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AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Eight Core 4.7GHz (Socket AM4) Processor, £268.87 delivered at CCL Online
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Made hot 29th Dec 2021Made hot 29th Dec 2021
Good offer. Specification: - Processor Cores: 8 - Threads: 16 - Base clock: 3.80GHz - Boost clock: 4.70GHz - L2 Cache: 4MB - L3 Cache: 32MB - Unlocked: YES - CMOS: TSMC 7nm FinF… Read more

Any updates on the upgrades from the 3600/3070 combos? Thinking of doing this upgrade myself. Do I need to change my b450 mobo?


Has anyone redeemed the gamepass? I assume CCL are supposed to email or send a redemption code, I've nor received anything?


Mine now says Ready to Despatch (y)


it's not been dispatched yet, but I think that it is. I was going to wait until ryzen 6000 but then I realised that would mean a new motherboard, new ram (I also have 32GB) and the 3600 still seems to sell for decent prices on ebay so the upgrade could be around £100. In gaming performance the 5800x may not make much of difference at 4k and 1440p, but I think it will potentially at 1080p. There are probably some videos of people coming game fps between of them on youtube. I would also be less concerned about background programs taking up cpu resources. The 5800x not only has more cores but faster cores, so I think it's performance will last longer maybe allowing the next few ryzen gens to be skipped until the early adopter tax of next gen boards / ddr5 is no longer a thing.


Says estimated delivery by Friday the 7th, so hoping they'll despatch today or tomorrow at the latest.

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Zen 3 CPU - £249.72 delivered @ CCLOnline
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Made hot 22nd Dec 2021Made hot 22nd Dec 2021
great price

Has anyone redeemed the free gamepass? Are CCL supposed to send a code? I've had nothing with mine (confused)


Mine came today (party) (party)




Great minds think alike (y)


Another one in stock now £268

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Eight Core 4.7GHz (Socket AM4) Processor, £306.39 delivered at CCL Online
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Made hot 21st Dec 2021Made hot 21st Dec 2021
Decent low price for this CPU. When you have the world’s most advanced processor architecture for gamers and content creators, the possibilities are endless. Whether you are pla… Read more

Thanks for the advice. I would have done, but I had no idea how long that would have taken and given that part of the reason I bought from CCL in the first place was their supposed "3 year warranty", I wanted to try and use that before going direct to AMD.


Contact AMD directly - they have replaced faulty CPUs themselves.


Personally after having spent a year trying to get a faulty 3700X replaced by CCL, I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole. They repeatedly told me that nothing was wrong with my CPU, until one day it finally died, meaning I was without my work PC for 2 weeks whilst they "tested" it again. They were then seemingly surprised that the CPU was in fact dead, despite me having sent them a document with a reproducible fault one year ago when I'd initially sent it in. I know it's anecdotal, but I would rather spend the extra £20 on Amazon than deal with the clown that runs their technical support again.


Yeah, I've also had long wait times for "in stock" items with them recently, chasing them up and getting no response. I think they order some stuff in from their distributors when their website says its there. I think they recently were under new management, CCL isn't at all the company it was 5 years ago.


Re: ddr5, its partly expensive due to ramp speed of the new chips which is also being contrained by the lack of power ic chips (forgotten the actual name) until march. This will shorten the life of Alder lake, just in the same way Threadripper 5000 models have been pushed back because of lack of zen 3 dies. Infact AM5 has been pushed back because of the above DDR5 situation.

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X (Socket AM4) Processor Socket AM4 8 Cores (16 Threads) - £296.99 Using Code @ box_uk / eBay
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Made hot 26th Nov 2021Made hot 26th Nov 2021
Under £300 is fantastic! I have the same CPU and it's been great so far. Can't really knock it at £296.99 :o Use code MORESAVINGS for this price MODEL: AMD Ryzen 7 5800… Read more

Updated the bios yesterday and fitted it. Fully working and son says it’s a good improvement so he’s happy with Santa lol


Sorry, can't answer that with 100% certainty. I'm purely a gamer (and an AMD user in the main) but to the best of my knowledge Intel don't really do power efficiency. If you needed integrated graphics (I'm just assuming you don't want to have to source a dedicated graphics card) then I'd be looking at the Ryzen 5600G. It's plenty powerful enough for a home server, won't break the bank, and is more power efficient than Intel equivalents. Also AM4 motherboards tend to be a bit cheaper.


Which intel chips would you suggest for power efficiency aka home server / nas use


Yes, but don't buy now. Intel's current CPUs are better and cheaper, and there will be a final refresh on the AM4 socket in early 2022, before AM5 comes along late next year. The update should bring AMD in line with Intel, and my crystal ball says that they'll also be cheaper than the RRP on 5000 series CPUs, purely because of how competitively Intel have priced their latest chips. Worst comes to worst and performance with the new AMD CPUs isn't all its cracked up to be, then these will drop in price anyway. Waiting another couple of months may save you a few bob.


That's a pretty narrow view of things - the 12600k only drags the sort of power reviewers like to scream about when it is being pushed to the max. For me I think I'd actually be better off power wise with a processor that can drop back and use the efficiency cores - how many people use their CPUs at max GHZ all the time?! And isn't the difference only like £10 a year?!

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AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Processor (8C/16T, 36MB Cache, Up to 4.7 GHz Max Boost) £310.01 @ Amazon
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Made hot 26th Nov 2021Made hot 26th Nov 2021
Brand AMD CPU manufacturer AMD CPU model Ryzen 7 CPU speed 3.8 GHz CPU socket Socket AM4 Platform Linux, Windows Secondary cache 4 MB Wattage 105 wa… Read more

If I price match at currys at £310, will I get the 10% from topcashback?


So glad to see these have come back down in price. i was beginning to think i had been priced out of the PC gaming market. I think it might be time to finally upgrade my Ryzen 5 2600. Looks like you can still sell the 2600 for over £100 on ebay which is a nice bonus! One good thing about tech not jumping up in performance as fast these days i guess.


I bought it and submitted a price match, it advises to do it post-purchase so that is what I did. Also it even shows it on their own price match table that Amazon have it for £310 so I've gone for it


Will see if Currys can match this. I have sent a request in. Anyone know how long they usually take to come back? (No local branch here).


Ahh, was hoping it was something available to everyone. Thanks for replying.

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Processor - £325 with code @ Currys
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Made hot 23rd Nov 2021Made hot 23rd Nov 2021
£4.99 cheaper than Scan with code, but 3-5 days shipping. The AMD Ryzen 5th gen processors give you a huge boost in power over the previous generation. You'll get a faster CPU w… Read more

Z690 will give you an upgrade path in terms of faster NVME, faster DDR5 ram and faster PCIE5 GPUs, but almost certainly not modern CPUs. You could probably pick up an cheap 13900k though.


Highly unlikely. 13th Gen will work and 14th Gen might work.


Fair enough. What if I upgrade in 5-6 years. Z690 is going to be supported then or not likely?


Because a) the performance is better and b) you have an upgrade path to a top of the line 2022/2023 CPU. AM4 is a dead end. That's well worth the £33 difference (£168 for the board).


@UKScottDeals board you are referring too is £170. Board +intel cpu is £420. B550 Wi-Fi board + 5800x= 60+325=385. Why is intel deal better?