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Anchor butter £1.50 @ Iceland
Found 9th FebFound 9th Feb
As per title. Anchor butter for £1.50. I found it in Iceland warehouse, Rochdale.

Cheaper at Costco (if you have membership)... £2.80 for 500g


I'll be popping in farmfoods next week! Can't beat a bargain!!


What a good spot!! And yes it is a different brand and a different size, but its also butter too, unfortunately not Anchor Butter, but if anyone can find it cheaper I hope that they'll let us all know. This is a good deal if its Anchor Butter that you want..


Correct, still not Anchor though :p


True plus if u spend 25 quid u can get 2.50 off so not bad at 90p for 227g

Anchor Spreadable 500g, two for £3.70 @ Waitrose with MyWaitrose (and Pick Your Own Offer)
Found 26th JanFound 26th Jan
Anchor Spreadable 500g is two for £3.70 with Pick Your Own Offers @ Waitrose. Very good offer, cheapest elsewhere is £2.50 each! Joining My Waitrose is free and you could simply… Read more

Thank you


Perfect - thank you!


But the butter in Anchor spreadable is British, as is the rapeseed oil. I'm guessing the Aldi Norpak and Lidl Danpak use scandi butters. I prefer to support British farmers as much as possible, so always the Anchor or Country Life for me. There's also the fact that the retailer is British and more ethical, which are also important. I appreciate that others will have other considerations.


Yeah, like "stackable codes".


PYO 20% discounts always come off the UNIT price, either the SEL (Shelf Edge Label ie ticketed price) or if there's a yellow 'reduced' barcode sticker on the item, then off that yellow sticker reduced price. Hence £3.25 unit price = £3.25 * 20% * 2 = £1.30 PYO discounts. Multibuy discounts are completely independent of PYO so given normally ie 2 x £3.25 = £6.50 reduced to £5 by £1.50 saving. Hence £6.50 of items less £1.30 £1.50 = net £3.70 cost (net £1.85/item or a 43% saving over SEL) Tip: if you ever notice a vertical red bar down the SEL that should indicate that the line is included in PYO. You are entitled each calendar month to 10 changes of your PYO items. If you have the myWaitrose PYO App on your phone you can update your PYO picks in store (subject to how many changes you still have left) and as long as you have Confirmed the Unpick/Picks by the time you hit the tills you'll get the PYO 20% off!

Anchor Butter block 250g £1.89 @ CoOp
Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan
Not a bad price? As I had a £0.50 off voucher Ideal to shop local if you can not drive

Yes cheapest in Costco! It’s £2.79 for 500gms.


Maybe because it's cheaper almost everywhere else.


Not sure why it’s cold. I think it’s an amazing price


Cheapest in Costco but they come in 500g size only. Works out at about £2.75 for 500g not sure if the exact price maybe someone could confirm.


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Anchor butter salted 500g £2.79 at Costco
LocalLocalFound 17th Dec 2017Found 17th Dec 2017
As per the subject, in store at Costco. Works out cheaper than the usual offer on the 250g which comes down to £1.50.

I should mention if you do make your own butter wash it once the buttermilk separates. Just put it under a cold tap and squeeze it then put it on greaseproof paper and roll it into a sausage. yummy homemade butter with no preservatives, if you add salt it lasts a bit longer.


Keep your eyes peeled for cream reduced in the shops, you can usually get it cheap after Xmas. Simply use an electric whisk on it for about 7minuites then you have butter and the water left behind is buttermilk.


Yes, more people are enjoying the benefits of drinking whole milk & eating butter now. So there's less butterfat spare from skimmed milk to make into butter & cream. Whole milk is only ~4% butterfat. The price increase is purely down to supply+demand.


Anchor butter has been made with British milk, from British Arla dairy farmers, since 2012. Arla is a farmer-owned dairy cooperative & so, as a coop, all returns from sales of all the products made from our milk is divided equally between us all & paid out as our milk price. Anchor & a lot of the supermarket own brand butter is made at our Westbury processing. Check out the code for Westbury on the butter packs ... All British dairy cows are grass fed - it's the natural vegetation of Britain. When grass quantity & quality allows (Spring-Autumn) most British dairy cows graze in fields. If they are indoors they are fed silage (preserved grass). (USA cows are mostly corn fed) Thank you to everyone who buys Arla products, your support is greatly appreciated.

pumpkinette About the butter shortage and why prices have gone up

Coupon for 50p off Anchor Butter
LocalLocalFound 26th Sep 2017Found 26th Sep 2017
Hi everyone This is the first time I have posted a deal. I hope I have done it correctly! You can print a coupon off from the Anchor website for 50p off butter. It ends after 9t… Read more
Get voucher

Might be worth trying for another one of these - I just got one in OH's name. Coupon valid until 8th November.


Thanks folks. Just to add that my coupon worked just fine in Tesco a short while ago (y)


Thanks Nella52


Help with printing coupon please. Mobile validation link is not working :/


Thank you very much, please could anyone tell me how to get the coupon by post I could not find how to contact them to even ask, much appreciated x

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Get £1 off Anchor Spreadable via Printable Coupon!
Found 10th Aug 2017Found 10th Aug 2017
Get £1 off Anchor Spreadable by printing your coupon via The promotion ends 28/08/2017 or after the first 5,000 coupon prints. The coupon is valid fo… Read more
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Thanks op, on offer £2.00 at Tesco


Cheerz me dearz, worked but only with phone verification.


Thanks OP worked great!


Thanx OP just finish scraping a tub out.


Its to stop people like me printing a Tome of them off :o

Anchor Spreadable (1Kg) was £5.60 now £4.00 @ Sainsbury's
Found 30th Jun 2017Found 30th Jun 2017
This deal ends on Tuesday 18th July Anchor Spreadable (1Kg) was £5.60 now £4.00 (Not listed on the Sainsbury's Website but found on (Apparently also available… Read more
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Excellent find...just ran out of the ky so will stock up on this


Full of saturated fat . Eat in moderation


What's the mAh capacity of this and does it have QC3? ;)


Thanks! Got 500g for £2 from Tesco yesterday (ends 4/7/17)

Anchor Spreadable + Anchor Lighter Spreadable (500g) was £2.90 now £2.00 (Rollback Deal)  @ Asda
Found 29th Jun 2017Found 29th Jun 2017
Anchor Spreadable + Lighter Spreadable (500g) was £2.90 now £2.00 (Rollback Deal) Anchor Salted Butter (500g) was £2.90 now £2.50
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Heat added, good price. I bought a 1kg tub for £3.99 in Lidl yesterday for those who may have one nearby. :D


It isn't butter, it's a low fat spread. Anchor themselves brand it as "Anchor Spreadable"- they can't use the word "butter". The confusion is caused by ASDA who are mistakenly (perhaps illegally) describing it as a butter. The OP has then copied and pasted from the ASDA website.


How can this spreadable still be classed as butter.....with 33% rapeseed oil and only 54% milk Butter has milk fats usually at least 80%...;)

Anchor Spreadable 500g £1.42 @ Waitrose when 2 for £4 combined with PYO 20% discount
Found 19th May 2017Found 19th May 2017
Combine purchase of 2 for £4 with PYO 20% discount and it works out at £2.84 for two 500g tubs which is cheaper than the original price of £2.90 for one tub before discount. It is… Read more
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See Channel 4 tonight (May 29th) 8 pm, to see how Anchor Spreadable is made!




You should prob change the deal price to £2.84 since you have to pay that much (for two).


Does anyone still say this in the voice of a cow, I know I do?

Anchor Spreadable - 2 x 500g for £2.84 with PYO at Waitrose
Found 22nd Feb 2017Found 22nd Feb 2017
500g tubs of Anchor Spreadable are on a 2 for £4.00 deal at Waitrose. The Tubs are also included in their Pick Your Own (PYO) offers and this means you get a discount of £1.16 if … Read more
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why expired sure this is still live?


Heat added. Was going to post this deal myself but you beat me to it. PYO deals are a great way to keep your grocery bills down - just need to remember to check regularly to see what's included. Very frustrating when you miss a deal like I did on this one yesterday.(_;)


Thank you so much :)


You need to get a free My Waitrose card and register it online to take advantage of Pick Your Own offers. The way Pick Your Own works is explained on the Waitrose website. Link. The 20% discount is applied to the full price of the items. These tubs are £2.90 each, so you get a discount of £1.16 when you buy 2 and this is on top of the £1.80 deduction for the 2 for £4.00 offer.


Thank Op for posting this deal but please can you explain what is pick your own and how does the discount apply as it shows at 2for£4 on their website

2 X 500g Anchor Spreadable Butter for £2.84 @ Waitrose with PYO Card
Found 24th Aug 2016Found 24th Aug 2016
On offer at 2 tubs for £4 but with a My Waitrose card and added as one of your favourites they come down to £2.84 for 2 = £1.42 each. Asda £3.25 each Morrisons £3.24 each Sainsbur… Read more
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Great deal thanks


and the lurpack - similar offer


still good deal


Its not Butter !!


thankyou for posting this great deal :D

Anchor Butter - Salted / Unsalted (250g) was £1.75 now 2 for £2.00 @ Iceland
Found 28th Jul 2016Found 28th Jul 2016
Anchor Butter - Salted / Unsalted (250g) was £1.75 now 2 for £2.00 Achor Spreadable (500g) Tubs were £3.00 each now 2 for £4.00 Sainsbury's was £1.50 now £1.00 Ocado was £1.50 n… Read more
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Isn't butter just butter....don't understand any brands being able to charge premium prices for any mass produced butter, if it's hand churned by the local milk maid then however I'll pay extra.


£1.00 a piece in Saintsbury's.


Why is this so hot? Its an average price for an average butter.


Tubs are NOT butter but oils, buttermilk and a small amount of butter made to fool people into believing they are buying spreadable butter which actually does not exist and making bigger profits


These are not really deals. I shop at Sainsbury's (because its close) and the tubs alternate between £2.00 a tub then up to £4 a tub then 2xtubs for £4 and then back to £2 a tub. I just buy when its the £2 price. Supermarkets just taking us all for idiots with their 'Offers'

Anchor Butter instore at Nisa for £1
Found 11th Jun 2016Found 11th Jun 2016
250g Anchor butter for £1 at Nisa Shop, Wigan road, Leyland. Check your local Nisa shop for this bargain.

Kill yourself by eating saturated fat because it's free or very cheap.


Also at Morrisons


Stock up. Cream prices have gone up 30% in last few weeks. This will have a knock on effect on butter prices. It may be a blip, but butter freezes well, so stock up. I prefer country life though!


Also £1 @ Tesco till 21/6/16 nationwide.


good find op, heat added

Anchor butter (500g) £2 Asda/Tesco
Found 10th Jun 2016Found 10th Jun 2016
Asda/Tesco have dropped price for Anchor butter!
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My apologies, you are quite correct. I was Morrisons own brand we bough (which is every bit as good as Anchor, btw). Anchor is the same price as Asda/Tesco - £1 for 250g ...


​That isnt true-i went to morrison and wasn't the case!


Standard price for 250g in Morrisons is 87p - or £1.74 for 500g. Been that price for quite some time. Cold, I'm afraid.

anchor butter 500g £2.00 @ Asda
Found 12th May 2016Found 12th May 2016
anchor butter 500g ...... as it says on the packet.
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I'd rather pay the extra for Lurpack - tastes much better.


This is the big one! Great find!! Heat


It's not made in NZ anymore :(


I buy Lurpak butter for £2.09 it's much better then anchor


for half the amount

Anchor Butter 250g £1 online @ Tesco
Found 4th May 2016Found 4th May 2016
Anchor block butter 250g, £1 at Tesco, instore and online.

Yeh I noticed that... personally there's no substitute for Anchor Butter for me. Though no doubt that's a great deal...


It's a good price but unfortunately its competing with this (very hot) deal :-


...usually £1.50

Anchor butter 500g for £2.00 in morrisons
LocalLocalFound 2nd May 2016Found 2nd May 2016
Anchor butter 500g for £2.00 in morrisons other stores it seems to be for over £3.00 I can't seem to find it online.
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Your cognitive dissonance is unparallelled!


I will use correct grammar when I am speaking to someone with the intellectual ability to understand it - but while I am dealing with one of life's lesser beings I will be considerate enough so as not to make them feel inadequate (I fear I have failed though with you)


I don't need to comment, the evidence above is sufficient. Now off you trot to the pub with the lads! Ha.


grammar, are you really going there?? Yep, i was right - braindead


Cockneys are cute when they speak, however, you have displayed a total lack of grammar in your written piece. Keep the ignorant, ignorant! (Plato) concentrate on yelling at football matches you ignoramus.

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