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Yale YES-ALARMKIT Essentials Alarm Kit, Battery Powered, up to 20 Add-on Accessories, No monitoring fee - £73.99 @ Amazon
Posted 10th AugPosted 10th Aug
Further price drop (highfive) No monitoring fee: No hidden costs and no contract Easy set up: Wire free for quick and easy installation Expandable: Add up to 20 accessor… Read more

That's the sort of comment i like. Important future Information that could save me lot's of trouble. Cheers.


Get the internet connected smarthub version to get notifications.


Jerec: I really want an alarm for my house but I just have no idea on what ones are best, nor the prices I should be paying. Can anyone suggest some good brands/setups please? ToJerec It depends on how much work you are prepared to do yourself. A mains powered control box with back up battery, I think most people would feel safe with. There are Yale & other kits, plenty of competitive prices, where most of the devices are wireless. No wires to fix, but wired are more time consuming and difficult to hide unless you are prepared to drill etc & hide under floorboards etc. Try a few Alarm fitters for quotes? Screwfix have a Yale wireless expandable kit for about £ 220. Have a look at that for starters to give you ideas. Look up Honeywell for alarms. I've had one fitted for years with no problems. A decent handyman could do most of the time consuming work themselves to fit a " professional" alarm... Hence they would find a wireless one a doddle to fit. Best wishes..


We have this one but it came with 2 of the window\door contact things rather than one (this pack only has one). We needed 1 for the front door and one for the back door. Its decent enough although we did pay less than this and a downside is that you need to change the batteries on the main alarm every 18 to 24 months, so you have to go up a ladder if you have it at the top of your house , open the alarm and replace the batteries , it will also activate the alarm sound once you open it to change the batteries


I'm waiting on the Yale Sync alarm coming back down in price. Sold my house and my buyers wanted the alarm, so I need to buy another. Note that the Yale Sync range is their next generation alarm - and is not compatible with this one or its accessories.

Ring 10 Piece Alarm kit - £299.99 delivered on Costco
Posted 23rd JulPosted 23rd Jul
So both Costco (£299.99) and Amazon (£319.99) are knocking about £40 off their regular prices. The reviews say it's a good DIY Alarm system with the added benefit of being connecte… Read more
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If you have the chance when doing a rewire then I would go the wired route. Something like this Linky


Yes...I put order in yesterday..I can confirm that's the price I paid


Have you done this? In T and C's it states that it can't be combined with other offers. If it does il upgrade my account for my doorbell then order the system.


Anyone know if this is in store as well.


Supposed to be pretty good.

Ring Alarm 7 Piece Starter Kit with x2 Contact Sensors and x 2 Motion Sensors for £209.98 instore at Costco Trafford
Posted 23rd JulPosted 23rd JulLocalLocal
Cheaper instore too. It's the 5 pack with 2 extra items This is the Trafford Store so not sure if National

Yes, it's national. Just bought one today.


Was it better signal or did the upgraded router do a better job of handling all the data more efficiently (eg faster processor). If I run an external ping test to my Sky router I get mostly 100% response and low latency. However if I stream a 4K movie via Apple TV my external ping test loses about 5% of packets and has a huge jump in latency. Sure if you signal was bad that would cause issues but changing the router changes a lot of stuff. Out of interest what did you have and what did you get?


The delays on the Ring doorbell actually making the chime or the app fire off an alert has made it sometimes useless. We’ve missed couriers because it chimes some minutes later. Thé ring door bell has a good connection but I’m on a standard Sky router. If I am streaming 4K TV and the kids have other stuff going on I wonder if the router is a bit maxed (even if I’m only using 60mbps out of 72). But I like my Ring cameras overall and yesterday they caught someone trying to break into my car. Hoping the Rapid Ring app (which is also mention on the site - so it is official) might solve some of the problems. Thx @ravgill9


I had similar problems but they were solved when I upgraded my router. The better the signal, the better they work.


Download Rapid Ring. It’s the same company but all it does is connect to the doorbell when alerts are set. It is a massive difference. Never miss the postman again.

Ring Alarm 7 Piece Starter Kit with x2 Contact Sensors and x 2 Motion Sensors for £219.99 delivered @ Costco
Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
Good Ring kit reduced by £30 at Costco. Offer is valid until 02/08 +Free delivery The Ring Alarms provide an affordable solution to whole-home security, with no long-term com… Read more
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Yes, had a free trial for a month . Costs me £8 a month now for video back up and mobile calls. But I think it’s worth it to be notified direct. Once info comes through I can check it’s cause and can also pull up video. I can then make a call to someone to check. Much more valuable to me than an alarm ringing and no one paying attention. When was the last time someone checked on an alarm activation on their street. Most just ignore nowadays The Plan also covers any faults while subscribed. Not had to use but to me cost effective should something fail, knowing they will replace. I am an assistant security manager and have been for 25 years now, and this is cheap compared to anything else and has good features.


Its actually 219 online now... does anyone know if its the same instore now?


Hi, Do you have to subscribe for mobile txt/notifications? Thanks


Its like 250 inc vat


thanks. i did went yesterday but didn't look at this.

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Ring Alarm 5 Piece Kit – Home Security System with optional Assisted Monitoring - £199 delivered from Amazon
Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
Ring Alarm 5 Piece Kit – Home Security System with optional Assisted Monitoring – No long-term commitments – Works with Alexa 7 piece available for £239 9 piece is £299 10 piece i… Read more

Nice! Think Ring mobile notifications are free too.


Yes you can have local storage, NAS or cloud, mine is local storage (so no fees) and I have an instant message on my mobile if an alarm is triggered. All free and very reliable


Is Eufy offer a free monitoring and cloud service? The optional monthly fees on these are to call you if an alarm is triggered or to backup data to the cloud automatically


Most prob not as good quality as Eufy, once you buy in to these smart things they try to get you to add on more stuff like outdoor cams and sensors ect, like I said Eufy has a better picture quality and the app is top notch with no monthly fees.


I'm after one but I think I will wait till Prime day. I believe they did the same deal with free camera. But regardless, this is the best price at the moment.

Yale Essentials Alarm Kit, Battery Powered, up to 20 Add-on Accessories - £79.99 @ Amazon
310° Expired
Posted 9th JulPosted 9th Jul
Yale Essentials Alarm Kit, Battery Powered, up to 20 Add-on Accessories £79.99 @ Amazon Description Yale Essentials Alarm Kit is an ideal security system for the family home. … Read more

I saw Ajax for the first time today. What kit did you go for and how much was it? Thanks


Wow - I’ve spent a lot of money (around £250+) on additional PIRs and Door/Window Contect, extra remotes etc. after purchasing a Yale alarm not knowing this. I wish I had known how easy it was to jam the frequency on this and would have invested in a better system. Thanks for letting us know.


Thank you for your kind reply, v. helpful.


Blimey, best comment I've read all week. Thanks for taking the time!


You're welcome. An installer would probably charge between £250 and £400 ish depending on where you are, however this system is very easy to install specially in its new GSM/APP control incarnation - I have the previous version which alerts via the landline/PSTN and installation was a bit of a pfaff. The hardest part will be fixing the external sounder at some height so it can't be stolen. I bought my system from an ebay seller years ago, there are many bonafide alarm resellers on it, just review the feedback before buying. The system comes with detailed instructions and Pyronix support is very good. They're now owned by Hisense though. Now that I can remember, an alarm installer had commented on a previous alarm thread that his go-to system now is the Texecom Ricochet wireless, which works in an identical manner to the Pyronix, BUT has a sounder which takes AA photo lithium batteries and not a proprietary Li ion battery like the Pyronix, hence replacement batts are cheaper. Wireless systems aren't without their challenges and you have to keep on top of battery levels of the sounder and detection devices through the panel alerts. My Pyronix external sounder started going off continuously at 3am a few months ago, waking up the entire neighborhood, and forcing me to get hold of the original installer to replace the battery at 5am. £125 lighter (COVID callout surcharge), I've had plenty of time to rue the fact that I ignored a low battery warning for two weeks and let it run down to a point where it lost communication with the panel and started wailing uncontrollably (as it had lost the ability to be switched off via the panel). To be fair, it lasted 3 years and I should have had a backup battery at home.

Yale EF-KF Easy Fit Alarm Remote Keyfob - Accessory for SR & EF Alarms - £9.97 Prime ( +£4.49 NP) @ Amazon
228° Expired
Posted 9th JulPosted 9th Jul
Seems like a decent price for this 🤘 The Yale Key Fob is wireless and easy to pair with your EF and SR Series Alarm System, allowing you to extend your system to tailor it… Read more

I would like to know this aswell, I have the Yale IA-320


Does this fob work with the following system..? Yale IA-320


Good price and great addition making it so easy to arm and disarm when entering or leaving the house


Same price at curry’s


Great price - Heat .

Yale AC-KP Sync Smart Home Alarm Accessory Remote Keypad - £22.98 delivered at Amazon
166° Expired
Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
Security: arm or disarm your alarm with your personal 4 digit PIN code Part-arm: secure your home even when you are in, with Zone control. Emergency trigger: immediately activate… Read more

Haha. It isn't that they're the wrong way around, they just report the same keypad being used irrespective of what one I actually use. If I use the garage it says garage, if I use hall it says...garage (lol)


Swap the keypads around to the other location, problem solved ;)


It's all over the app for now and yes, we know it's you who have been breaking in houses.. hahah :) That's not good for such a famous brand :(


Poor customer support. I have experienced the same. Disappointing.


And so can someone else deactivate your alarm before entering!

RING Alarm 5 Piece Security Kit, £169.15 at Currys/ebay
338° Expired
Posted 16th JunPosted 16th Jun
Decent bundle on offer here. Key Features Get premium security protection with the Ring Alarm 5 Piece Security Kit , and monitor your alarm remotely via smart app. The kit incl… Read more

I am looking for this on a decent price. I cant believe i miss this one. I check everyday, but still missed it. Pls can we put an eye on it for me pls? Thanks




Am waiting for V2 ring alarm to come out in the UK


That’s crazy! During lockdown?!


No, it depends on if they are the battery or powered ones. Battery ones are tripped by pir, mains powered ones are triggered by motion on the video, they also can be set to periodically upload a still image.

Yale shed and garage alarm £10 in store at B&M Hartlepool
303° Expired
Posted 16th JunPosted 16th JunLocalLocal
Apparently we can post b&m deal now so might not get deleted this time Wireless Shed and Garage Alarm, Wireless Loud Siren Ideal for Garage/Shed

I have something very similar but a different unknown brand and it's been working the same for a few years with no troubles too ;) Batteries last forever in the pir inside the shed and I have the base on a power adapter inside the house.


I've heard it all now, including this shed and garage alarm.


I had one of these about a decade ago and it's useless. As yourself this question: Are you going to hear it if it goes off in your shed? & a thief won't be scared as they will just smash it to bits as soon as they see it. An infinitely better solution is to buy a wireless shed alarm like this for £19: This has two PIR sensors which are run off 3 AAA batteries and when they detect motion they transmit their signals to a base receiver that can also be powered by batteries or a power adapter. I've had mine on the same AAA batteries for over a year and 'touch wood' the only time they have gone off is when ive entered the shed.


Has anyone seen this deal elsewhere please? Hoping it’s the Essex shops

Yale EF-DC Easy Fit Alarm Door/Window Contact, White, DIY Friendly £9.97 (Prime) / £14.46 (non Prime) at Amazon
367° Expired
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
Yale EF-DC Easy Fit Alarm Door/Window Contact, White, DIY Friendly £9.97 (Prime) / £14.46 (non Prime) at Amazon
£9.97£16.9941% Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Amazon have a bit of a clearance going on the Yale alarm accessories including: Yale EF-DC Easy Fit Alarm Door/Window Contact £9.97 - Lowest price since 2016 according to 3came… Read more

Can anyone help with this question. With the Yale easy fit alarm I understand it can give you app notifications etc. Now if the alarm triggers and is sounding can you turn it off via your mobile phone? Or like the older systems to turn it off you have to use the keypad? Thanks


Great alarm mine is 5 years old no issues.. Did replace the control box with the newer easy fit wireless model


Good prices thanks, but door contact is now £13.29


Re door sensor Ah me too, but I left it there for a bit and it reset or something (after a week or two), now it works fine. I think it's the connection between hub and device that gets a bit confused.


One failed out right giving a fault alert and the other failed after swapping the battery following a low battery alert. I couldn't get it to pair to the system again even through normally you swap the battery and click done then test but it wasn't there. The panic alarm just stopped working on battery change and no led on testing so got another and a few week ago it's sat on my desk so I press the button and it lights up again but still not place it back on the system yet.

YALE SR-320 Smart Home Alarm Kit - £130.97 @ eBay / Currys
214° Expired
Posted 9th JunPosted 9th Jun
YALE SR-320 Smart Home Alarm Kit - £130.97 @ eBay / Currys
£130.97£21940% Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
A decent reduction in this smart Yale alarm 868mhz, app controlled, can use the EF & SR accessories 3 available at time of posting via Currys eBay store It's not a visonic or… Read more

I’ve had this kit Installed for 2 years now, it’s been faultless and since the App was completely remade last year it’s been Super slick. It’s subscription free and still works as a normal burglar alarm if your hub loses Internet connection ( TBH this has never happened apart from when I’ve been restarting the router for other deviceissues ) Very easy to recommend this system (y)


If it helps anyone B&Q have extremely limited stock of the SR-310 (starter kit) for £78 if you can find one actually in stock!


Sorry guys glad I got my order in before posting the deal :o


1 user bought all 3 remaining products - look on ebay next week! (pirate)


Sold out

Yale EF-KF Easy Fit Alarm Remote Keyfob, White, DIY Friendly, Accessory for SR & EF Alarms £9.97 (Prime) + £4.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
365° Expired
Posted 9th JunPosted 9th Jun
Yale EF-KF Easy Fit Alarm Remote Keyfob, White, DIY Friendly, Accessory for SR & EF Alarms £9.97 (Prime) + £4.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
Convenience - arm and disarm your Easy Fit and SR Series Alarm system with the touch of a button DIY friendly - wireless and easy to pair to your Easy Fit and SR Series Alarm syst… Read more

I needed a spare thank you!


perfect example of bad imformation on the internet.


Yup, you got me. Odd. I have a clear recollection of trying the key fob and it behaving as I described above. Just had a look and mine is still in a sealed box, so can't have ever used it. Never mind, move along - nothing to see here (ahem).


1st - this is the manual it's from the Easy Fit range which is a Silver Yale sticker and we have 3 of these. 2nd - You can disarm the alarm in range even before you unlock the door which is what we do as the dog is fighting you as we go in. 3rd - if you lose your keys you log onto the app and click bypass. 4th - you can't reset a panic alarm from the keyfob or panic button but then again using a pin or app (pin on phone) keeps it safe. 5th - Don't have the external box beep on arm/disarm then walking down a street pressing buttons won't help.


Nope, it's not. For instance see p25 of this Yale Manual. All the manuals say the same, this is just the first I found. And it definitely works like this. It won't turn off your alarm if it's sounding either (that's in the manual as well somewhere). They don't do what you expect them to do, but it does mean you don't have to worry if you lose one.

Xiaomi Mijia Door Window Sensor pack of 4 - Intelligent Alarm System Xiaomi Smart Home Kits £24.97 at AliExpress Xiao_Mi Online Store
233° Expired
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Xiaomi Mijia Door Window Sensor pack of 4 - Intelligent Alarm System Xiaomi Smart Home Kits £24.97 at AliExpress Xiao_Mi Online Store
£24.97 Free P&P FreeAliExpress Deals
a bit long delivery, but i use these with my smartthings hub and they are great.

so I almost fully migrated to the new ST app yesterday. Still not sure if my temp logging app to googlesheets works from the old app or the new...thats the last bit to transfer/modify I now remember why i didn't like the new app. It did not have routines, and i believe still doesn't, but i was able to program the routines through smartapps. All good now :) thank you for the suggestion and encouragement.


Anyone know if these work with Home Assistant without the Smart Things hub? I don't currently have ST hub but like to have these fitted soon...


After many frustrating button presses I found recently the best way to pair the Xiaomi devices with SmartThings is to (put SmartThings in pairing mode, then) press and HOLD the button for a few seconds until the LED flashes, then wait. If the LED appears to flash dimly then the battery probably needs replacing. HTH


They state "offline" and never update. You can re-add them by scanning on ST + holding the button for 2 seconds and then pressing it once every couple of seconds to keep it alive until found on ST.


you can see status when you open it in the app. but you can also set up notification for when the status changes.

Ring Indoor Cam Smart Security Camera with Built-in Wi-Fi, White & Ring Alarm Security System (Bundle) £179 @ John Lewis & Partners
42° Expired
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
Ring Indoor Cam Smart Security Camera with Built-in Wi-Fi, White & Ring Alarm Security System (Bundle) £179 @ John Lewis & Partners
Ring's range of smart video doorbells and security cameras let you monitor your home from anywhere, so you never miss a visitor. They help to keep your home secure by protecting yo… Read more

As far as I know you just switch plans. I’m currently on a free trial of the alarm plan


Can you get a refund from the existing plan? I'm in this boat!


Thanks, I ordered this. Got the deal on amazon the other day before you got the free camera. So hopefully I can sneak this kit back to Amazon for the refund and keep the camera ;)


You will need to upgrade your current one which will cost £8 per month.



Ring Alarm 5 Piece Kit – Home Security System with optional Assisted Monitoring - £179 @ Amazon
277° Expired
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Ring Alarm 5 Piece Kit – Home Security System with optional Assisted Monitoring - £179 @ Amazon
£179 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Amazon Ring Home security system on sale. 5pc - £179 7pc - £239 9pc - £299 10pc - £319 Prices above are same with and without indoor cam! Great for those looking to add a DIY ho… Read more



Bit of toss up, as Costco now do the 7 piece for 219.99, or this with free camera, though I suppose it’s similar price if you then get another sensor for 39.00..... good bit of kit though


No it doesn't seem to work. Maybe try and email support, they might be able to sort it for you.


Beat me by about 10 secs! Heat added.


This is a great deal, has anybody been able to purchase the camera bundle with the interest free monthly payments? I can only seem to get this option when buying the 5pc bundle without the camera.

RING Alarm 5 Piece Security Kit & Indoor Cam or RING Video Doorbell 3 & Indoor Cam for £179 delivered @ Currys PC World (+ 2 yrs guarantee)
1143° Expired
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
RING Alarm 5 Piece Security Kit & Indoor Cam or RING Video Doorbell 3 & Indoor Cam for £179 delivered @ Currys PC World (+ 2 yrs guarantee)
£179£29840% Free P&P FreeCurrys PC World Deals
Nice Ring bundle offers. :) Lowest I've seen them for. Each bundle Includes a FREE Indoor Security Camera (worth up to £49) £179 Bundle 1 - RING Alarm 5 Piece Security Kit… Read more
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Uncle bob


Cheers buddy, sorry I meant like a box to go on the outside of your house, to work as a deterrent? Appreciate it won’t stop everyone but thinking Even if it stops a few?


Have a motion sensor in my van.


Great find!!! I know it’s not a deal breaker but is anyone buying these buying boxes for outside of the house?

Ring Alarm 7 Piece Kit - Costco Warehouses - £215.98
249° Expired
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Ring Alarm 7 Piece Kit - Costco Warehouses - £215.98
£215.98Costco Deals
Ring Alarm 7 Piece Kit In Costco Warehouses, price include VAT Valid Until Sun 10th May Currently £289.00 on Amazon so this is a great saving. Includes: 1x Base Station, 2x Cont… Read more
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Only showing £220 for me


2nd gen now launched in US hence the price dip here. Given this only launched 6 months ago is a UK gen 2 update likely to be months away?




Was looking at this last night on YouTube. There is a new version out in USA now. Not sure how long it would take for it to be available here.


Same. They pick and choose what suits them.

Yale IA-320 Sync Smart Home Alarm £215 at Amazon
189° Expired
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Yale IA-320 Sync Smart Home Alarm £215 at Amazon
£215 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Yale smart sync family kit ia 320 alarm at a very good price. Available with 5 payments of £43 Also the same price at Currys:… Read more

App was down lastnight YET AGAIN, SERVER ISSUES AGAIN , couldn't turn the alarm off or unlock my door, locked out for 4h. i spent about £600 on this crap, yale are getting blasted in a min, nothing but problems with this crap.


When we leave the house, we use the key fobs. We then get a phone notification to say the alarm is armed, the hub beeps and the external siren unit flashes an led. At night we use our phones as we don't take keys upstairs so its easier.


Yes with my version it has a keypad and 2 key fobs. This version has the keypad, 2 key fobs and you can arm with alexa. (but not disarm I don't think)


So can you disarm it without internet manually?


No your house stays alarmed, it just cant send the notification out to your phone. Without internet it just becomes a standalone alarm system. It doesnt need the internet to work, just to notify your phone and to allow you to arm/disarm with the app

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