST


I have Xbox one code if anyone wants it .... have no interest in this game if no one replies in 5 ok just put it on here for anyone


Thanks for the link! Unfortunately it looks like i've missed it here too... ah well, thanks though!


Just bought it via paypal, it's working fine. Thanks a lot mate! :)

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Alan Wake Collector's Edition Steam key £2.69 @ Gamesplanet
Found 13th May 2017Found 13th May 2017
Alan Wake Collector's Edition Includes Alan Wake Special Episodes “The Signal” and “The Writer”.
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Does this include American Nightmare? I'm confused...


​yeah, sorry I got a bit confused. hence why I deleted my post. the two episodes described are included ... they were part of the original game. it's American nightmare dlc which isn't, and is only included in the franchise pack via steam store ... which should be reduced around late afternoon our time.


To be honest I can't even see mention of the extra episodes on Steam! Got a link?


it's an excellent game but my God do I dislike Alan. he's the whingiest and most miserable character I've ever used in a video game. I didn't mind losing on some parts of the game just to shut him up...


This game competes with The Last of Us for the best written and most compelling of all time. Brilliant game and I think I will play it again later on today...

Quantum Break & Alan Wake Download (Xbox One) - £9.99 Delivered @ GAME (Instore & Online)
Found 4th Apr 2017Found 4th Apr 2017
Still available instore Going in and out of stock online Quantum Break includes full game download of Alan Wake, the Xbox 360 game playable on Xbox One, as well as The Signal and … Read more

Ditto, looks like used copy. Going to try and swap instore. Not impressed, rather naughty of Game; they're not the only ones to do this, but they do have rather a habit :-(


I received a used copy too! Not thought to check the code though because I was worried that opening would mean I couldn't return?


Just a thought that you should amend the title now to say Instore rather than both now. I know it may have been online before at this price but everyone will keep trying to expire it. Also state which store too.


Pleas don't expire. Still available in store. Mod please un expire


Just received unsealed copy but thankfully code is unused.

Alan Wake - Xbox 360 - Full Game Download - PLAYS ON XBOX ONE £2.92  (Prime) / £4.91 (non Prime)  Sold by DA TECH PRO and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Found 8th Oct 2016Found 8th Oct 2016
For the around the same price of a MNS sarnie, you get quite a few hours fun to keep to your self occupied in these coming cold dark days of winter. Mission-based structure … Read more
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Anyone having problems adding the doctor when you get the code? Says the Dlc is included but can't find it or any additional codes


One of the best games I have played.


I really liked this game, and it's doc. I'm waiting for quantum to hit £10-15 before I bite on that one


My copy arrived today. Now when do I have time to play it after mafia 3, fifa 17 and forza.


Shame he can't just send you the code, surely it would be faster, easier and cheaper for him

Xbox One 500GB (white) + Quantum Break + Alan Wake for £207.00 incl. delivery @ MS Store Germany
Found 31st May 2016Found 31st May 2016
Hey guys. Yet another Xbox bundle^^ You get the white (or the black, but the white one looks just cool^^) version including Quantum Break and Alan Wake for £207 (= 269€) @ Microso… Read more
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cheers for the reply.. its just the end of the power lead you need with a uk plug on it ? you dont need the whole power brick part ?


Yes for the power lead; and yes for the free delivery.


do you need a new power lead with this ? and is it free delivery to the uk ? cheers

Xbox One 500GB + Quantum Break and Alan Wake £229.93 delivered from
Found 4th May 2016Found 4th May 2016
Cheaper paying in Euro or by using a fee free card. The cheapest price I can see for a Xbox One Bundle at the moment.
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When my UK 360 had a problem the service centre was in Germany anyway!


​no. your covered by Microsoft via serial number on console. any problems it goes back to them


good find op, heat added :)


In the UK so it doesn't have to go back to Germany? Cheers


Already posted ?

[Xbox 360/Xbox One] Alan Wake -  £2.37 - CDKeys (5% Discount)
Found 28th Apr 2016Found 28th Apr 2016
Alan Wake is a psychological action thriller, exclusively for Xbox 360, where gamers assume the role of Alan Wake, a best-selling suspense author who escapes to a small town to rec… Read more
Editor Get dealGet deal

Cheers - rude not to at this price :)


Got it, thank you.


That's cool. In the game?


My disc physical copy works perfectly


downloaded both dlc on my xbox one

xbox one with quantum break and Alan Wake £210.00
Found 27th Apr 2016Found 27th Apr 2016
Cracking deal for this XBOX. The white version will post to Ireland and Northern Ireland but the Black will only post to mainland UK. Xbox One 500GB Quantum Break Console Bundle … Read more
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It's got new GPU and motherboard - I would say that is not just a refresh but a new console generation - but hey - that's just semantics anyway - the PS4 and XBone will get a lot cheaper because demand will decrease for both.


Also, they won't be last gen. That's like saying ps3 is last gen when the ps3 slim is released.


Very good price.


wait another 6+ months for price drops, great advice


If you really want to buy an Xbox One wait until the Playstation NEO releases. It will crash the PS4 and XBone prices as retailers will scramble to offload the last generation machines. I hope MS respond or it could all be over.

Alan Wake Xbox 360 Digital Code £2.84 [5% Facebook Code] @ CDKeys
Found 21st Apr 2016Found 21st Apr 2016
Alan Wake is a psychological action thriller, exclusively for Xbox 360, where gamers assume the role of Alan Wake, a best-selling suspense author who escapes to a small town to rec… Read more

Hmmm I could be wrong, God knows how I got this then as I sure don't remember buying it and did not play it at the time of release, just found it on my available backwards compatible list. I stand corrected! Cracking game though almost finished it.


According to everything I can find, this has never been on Games with Gold...


Completed primal mate. Best dah and the woman and then lost interest because I had so many collectibles left to find but no camps or bonfires to take over. Great game though while it keeps your interest.


Bought this, does not work. Contacted Microsoft who say this is FAKE!!!


You wanna pass some time? get far cry primal, awesome game, very long and does not get boring

Alan Wake - Pre-Owned XBOX 360 @ GAME - £2.99
Found 12th Apr 2016Found 12th Apr 2016
For those like me who haven't purchased Quantum Break yet. Cheap than a lunch meal deal! Backwards Compatible on Xbox One as well.
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Boom! Thanks I got this from Stockport last night :)


Ha, can you actually sell back the games you've bought in the past then now? Also I agree the UI on PS4 is much nicer, but even that has some lag to it, much more due to recent updates imo.


great game. i regret they won't make it on ps4


Now I must be honest, I still find the UI for the XB1 to be much less user-friendly than the PS4 of Wii U, although it has definitely improved since becoming Windows 10. And I'm also a bit tired of it trying to sell me games I already own, and if it's not doing that, it's trying to get me to buy a Domino's pizza :P


I sold my Vita after completing Tearaway and Gravity Rush, then sold my Wii U after completing Bayonetta 2. Not enough good games on either to compel me to keep both (and I now have Tearaway Unfolded and Gravity Rush Remastered on PS4). Although all the Nintendo NX rumours have me a little intrigued at the very least.

Xbox One Special Edition Quantum Break Bundle (Quantum Break / Alan Wake + Controller)+ FREE (one of the two) Wireless Controller OR 12 Months Live £255.67 @ Microsoft Store France (Use code MSSTORE30)
Found 11th Apr 2016Found 11th Apr 2016
Seems a decent price for this lot. It's via the French Microsoft store, but pretty much self explanatory even if you don't know your way around the language. Price may vary slightl… Read more

It's a plug from a 2014 purchase, so it's pretty recent. I think the earth wiring is beneficial. Anyway, since the Xbox will come with an IEC port on the power supply, it's an easy and cheap thing to swap out.


Library pic of a fairly recent product, uhm? Though I clearly got the brown one the wrong way round hands up, we are the same voltage as Europe you know and three wires don't go in to two pin plugs, goes both ways you know. Nobody disputes our clunky plug is safer but most power leads only have two wires inside nowadays, from what I was reading


the code was expired maybe?




May I suggest you slice open any British power lead from about the last two decades and send me a pic of the third, usually brown, earth wire? Good luck with that (_;)

Found 8th Apr 2016Found 8th Apr 2016
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Cracking deal. Hopefully they do a similar one for Uncharted 4 with ps4. Got my fingers and toes crossed.


Bought this on Tuesday and sold the quantum break download code for £31, loving the White!


It's a download code in the box for both games.


Is it the physical copy of the game or a download voucher?


the way they can make these things limited edition is by sticking 2TB hdd as default. How they run out of space with a few games & updates.

Alan Wake Franchise (Steam) £3.09 @ Humble Bundle (Winter Sale)
Found 9th Dec 2014Found 9th Dec 2014
When the wife of the best-selling writer Alan Wake disappears on their vacation, his search turns up pages from a thriller he doesn’t even remember writing. A Dark Presence stalks … Read more
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just finished playing american nightmare really liked it!


one of the few games I played all the way through. it is an amazingly well written game. I got it in a sale too if you enjoy Stephen king novels, I guarantee you will love this game.


It's not the 64p they were flogging it for once but best you can get it for now so hot if you don't have it


yeah those humble bundle people are right jerks oO


Great game, still need to play through American Nightmare

Alan Wake (Xbox 360) Used - Like New £2.08 @ AmazonWarehouse  (free delivery £10 spend/prime)
Found 19th Aug 2014Found 19th Aug 2014
Seems to be plenty in stock. Item is pre-owned. If you are not a prime member then the P&P is only free if you spend more than £10.

The same studio (Remedy) is developing Quantum Break for Xbox One. Looks incredible graphics-wise (as Alan Wake did in my humble opinion) and the gameplay looks different but in the same mould if that makes sense! Highly recommend Alan Wake. I've played it through several times and it's still a lot of fun as well as scary as hell in parts.


Really looking forward to playing Quantum day...when it comes out on PC or the XBOX One is £100.


I played this after borrowing it off my dad. not my first choice I'd have picked up but really glad I played it, well worth it


Excellent game, playing it with headphones is terrifying!


Not DLC, separate game, the DLC for Alan Wake is The Signal and The Writer which were better imo than American Nightmare game. Some people may get lucky and find an unused code for the first DLC in the game box.

Dead Space £2.49, Alan Wake £3.44, Outlast £3.74, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs £3.37 @ Steam - Community's Choice
Found 28th Jun 2014Found 28th Jun 2014
We have a selection of four "atmospheric horror" games as the latest Community's Choice winners in the Steam sale. These won't go any lower in this sale, so pick them up now if you… Read more
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Dead Space: Alan Wake: Outlast: Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs:

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