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AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6 Core AM4 CPU/Processor with Wraith Stealth Cooler, £235 with code at Currys
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Decent low price for this CPU, £5 off with code. The AMD Ryzen 5 5600X has 6 Cores and 12 threads making this processor great for gamers, content creators and streamers who love… Read more

I own this processor... It's very good I got it combo'd with a GTX 1050ti, it takes my graphics card to its limits I'm very pleased with it... Most games the cpu is idling between 8-12% the high end games no more than 20-24% at most whilst the graphics card it's boosting 90%+... bottlenecking I here you say? Yes!... But this isn't going to hamper your game at all with any kind of glitches it will just take your graphics card to the max, but if the roles was reversed, and the graphics card was better than your cpu then you'd see trouble. Very cheap price good deal is this coz from September 2021 till now the cheapest you'd get this CPU is for £250 +... I got mine for £215 but that's coz i got it imported from another country


To answer the question, yes. But you should be playing on ultra settings with that set up. I don't know why you aren't, unless you're using the integrated GPU on the CPU and not your dedicated GPU.


Obviously dependant on a number of settings and other factors but I get around 125-135 FPS on Caldera with a 3070 ti, 5600x and 32gb 3200mhz RAM. Rebirth (which is what I play most of) is well over that, more like 160.


A bit of advice please. I have 2400G (on X470) with RX 580, 16GB @ ~3000MHz Kid uses my PC mostly for Fortnite - 1080p, lowish settings. Will change to 5600x improve frame rate at all?


Yeah gaming on 1440p

Ryzen 5 5600X + 3070 + 16GB + B550 + 1TB Nvme + 2TB Windows Gaming System - £1,300 at Palicomp
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£100 off this 5600X / 3070 Prebuilt where other places of this combination have gone the other way, AMD Ryzen 5 5600X / 5800x - 5900x Below. ASUS B550M-K (ATX version belo… Read more

Thanks for the advice that’s great I’ve changed the case to the be quite 500D with the mother board should I add any extra cooling to it or would the standard be ok and also does the tuf board fit inside the PHANTEKS ENTHOO case and if so which is better out of the 2 I’m not in need of a disk drive just as long as it works well and provides good cooling


So I'm about to push the button on this deal with the following changes: Lian Li PC011 Dynamic Ryzen 7 5800x GTX 3080 16GB Corsair 3600mhz ASUS TUF B550-Plus gaming wifi Corsair 850w gold modular Arctic liquid freezer II


yeah its the airflow version. its a big case and will fit a nice ATX board inside it. (the deal is matx as standard unless u upgrade to the tuff board) QS is: do u need an disk drive? if not id go Be Quite 500D £41 + £70 for that higher ATX tuf board. which is going to give u more better VRMs and bluetooth/wifi. and the case is epic good at airflow. even if an disk drive is needed, how many times u gonna use one as most folks now just settle for a external one from amazon for the likes of £20.. (if) u dont fancy the atx motherboard and wanna keep that to the matx then the PHANTEKS ENTHOO fits the bill in replace of the corsair one at much better cost and inside the very same cost u can add in that CM240 Cooler too which will help the cpu over stock at the level ur going.. if it is a request for a disk and u do want atx, they do have this one: its not within this post link but they do have it "just select the normal "cougar without the diskdrive" and then bang in the comments u want it with. that cougar is basically a that 750D killer..... the front panel on that coug looks so nicer then the corsair one to me. / check the case info how many default case fans on each, and if one is short to the next then go down the bottom and select "fill case with fans" is another thing to consider too. for me... that corsair 750D id give it a wide birth.


I seen it was a mesh case and that fans are included plus it has the size that I figured it would have room for upgrades in the future so watched some reviews and it seems good but honestly I’m not sure I just play on Xbox atm so this is new to me


650W -> 850W 3070 -> 3080 3000mhz to 3600mhz yep yep yep. Case yep... Can i ask what made u pick the 750D? before i dig in..

Ryzen 5 5600X X570 1TB NVME 2TB Harddrive Windows Gaming system £2100.00 at Palicomp
Made hot 18th JanMade hot 18th Jan
CPU: Ryzen 5 5600X Motherboard: X570 Tuf Graphics Card: RTX 3080TI Storage: 1TB NVME P2 & 2TB Harddrive Case: Gamemax F15M Power: 850W Corsair Gold PSU Ram: Corsa… Read more

Yeh I've got budget 2k just for the tower .. this looks sick .. just wondering if its overkill for gaming .. but it looks amazing 144 fps ? High quality ? Fast and responsive etc You're deals are great Sarden


For a 3080TI deal yep.... this and the AWD one. both have strengths, this edges the awd it other ways and u could counter back on the awd in some other ways for that final self edit. VS other system builders with 3080TI....... ud be lucky to get a 3080 for the same cost.. QS is: do u really want a TI!? - as i can design more 3080 quite comfortable cheaper by these 2.


Are you joking?


Is this the best or is there a similar option ?


Thank you for the info Sarden84. Your advice has helped so many people. I hope all is well for you and your family.

AWD Vampiric Ryzen 5 5600X Six Core 4.6GHz Radeon RX 6700 XT 12GB Desktop PC for Gaming £1069.99 at AWD-IT
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As this PC stands they have gone a bit cheap on some of the parts but with a slight edit you can get more value from it. I will also show you why it's such good value. Build Cost … Read more

Sarden84?? i thought he was always super helpful on here? ill take a lopok, I always felt he went to a great deal of effort to highlihgt good prebuild options, and always articulated very well the thought process behind what he had chosen.


Sarden posted deals from a lot of different retailers If anyone is interested in what the situation is with sarden he has released a lengthy post in discussions about his time here and why he is no longer on the website. He helped a lot of people here with his knowledge, advice and deals he will be missed.


I was going to buy a prebuilt pc from these guys. Now I'm definitely not. Thanks for sharing your experience.


A good chunk of cases on the market don't have mesh front either dude,the airflows just fine plenty of independent reviews out there to be read


It looks great, but the airflow doesn't look like it will be good... It has air vents but not mesh front.

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AWD MasterBox RTX 3080Ti, Ryzen 5 5600X, 16GB RAM, 1TB NVMe SSD, Windows 10 Gaming PC - £2,072.97 @ AWD-IT
Made hot 2nd JanMade hot 2nd Jan
I've already applied the RAM and SSD upgrades to the basic £1999 build as they're both no-brainers. Another potentially decent upgrade is the 5800X for +£109.99. Full specs: AMD R… Read more

Heat from me... This GPU and CPU are worth £2000 alone. Sure a FE is cheaper but this has better performance. Can't speak much about the other parts. As for gaming, I'm sure this has the power to run full 4K at 144FPS or higher in most high end games. As my 3080 Strix gets 120-130 in 4K with everything on Extreme, again depending on the game. Look for a cheaper build if you can't afford a 4K monitor, and don't buy this if you don't want to spend 2K, I spent around this for my 3080 Strix and my build but I picked all the bits myself. The CPU is more than enough for any game. There's no such thing as overkill in gaming, if it's not running at 100% constantly then it'll last longer as it won't heat up as much. People who own a Ferrari don't drive at 200mph on every road. They just love to burn fuel and rubber whilst driving in style. Well have fun burning some electric and playing beautiful games, in style.


Recommend this approach. There’s a drop once a month on scan. Just have a twitter alert set for partalert. Then cherry pick all the other components. I paid 1.1k for an awesome 3070 build.


Yeah if you're in no rush wait for 4000 series and ddr5, that should hopefully in theory lower prices if you wanted to get more from your budget or wait to get the newer stuff.


I am in no rush to get a gaming PC as I currently game on the series x console. But I am interested in getting a gaming PC. For each month I wait I can add another £100 to my budget for a gaming PC, current budget £1500. So is it worth waiting to the end of the year with the probable release of the 4000 series graphics cards? I would be aiming for a prebuult system. Any advice would be helpful.


I made a post on the forums, he deleted his account but apparently this happens and he has reactivated it previously so fingers crossed

Ryzen 5 5600X + 3070 + 16GB + B550 + 1TB Nvme + 2TB Windows Gaming System £1400 at Palicomp
253° Expired
Made hot 17th Dec 2021Made hot 17th Dec 2021
AMD Ryzen 5 5600X / 5800x - 5900x Below. ASUS B550M-K (ATX version below) Adata 16GB 3000mhz (upgrade options below) Crucial 1TB NVME SEAGATE 2TB HDD NVIDIA RTX3070 GAMEMAX F… Read more

You looking at upgrading any other parts? I think sardens suggestions look good to match that spec


Hi All …. Was thinking of going for this but with the 3080 & 5900 . Any suggestions on cases . I nearly went with the cougar mesh from a previous post


Is it just me or has the Palicomp website been down the entire day? If so not really a good look tbh.


Thanks Sarden! Hope your feeling better bro and back to normal, always appreciate the advice. Last question - would you look at another case (or is that just personal style preference)? Thanks! Also seems like palicomp site is down today


all depends on final £. if u wanna play russion routlet. 1) +£10 for the 3200mhz ram one. 2) +£30 for the higher up motherboard what has wifi with it (only if i needed wifi but i dont as i ethernet). 3) +35 (+25 extra) for the 3600mhz then then 3200mhz. 4) +40 for the BQ cooler, +60 for the aio cooler +95 for the even better aio cooler. 5) +70 (+40 if i was selecting the other board) for the full Tuf ATX board. 6) +115 if im a dev and i wanted 8core,