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BT Mini Whole Home Wi-Fi - Three Discs with free Amazon Echo dot £133.48 delivered @ BT Shop
Made hot 14th SepMade hot 14th Sep
Always connected to a strong wi-fi signal in every room Works with all broadband providers These discs only work with other Mini Whole Home Wi-Fi disc Now with a free Amazon Ec… Read more

Considering you can get a three pack of the normal sized AC2600 ones for £136 I think unless you desperately need the echo dot I would personally go for this other option instead... But it all depends on your setup and usage. I bought a two pack of the AC2600 ones after previously using WiFi power extenders. It's been a game changer for me. The BT units are very fast to set up and have been completely stable so far. I live in an apartment building with very thick walls. But, these are offering speeds very close to what I can get via a wired in connection. Totally recommend them.


The Mini is AC1200 compared to the original which is AC2600, but it does benefit from having a dual-band concurrent backhaul. Which means it can use both 2.4GHz and 5GHz at the same time, which will allow the discs to spread the traffic over the 2 bands. The App does have a smaller set of features at the moment. There is only a “Pause All”, and no access controls (timed schedules etc) at the moment. It does have a Guest network and you can turn off LEDs on the discs.


Basically it's telling you that the more people using the wifi at the same time, the bigger setup you need. Especially if you have multiple users, someone playing online games, teenagers watching streaming movies, others wanting to browse, video chat, etc. If you just want access in every room for light use, or maybe streaming music, then the mini is probably adequate.


I have seen this but i cannot tell much from it


Trying to find out the difference between these mini discs and the normal sized discs. Anyone have a plain English answer?

Superfast 2 Broadband + Amazon Echo Dot + £100 Amazon or John Lewis, Currys, Marks & Spencer Voucher £23pm for 18 months (£414) @ Vodafone
1058° Expired
Made hot 3rd SepMade hot 3rd Sep
Free Echo Dot AND £100 voucher after £120 days - 63Mbps max - 55Mbps guaranteed or money back Are there any better Openreach fibre deals right now?

Placed order to switch and after 8 days called received from vodafone "the other provider did not gave permission to take line.. will be easier to raise an auto new number order bla bla bla". Not a good start telling they will give favour to raise another order "today" which will complete by "next many days starting from today".... Not a good start and made me concerned. End user listening to and experiencing finger pointing between openreach, sky and voda.


I would. Mine is so slow, it's unusable. 2mb downloads at peak time on 63mb fibre?! Check the Vodafone forums - this isn't isolated.


I had ordered this, since then I've read a lot of comments which concern me. We currently have Now TV broadband for a few quid a month more, which generally works fine. Should I cancel the transfer and stick as we are?


Got a call back today after i agreed to be disconnected and they have now given me my 50mb for £23 for a year. Not bad as know its stable with good speeds 99% of the time and don't want to get a phone line and risk the pains of moving to a new provider.


Its probably down to the luck of timing; if you threaten to cancel when retentions are very low then they'll be more desperate to give you a good deal. I once called and they were unable to come anywhere near a BT deal at the time so I cancelled, but I got a call back a week later begging me to stay and they threw in £100 bill credit on top of matching the BT deal.

Vodafone superfast 63mbps broadband + Amazon Echo Dot £21pm/18 months at Vodafone
676° Expired
Made hot 30th AugMade hot 30th Aug
Just looking at broadband deals and came across this: Vodafone super fast 2 broadband avg 63mbps Amazon echo dot Possible £80 cash back via Quidco 18 month contract Wi-fi hub Guar… Read more

I transfered over to Vodafone today from EE, received the latest Router and all seems to be dandy at the moment. The App allows you to boost to a specific device seems handy especially as we have 8 devices connected simultaneously. I just hope down the line they don't start to throttle me.


Just run while you can. Have a look on all f the issues on their own forum It will be even worse. Basically ISP's are buying broadband capacity from BT. Let say they buying 1Gb/s and then then selling to 100 customers. This


Tried 3 times so far and still nothing. I guess you've managed to be very lucky with your adviser. Good for you mate (y)


What an absolute shower they are, my broadband contract is up and I have a mobile account with them. They said I could have Superfast 2, a echo plus, the new router and reduced price. It was supposed to go live today, the router has been delivered but I have had no contact since last month. Just phoned them and they can see that it was all promised but nothing has been done to upgrade the speed, never mind the rest of it.


I’m upgrading, called today and have mine scheduled for delivery. The rep and the email confirmation say it’s the VOX 3.0 Lite

Vodafone Gigafast. 200mb for the price of 100mb for £28 Monthly  x 18 Months + Amazon Echo Dot
313° Expired
Made hot 20th AugMade hot 20th Aug
Vodafone has this deal again up until September 10th £5 off monthly if you have a Vodafone pay monthly sim or phone + A free Amazon dot echo This is ran by Cityfibre's Network

Sounds like my experience with Virgin Media - bill always different to what you are promised, then 6 months of arguments before mistake corrected only for next bill to be wrong again.... (mad)


Vodafone Gigafast Customer Service states that the £5 discount for existing Vodafone customers is not available on Gigafast connections.


You weren't on gigafast. You were on some crap SIM package from Vodaphone. GIGAFAST is full fibre to your house using CityFIbre.


It's a shame the others don't have the coverage. I have a choice of VM or around 50/60 with a BT provider. As soon as I can I'll be jumping ship to another provider, just need someone to pull their finger out and deploy to us....or I'll move :P


This isn't done by openreach so that's why they offer more than 300/50 to consumers. I'm currently only Openreach FTTH with BT and the max I can get is 300/50, curretntly paying for 150/30 however openreach has now said they will offer by the end of the year 500 and 1000/220 speeds to consumers as well as lowering the price of the 300mb package . My contract expires next June and hopefully CityFibre will have reached my my house by then so I can switch over to 900/900 as it's the exact same price im paying for 150/30

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6 Months Free Amazon Music Unlimited with purchase of Echo devices. (New Sign-up & Possibly Cancelled Subscription) - Amazon Prime
188° Expired
Made hot 15th JulMade hot 15th Jul
Usually 3 months free Amazon Music with purchase of Echo devices. New Sign-up or Possibly will work with Cancelled Subscriptions) 6 Months Free Amazon Music Unlimited with purch… Read more

Yes... i did have the echo dot &music offer earlier in the year (which i cancelled) but other than that, don't know why it won't work.. Thanks anyway :) .


I take it that you are a prime member?


This is what I got with the link I posted:


Thanks... is this the screen you had? Is it just that it's £7.99 after the trial?? Sorry- and thanks (y)


Ring Video Doorbell 2 2 + Echo Show 5 + Amazon Echo Dot + Amazon Fire Stick £153.98 @ Amazon
272° Expired
Made hot 15th JulMade hot 15th Jul
Same with the other post on Amazon Show 5 + Ring 2 + Echo Dot for £143.99 but if you add the Fire Stick it come up to £153.98 which mays the fire stick to be £9.99.

I tried too.


Tried and they said no chance


My order number is 202-0051696-9824371 if anyone wants to ask for price match


Anyone managed to get this???


Code request please

Ring Video Doorbell 2 2 + Echo Show 5 + Amazon Echo Dot  £143.99 @ Amazon
1363° Expired
Refreshed 15th JulRefreshed 15th Jul
Right so if you add these both to your basket from the deal links on the front page you can get an amazing deal on them Edit, seems if you add an echo dot for free too :)

Yea I've had a look and the only lengthy chime I could find was a Christmas ringtone lol


There are a selection of Chimes to choose from in the alexa app


The ring door bell connects with the device within a few seconds but only chimes once which is far too short. To view who is at the front door you will need to ask Alexa to show you the front door which opens also in a few seconds


I’ve No idea, sorry. What Id like to know is, was it a good connection with instant alert and good clear picture? Cheers.


Has anyone set up the ring door bell with their echo show or Alexa in general? I've managed to get the devices to ring but can only get them to chime once. Is there anyway of having a continous chime?

2x Echo Dot (3rd Gen), All colours available + Amazon Smart Plug, Works with Alexa - £44.99 @ Amazon Prime Exclusive!
1846° Expired
Made hot 15th JulMade hot 15th Jul
2 Echo Dots and an Amazon Smart Plug delivered for £44.99. Nothing more to be said really, apart from BUY IT! Amazing price! Cheaper than 1 Amazon Dot at RRP! Enjoy! The BEST… Read more
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This person tends to make a statement with no explanation I’ve found (lol) more just to have an opinion


I got ripped off too, I brought 2 echo dots prime day got charged£44 should of been £40 said they won't refund the £4 unless I return the dots and re-order but because I used a £10 promo code as part payment I won't get the £10 refunded! 😡


I got this deal and was charged £56.66 even though I have the email that states £44.99. Waiting on customer support coming back to me. Double check your bank accounts.


So did you spend on the off chance it might allow you to access some special offers?


We use ours for slow cooker it is a God send... tp link though not this but the range of uses is great. Good to put behind TV etc when plugs are hard to reach. Girlfriend has straighteners plugged into then so we can tell if they have been left on or not. No more setting off somewhere and turning back 10 minutes later to make sure they are off. Superb at Christmas so you can boot all lights on tree and bay window and the command of "Alexa Turn on Christmas Lights" My lad loves to see that ha

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd gen) + 10 bottles of bleach + 1 chocolate packet £16.49 via Amazon Prime Now (new  customers)
296° Expired
Made hot 13th JulMade hot 13th Jul
Amazon echo dot (3rd gen) + 10 bottles of bleach + 1 chocolate packet £16.49 via Amazon Prime Now (new customers) + free 2 hour delivery using code 10NOW40 Reposted with link A… Read more

Man I wish I had prime now in my area


Haha norwich of all cities NOT available


Well that didn't take long they're down to £59.99 so good price, particularly if you can use 10NOW40 on Prime Now too (y)


You should really wait for that to go on offer, it is discounted all the time. You can use code 10NOW40 and also the buy 10 and get £10 off offer.


Can someone explain how to do it please. I’m trying to buy the £90 Alexa. What deal can I get?

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) + 10 Pack of 6 Nutella B Ready Bars  (or other items) + Free 2 Hour Delivery - £20.79 for New Prime Now Customers
1680° Expired
Made hot 12th JulMade hot 12th Jul
i just got 1x amazon echo dot (3rd gen) + 10 pack of 6 nutella b ready bars and pack of bagels (i really wanted a bagel) plus free 2 hour delivery for £20.79 the nutella bars are… Read more

Got my Echo Dot delivered today, £15.48 including 9 trays of 4 pack Kinder Buenos and 1 Nutella B-ready :D


Excellent find ! Ordered! You dont have to buy the nutella bars just any cheap chocolate or other item will do for this offer. Btw just cancelled my order for echo dot which I ordered on prime day cuz this was cheaper and I get a bunch of stuff with it ...


Great but can only get it down to 35 quid now . Great deal though op. I’m just late to the party :o


All the £1.50 items have been removed!


Anyone found an expiry date for this 10now40 deal?

Amazon Echo Dot £25 instore @ Tesco
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Made hot 12th JulMade hot 12th JulLocalLocal
Amazon echo dot reduced to £25 tesco Echo Dot is our most popular voice-controlled speaker, now with improved sound and a new design compared to the previous-generation Ech… Read more

Even cheaper on Amazon currently.


£22 Amazon


Got one yesterday, completely promotes laziness, and most certainly invades all your privacy.....but I love it lol


It’s been this price many times since November and currently this price everywhere including John Lewis with 2 year warranty, it’s also been £16 recently with Amazon music.


£24 here

Philips Hue White and Colour Ambience Starter Kit B22 / E27 (3 Colour bulbs + Hub + Dimmer Switch) + Echo Dot (3rd Gen) £94.99 @ Amazon
1331° Expired
Made hot 6th JulMade hot 6th Jul
£25 more then Currys offer but here you get extra colour bulb + dimmer switch & Echo Dot.Starter Kit on its own at most places over £150. Philips Hue White and Colour Ambienc… Read more

Did the same and got delivered today. Still got two new bulbs in the draw! Need to set them up to match the rest


Glad I panic purchased one last night! Already sold both the bridge and echo. Thanks OP!


Yes new deal is £5 cheaper but doesn't comes with dimmer switch & Philips hue kit is older version.


Yeah, but looks like the old deal is no longer available.. a great price still IMO..


That’s not the same deal, doesn’t come with the switch so a worse deal

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Smart Speaker with Alexa (Grey - White - Black) £24 / Amazon Echo 2nd Gen Smart Speaker £59  @ AO
1470° Expired
Made hot 4th JulMade hot 4th Jul
Update 1
Echo dots back in stock at £24 each
Amazon echo dots reduced at AO to £24 - all colours and free delivery. Also available on their eBay store . Looks to be a price drop across retailers but AO pricing seems to be £1… Read more
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Yep was just a minute ago as well at John Lewis.


Cold. No stock


24.99 at JL?


Argos have bod got them at 24.99


Now same price at JL with the 2 year warranty.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa - (All Colours) £24.99 // Amazon Echo 2nd Gen. (All Colours) £59.99 @ Amazon
1844° Expired
Refreshed 4th JulRefreshed 4th Jul
Update 05/07 now Argos have similar price to Amazon. Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa - Charcoal / Sandstone / Grey £24.99 Echo Dot Argos Link A… Read more


How did you manage that? The coupon is for £25 or over isn’t it?


Thinking of getting the upgrading the echo dot to the echo, so you didn't notice much difference in the quality of sound?


Bought an Echo to replace the Dot and Anker bluetooth speaker in the living room and have a bit less clutter. Used the £6 credit for buying £50 gift code so worked out at £53.99. Sound is about on par with the dot and Anker speaker so i'm happy with it. I bet Amazon sales of Echo have increased since the Years and Years TV show, everyone wanting their own Señor.


Probably right...

Amazon Echo Dot (2nd generation) reduced to £19 in Tesco
421° Expired
Made hot 7th JunMade hot 7th JunLocalLocal
Tesco currently have the Amazon Echo Dot (Black or White versions) reduced to £19 in Tesco Purley (maybe elsewhere too?)
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Read my comment above.



How im new to this?


Me: "Alexa! Justify me buying this and leaving it to gather dust, like all the other impulse buys I have made." Alexa:


And don’t forget this one has less microphones on them. We used to have a Bose in our kitchen hadn’t been on since we got the third generation.

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen + Smart Plug £39.98 at John Lewis & Partners
790° Expired
Made hot 2nd JunMade hot 2nd Jun
Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen + Smart Plug £39.98 at John Lewis & Partners
Amazon Echo Dot + Smart Plug £39.98 in white or black. (Grey colour £44.98) 2 year warranty Free c+c Thought this was an ok deal as for an extra tenner on top of the usual £29.98 … Read more

(fierce) Looks like i've missed this deal !


FYI folks. If this sort of thing was to become a permanent fixture (you don't intend on moving it around the house) then there are wall sockets that have WiFi smart tech built in meaning you don't need have a plug sticking out. With a device connected to a smart plug they really do stick out away from the room a lot. So a smart wall socket may be what you are really after, unfortunately these smart wall sockets I am talking about tend to need their own hub. If you are like me then that means you will have six or seven hubs doing different things.


Yup, I bought them this week. I had 1 Amazon plug previously, set up one of these to replace it in 5 mins. Only downside I've heard is that on some sockets the switch get in the way of the plug, MK sockets are fine. They also do circle plugs which gets around that issue . I found them from this review...


Good shout! When I clicked the link there was a £3 promotional voucher which brought the item down at checkout to £36.99 ✌🏻


If you want plugs, go for these ones, they work with Alexa and Google, and much cheaper.

Philips Hue White & Colour Ambience Starter Kit (2 Colour Bulbs + Hub) B22 or E27 + Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen £89.99 Online & InStore @ Currys
1164° Expired
Made hot 27th MayMade hot 27th May
Philips Hue White & Colour Ambience Starter Kit (2 Colour Bulbs + Hub) B22 or E27 + Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen £89.99 Online & InStore @ Currys
£89.99£157.5343%Currys PC World Deals
Good price for Philips Hue starter kit & Amazon Echo Dot next best price at Amazon £157. Free delivery or available to collect from store same day. PHILIPS Hue White and Co… Read more

Also best value options for colour gu10s


Cheers for that, looks interesting. What good is the dimmer switch and what does it do that the app doesn’t?


Better offer available from Amazon £25 extra you can get extra bulb & dimmer switch


Gutted I missed this



Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen £29.99 @ Argos
715° Expired
Made hot 25th MayMade hot 25th May
Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen £29.99 @ Argos
£29.99£49.9940%Argos Deals
Echo dots back on offer at Argos in all colours Charcoal/Grey/White. So for those who would rather collect from store than wait in for a delivery Also available @ Currys currys… Read more
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Ni, I use an ipad with the camera covered, I always wear a fake beard, pair of dark glasses and stick on nose in case someone is watching me.


What are you on typing this? Your public library PC?


You don't think you've taken it a bit too far?


I know, I have stopped going out due to the concern you raised, CCTV, everywhere now. I have also got rid of my phone, tv and laptop. All these items can be used to spy on you, I wont even draw any money out now as the ATM have built in cameras.


Only some items. Pretty sure nest thermostat has it too

Amazon Echo Dot - £15.98 @ (See Post for Details)
5234° Expired
Refreshed 19th JunRefreshed 19th Jun
If you're in the market for an Echo Dot in about a months time then this seems like a decent deal direct from Amazon. You need to sign up for Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan us… Read more
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Yes thanks, none of the codes worked but the one they sent today did. K53T-S3L3A5-S265BM


mmm well just made first payment 2 days ago and hadn't received email but just added above code to an echo dot order(as others had) and it worked! have you tried the same?


There's a separate Amazon Echo chat they have so we can't be the only ones with issues!!!


Nothing received either. Missed cancelling the day before and charged another £14.99 😡


Anyone else having a nightmare with this? Didn't receive email within 7 days so used Amazon chat. Currently in a loop of receiving new codes and then them not working (mad)

2x Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen 2018 (Sandstone / Charcoal / Heather Grey) for £49.98 delivered @ Currys
247° Expired
Made hot 21st MayMade hot 21st May
2x Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen 2018 (Sandstone / Charcoal / Heather Grey) for £49.98 delivered @ Currys
£49.98£59.9817%Currys PC World Deals
Add 2 Amazon Echo Dot to your basket, then enter code DOT2 at checkout. Offer ends 21/05/2019 (today) Free Delivery available / Free c&c AMAZON Echo Dot (2018) - Heathe… Read more

Code doesn’t work so cold from me


doesn't work


£29.99 at amazon too


I think like the Argos website you can't combine the two offers. Hopefully the Argos eBay ones ship. As talking to chat on Argos site where I tried originally it seems deals couldn't be combined (the new lower price and the £10 off) so hopefully I collect my eBay one ok! They've not realised the glitch works there!


same here (confused)

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