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I got someone on webchat to confirm they price matched and got them to hold while i purchased not one but 2 cpus (to save my friend the same trouble). They processed the orders and confirmed the refunds there and then. This would be your safest option. I've saved £140 on an equivalent 12600k build just on cpu and motherboard alone it was too good to pass up. Good for you reporting them to the Asa. It's only my belief that once you purchase from them that they take you more seriously. It's a £70 saving so i don't imagine they want this going mainstream.


Thank you for your helpful advice. Curry's state; "If you purchased online, you can return your item within 14 days even if you've opened it for inspection. It must be returned as new and in its original packaging." RonsElectronics.state; "- The item shouldn't have been used in any way - The item should have its original packaging with all the tags etc." As it would be reasonable for anyone to inspect an item before accepting it, you are correct that the terms are identical. Currys must have a specialist team looking for ways to avoid price matching, either that our their staff are incompetent. Your advice of purchasing the item and then claiming against the price match using the webchat is good, although it does depend on the reliability of the web chat staff. I feel it's probably not worth the effort for the savings involved and the fact I would need to deal with Curry's if there are issues. However, I did report Curry's to the ASA as I believe their price match is being promoted in a way that is likely to mislead customers.


Yes it seems like a catch all excuse but if it was none of us would have got it. Currys don't accept used products either so it's made up rubbish. This is the response from the price match form - don't even try you need to buy it first then get webchat to refund the pricematch. Rons Uk vat number is at the bottom of the page.


luminous: That's not even in the terms they're making it up as they did with me. Just buy it then go onto webchat for a refund. You can return it to currys free remember. Webchat confirmed they pricematch. [image] Thank you for this; however, my understanding is that, unfortunately, it does show they have a catch-all get out clause. "We'll match the prices of in-stock products (...) offerred on identical terms" I feel the words within the blackets obscure actual meaning of the sentence and hide an important term. Which is that they appear to have to give themselves a get out for pretty much every pricematch.. "We'll match the prices of in-stock products (...) offered on identical terms." I feel the words within the blackets obscure the actual meaning of the sentence and hide an important term. Which is that they appear to have to give themselves a get out for pretty much every pricematch.


That's not even in the terms they're making it up as they did with me. Just buy it then go onto webchat for a refund. You can return it to currys free remember. Webchat confirmed they pricematch.

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Not sure that the price of any GPU can be described as a deal as the market currently stands but this stood out to me as being reasonable value for money given the shortages. The … Read more

99% of graphic cards are going to scalpers. Why not charge them delivery be stupid not to. And if you want to buy a card way off the rrp more fool you.


It's JDEC spec and ddr5 has on-die ECC everywhere, but I'm not sure if they're referring to that or full ECC


That's server ram (ECC). Also CL40 timing XD


You can buy one DDR5 kit already and it actually costs less


You make a fair point, I guess I just have to hope for more sensible pricing post-COVID/Brexit/Crypto... Tired of window shopping Pcpartpicker! ps3ud0 8)

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AMD Ryzen 5 5600X, ASUS RTX 3060 TUF OC V2 & Corsair H100x Bundle £814.99 + £5.48 delivery @ Scan
AMD Ryzen 5 5600X, ASUS RTX 3060 TUF OC V2 & Corsair H100x Bundle… Read more

Exactly - that’s a solid price for that card and the 5600X is a good CPU too.


Price dropped £779.99, free delivery


Quite a decent bundle on the face of it. From Scan's website CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600x [£263.99] CPU Cooler: Corsair H100x [£79.99] GPU: Asus RTX 3060 TUF OC v2 12Gb [Effectively £471.01] You can probably sell the CPU for £220 and the CPU Cooler for £60 which leaves £534.99 for the 3060. Where else can you get a 3060 for less at the moment? From a pre-built system?


3070 definitely would but it won’t happen as 3070s still fetch more than this on their own. Cards are coming down in price a bit but not to this level yet. It’s a good deal when the CPU is £250 most places and the H100x is probably £80? Leaving the card at £500ish.


3070 maybe worth it but not a 3060.

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Rtx 3060 and Ryzen 5600x bundle £799.99 @ Scan
I don't care about the heat and votes. For whoever needs this! Take care… Read more

Scan is due to launch the 3070ti this week on Thursday @ 2pm. Sit on the Nvidia site refreshing at 1:45 onwards to be in with a chance of getting a card. Be logged in to scan and past recaptcha for the best chance. This is how I got my 3080 last week. Oh and have a saved card with scan already to go.


Hi. Plain English for noobs please? Thanks!


Scan have added 3070, 3080, 3090 bundles also fyi, the ryzen 9 5900x with 3080 32gb ram x570 mobo and corsair cooler for £1.9k looks interesting


Just camp and FE drop from scan. This is how I got my 3080 for £650 last week.


If you need them both is a good deal at the today prices i believe ;)). You can't find a 3060 anywhere in stock with £600 now.

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AMD Ryzen 5 5600x on ebay £279.95
Not really a deal as 5p under Currys rrp price and no cooler Might help someone though. UK seller, looks like an established seller.

Good cpu for price performance ratio..

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AMD Ryzen 5 5600X Six Core 4.6GHz (Socket AM4) Processor - Retail £287.69 delivered @ Overclockers - Processor Cores: 6 - Threads: 12 - Base clock: 3.70GHz - Boost clo… Read more

That is, of course, your choice (btw, I never commented on the "value" of the 5600x)... ;)


For the value it adds I'll leave it ta :)


I don't "want" any point, someone compared the performance/value of the 5600x to the 3600x. I simply pointed out the 3600x wasn't considered great value when the 3600 exists, and in my view, that's maybe not the best comparison to make. My view isn't right and it isn't wrong, it's simply an opinion and you or anyone else can agree or disagree, take it or leave it.


There is no 5600 yet and this release cycle already looks different with for e.g. IPC nolonger behind There is unlikely to be a 5700X - which is why the 3600X was considered defunct. i.e if you are a gamer and AMD had lower IPC they offered the 3600 as an absolute bargain whilst you would gain little from the X. If you were not a gamer (and where the X gained) why would you not just push that little bit further to the 3700X. Of course this post is for a 5600X and really not sure what point you are wanting besides comparing apples with oranges


Of course it's not wrong to compare them, they are all Ryzen 5's in the same mainstream segment of the market. Ryzen 3000 was and still is constantly compared to Ryzen 1000 and 2000. Nothing wrong with that. Don't forget, AMD put a 50 buck premium across the board on Ryzen 5000 CPUs so it otherwise would have been a direct slot in price wise for the 3600x. The 3600, 3600x, 3600xt, 5600x are all 6c/12t CPUs in the same segment of the market vying for the same customers. Nothing wrong in comparing them all, including a 5600 when it comes along.